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Jurgen Klopp reading Erling Haaland to Manchester City rumours this morning 🙃.

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I respect Conte and his football enormously but this Klopp interview gives the clear reason why he wasn’t the right fit for United.

Incredible how Liverpool’s decision to enter the race for Luís Díaz at the end of January can change an entire season… 🔴🇨🇴 #LFC He was top of LFC summer list but Klopp told Liverpool board to invest in Díaz immediately. “We can’t miss on him, he’s top player”. What an impact..

Jürgen Klopp has confirmed Fabinho will miss the #EmiratesFACup final but remains optimistic he could return before the end of the season..

Transfer outlay over the past decade: Man City: £ (net spend £842m) Liverpool: £965m (net spend £297m) There’s no agenda, just sound reasons why #LFC’s challenge after being so far behind City is viewed as more compelling..

Andy Ha
Andy Ha

Can I just shock you? I like Jurgen Klopp’s post match interviews whenever Liverpool don’t win a game..

Mad that you can be 3rd in league, already win 2 trophies, make 2 other finals, lose one narrowly on pens, reach the quarterfinals of the CL all whilst the club is sanctioned & sold but you lot want the manager sacked… wonder if you wanted Klopp sacked in his first 3 years.

La cara de Klopp en el tanto de Aston ¿Debió ser anulado el gol de Douglas Luiz?.

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NEW: “We will go again” – Jurgen Klopp still hopeful over Liverpool’s title chances.

🔴ドローにも満足🔴 トッテナムとドローの #リヴァプール。 クロップ「もちろん、望んでいた結果ではなかったが、パフォーマンスは望んでいたものだったので、それについては問題ない」 一方で「4冠はありえない。誰も成し遂げたことがないのは理由がある」.

“It’s 36% possession … I cannot coach it … I respect everything that they do, but it’s not me.” This is the most ridiculous comment of the season. Let’s remember: Liverpool won the Champions League under Jurgen Klopp in 2019 with 36% possession in the final against Tottenham..


Klopp knows that he was tactically outclassed by Conte (again), and is trying to save face. Liverpool didn’t create one good chance, and only scored because of an unfortunate deflection. Spurs had three clear cut goal-scoring opportunities at Anfield, and five or six at home..

The Liverpool ace has been rested ahead of the FA Cup final 👀 #CFC.

Mourinho press conference savagery🤩🔥VS klopp sore loser comments🤬👎.

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Antonio Conte noticed something about his Tottenham players after the draw at Anfield ⚪ #THFC.

Right wing, left wing, striker. Physicality, trickery, drive, the lot. The first Klopp player, sensational.

não tiram o nome do klopp da boca mesmo em? queriam de todo jeito ser o boss, mas nunca serão.

Fichaje desafortunado… para @LFC 😅 Estamos seguros de que Klopp hubiera querido a Haaland. 😌✨.

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I actually agree with Klopp Liverpool back to the top and I do see city losing to west ham so in reality it might come down to goal difference.

Jurgen Klopp disappointed that opponent utilized tactics most likely to earn a result. He expects opponent to play the role of Washington Generals and have pants pulled down and popcorn poured on their heads..

Not every manager gets the same time and resources klopp has gotten at Liverpool. Hate when him and Pep especially say this stuff.

Liverpool had 3 shots on target today, same as Spurs. But Klopp wants to complain with our approach. Would have lost not for a massive deflection, you salty little fuckboy..

@iammrazul Well, Mr Klopp. So you like high pressing and attacking football? Prefect. Man City did that and ALSO outplayed your team on both legs and you were quite lucky to get a point out of them on both occasions. Do you want to play Man United every week then? Best regards . Thanks. PL.

Klopp é o técnico mais chorão do mundo, se o adversário não se abrir e deixar ele fazer 50 gols ele não gosta.

@jamesallcott does Klopp also need to go for once again failing to win the league? Or will that not get you views from Liverpool fans? Also all this waffle about spending is irrelevant as the squads cost similar amounts..

@Gianpaolo_5 @GoalItalia Klopp ha giocato con i principi di gioco di Conte la finale di #UCL contro il #Tottenham. Di cosa stiamo parlando?? A klopp gli brucia il culo.

@shemsifcb Wichtig ist aber auch dass wir jetzt mal@einen Trainer für mehrere Jahre haben Ancelotti Heynckes Kovac Flick Nagelsmann 5 Trainer während Liverpool nur Klopp hatte Da hilft auch extrem.


Klopp said he does not like the kind of football Spurs were playing last | In partnership with @CarryOutIre.


Pep Guardiola cracking up with #LFC living inside his brain Meanwhile, Jurgen 😂😂.

@The_RedsIndo Diaa iri kenapa klopp bs juara bergensi semua di ,ucl dan piala dunia pep cuma bisa juara lokalan ada mental juara di eropa.

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