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This Song On Kendrick Lamar’s Album Had Me Going Crazy😂😂Great ALBUM.

M.I Abaga
M.I Abaga

Listening to Kendrick’s album and realizing Naija music fans actually don’t appreciate me smh.

DRAYMOND: You got this Ogre on are people employed to talk on TV about our game. KENDRICK: I can say what the f**k I want to say when I want to say got the game f**ked up f****g with Big Perk. Carry on..

BET Music
BET Music

Kendrick Lamar celebrates the release of his new album, Mr. Morale & The Big Steepers, by playing soccer in Ghana..

Kendrick en studio avec Pharrell pendant l’enregistrement de “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers”🎹D’ailleurs les pre-ventes du Big Steppers Tour a l’@Accor_Arena se sont écoulés en 4mn🤩 🎉.

Kendrick Photo,Kendrick Photo by IGNR US 🔲,IGNR US 🔲 on twitter tweets Kendrick Photo

@come__inside meちゃん態度悪かったから今度Kendrick Lamarの新譜でディスられるらしい……….


اگه هنوز البوم کندریک گوش ندادین اینو صدرصد گوش کنین مطمئن باشید یکی ا انتخاب های پر تکرار ورژن اخر شباتونه Mother I Sober - Kendrick lamar.

Not listening to the Kendrick album cause you don’t like him is mind blowing. That joint is art..

@MisthropistBFTV @sadcrib It’s amazing how the tweet is fuzzy. Kendrick has been very transparent so basically someone’s out to smear his name by any means. He already said you can’t cancel him. This is the dumb shit he’s speaking on..

My kinda rap is the Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, 50 cent and MI rap, so yes, I think Kendrick’s album is mid.

@KingMiles5 Bro u kno Kendrick lik a Eminem u gotta he mentally prepared to listen to that shit cause all u gone hear is straight bars. I ain’t never heard no one listening to any Kendrick driving around before this album 😂.

If Kendrick joke small the artiste them go feature am. Mo de3 ahokyeky3 you fellow act dey do listening session anka monkor.

I been playing this Kendrick album all weekend. This nigga really was spittin spittin on these beats.

7. Rich Spirit. Instrumen menolak Karl Marx karena berkelas. Kendrick stabil di 10 kmph..

If I was in Ghana, I’ll sneak into Kendrick lamar’s suitcase. I’m his daughter now.

So Sarkodie met Kendrick, eno bi small community 1 Kenya west dressing opana take go do meet and greet. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@_BayBey first of all he was never found guilty — get your facts straight chief. second of all, who the hell wants a song with sauce? Kodak is clearly a better rapper than them. Kendrick doesn’t do gimmicky rappers..

Naaa Sarkodie is GOATED🐐Sarkodie met Kendrick Lamar🩸 Check my pinned tweet for the video.

Kendrick Photo,Kendrick Photo by Fan Of Asakaa💫🖤,Fan Of Asakaa💫🖤 on twitter tweets Kendrick Photo

@JuleWasabi * denn wir nutzen die Möglichkeit, weltweit lokale Nachrichten und Informationen zugänglich zu machen. Und klar sind dann Anekdoten über das neue Werk von Kendrick wie im Link und in den ähnlichen Artikeln drin. LG..

Savior (Interlude) Lyrics By Kendrick Lamar | Official Lyrics.

@HashtagShrid @trillmoregirls Lol this some serious yt boy shit, I’ve never met a person of color who thought Kendrick was above mid. Just because Anthony Fantano claims he’s the best in rap music, doesn’t make it so..

I still not really seen much Kendrick hate but it must just be for clout or they’re just from pop fans.

@iamsamuelpagge The only person I think can flow with Kendrick on a song is @manifestive.

Honestly Kendrick is doing amazing because while being recognized and fawned over is nice, I guess, after a whole day of that I’m done for the whole vacation/trip. Can’t take Day 2&3 of having to greet people, smile, take pictures, listen to everybody’s pitch. Exhausting 😓.

This is Kendrick telling his people to take off they filters. And him telling us Africans we wouldn’t love them if we knew the truth ‘bout how they live..

Kendrick Lamar helps you grow as a person with his music. #KendrickLamar #MrMoraleAndTheBigSteppers.

If Jesus and Kendrick were both in my town at same time, Imma spend the whole day with Kendrick..

American Rapper Kendrick Lamar Meets Two Ghanaian Artists..

Kendrick Photo,Kendrick Photo by Information Minister📢📝📚🔖,Information Minister📢📝📚🔖 on twitter tweets Kendrick Photo

@MI_Abaga As I no money am for Kendrick album… I want dey your own. Wait small for me Abeg @MI_Abaga.

#NowPlaying @TRACCRADIO: [CLEAN] Baby Keem - family ties (feat. Kendrick Lamar) (320 kbps) on #.

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