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This is the best thing Keyma has ever made! 👏💃 #MasterChefAU.

If Keyma had done the doughnut like she planned she wouldn’t have had a cake to drop. #MasterChefAU.

While I have no issues if Keyma wins but can an incomplete dish be classed as “best dish”? #MasterChefAU.

Keyma didn’t need that cake anyway. Jock and Andy didn’t deserve it. #MasterChefAU.

If Andy would have just shut up and let Keyma continue with her donut there would have been no spilt cake. #MasterChefAU.

If there’s nothing wrong with the elements of Keyma’s dish she might just take this out #MasterChefAU.

Keyma should have stuck to her guns & not let them bully her into dropping the donuts. Fuck they annoy me. #MasterChefAU.

No matter what happens with Alvin and Keyma’s dishes tonight, I’m not rushing out tomorrow to buy and cook with plantain #MasterChefAU.

When Jock tells Keyma dont let a drop kick throw you is he talking about Andy? #MasterChefAU.

Alvin - you overcooked your sea urchin. Kick. Sarah - you undercooked your chicken. Kick. Juliegoodwin you under seasoned your salmon. Kick. Keyma you dropped your cake. Kick… #MasterChefAU.

Alvin and Keyma, your compatibility score is 43% #MasterchefAU.

Keyma Photo,Keyma Photo by Michelle 🐿💨💉x3,Michelle 🐿💨💉x3 on twitter tweets Keyma Photo

Well this is going to be interesting @alvinquah_ , two completely different cooking styles and palates? #MasterChefAU.

Keyma Photo,Keyma Photo by Keyma Vasquez M,Keyma Vasquez M on twitter tweets Keyma Photo

Keyma is going to win after dropping her cake on the floor. That would be a first. #MasterChefAU.

Raftとりあえずソロでやってみたが、マイクラと違って資源集めるの大変\(^o^)/ はやく資源を改修するあれをしないと、非効率である.

Judges: Keyma, by virtue of the fact everyone else had an absolutely terrible day out, you’re today’s winner #MasterchefAU.

Keyma’s going to win because she accidentally dropped the element that was going to overcomplicate her dish. #MasterChefAU.

@OzRetroRecipes It has certainly been a difficult time in the kitchen for Julie, Sarah, Keyma & Alvin today! #MasterChefAU.

I think I want my Top 3 to be Billie, Julie, and Keyma. Then Final 2 to be either Billie or Julie vs. Keyma. #masterchefau.

Alvin and Keyma are my top 2 in this competition so I’m loving this rivalry! #MasterChefAU.

@LindaFothergill This season called fans vs favourites. I truly believe they will keep one of the Danial or Keyma for final 2 to fit this season theme. So unfair.

Not a huge fan of Alvin saying Keyma ‘stitched him up’ with plantains when he picked gojuchang. Because you picked a nice neutral ingredient too, right? #MasterchefAU.

Now who told Keyma to not make a donut? Certainly dug themselves into a hole didn’t they? #MasterChefAU.

Keyma should have stuck with the doughnut. We all know doughnuts bounce off the floor #MasterChefAU.

Andy says Daniel had a Smokiness but Insisantly Cooked, Melissa knows the Walls Physically Draining. Jock loves the Jus and the Asparagus, Melissa believes it’s Lovely. Now for Alvin & Keyma and their Dishes, They Reveal an Plantane Load of…. #masterchefau.

I’ve been waiting for something to drop for so long! I’m very sorry it happened to Keyma and better that it happened on immunity night #MasterChefAU.

So if Keyma screwed up her sorbet, that means Sarah would have won with raw chicken, this must be a very disastrous challenge #masterchefau.

@masterchefau @keyma_v Omg 😱 not just top 10 but now 7!!! Congrats. It seems your happiness and positive approach is like keyma secret ingredient to pair perfectly the ingredient to feature .. hope you know what I mean lol 🤔🤔💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻.

The Winner of Immunity is Keyma by a Mile, but now it’s Masterclass time. Alvin’s Immunity Curse Continues. #MasterchefAU.

@masterchefau Ummmmmm I would think @keyma_v KNOWS what it tastes like 🤦#MasterChefAU.

@dcpchiu Interesting editing! 😂 Just as Keyma reveals her dish we get a fireball! #MasterChefAU.

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