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BTS will appear on an edition of MTV Unplugged recorded in Seoul, South Korea.

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Ra ()

I thought you were gonna say electricity was your fave thing about korea too — I was going to but it felt so mean fr when I went home and there was loadshedding for like half the nee dankie I like charging my phone

Robert Reich
Robert Reich ()

The GOP is happy to spend $714 billion on the military, but refuses to spend big to help us survive COVID, which has already killed nearly as many Americans as World War II, Korea and Vietnam combined.

𝓈𝓎𝒶𝓏 | 22/2 ☎️❌
𝓈𝓎𝒶𝓏 | 22/2 ☎️❌ ()


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@JEN0SDI0R I don’t know what is going on in Korea? They keep accusing and spreading false rumors! Yesterday was Soojin. Today is Mingyu 🤦🏼‍♂️

Carmen Sara
Carmen Sara ()

>Andong, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses and markets. - Sign the Petition! via @ChangeOrg_India

DolledUp.B ()

“let me fix the wig”, “the visible lace front”. can y’all pls go somewhere unless your going to fly to south korea and do it for her. Fatou most likely did it herself, she probably doesn’t trust other people with her hair. I wouldn’t either if I was over there.

медведик навсегда
медведик навсегда ()

– Even when we were in Korea, you invited me and I went in like a vip guest and met with everyone. I remember Jun, a very cool guy. Juni. Juni, right? – Right, Junhwan. Junhwan and Jason. – Jason is such a hilarious guy and super cool on the ice too!


even if the rumours r false bullying isnt a joke especially not in korea where they literally dr1ve u to the point where u take ir own l1f3 ???

David P Gelles
David P Gelles ()

Covid-19 deaths since the pandemic began South Korea (pop 51M) : 1,557 South Carolina (pop ): 8,324

카마🌙 ()

Kdg kpopers mmg over pun😂. segelintir ya. bnde lah video dh lame pun jadi isu balik. Aku minat jgk kpop idol tapi x delah gelabah nk pergi serang dia. Jannah nick sebut si mati pun slh aik. Aku mcm like seriously orang korea pun x kecoh mcm ni.

Ezinwa Nkemakolam
Ezinwa Nkemakolam ()

@goal Nigeria vs Cameroon African Cup of nations 2000 Ghana vs Uruguay World Cup 2010 Nigeria vs Korea World Cup 2010

ひろ ()

Country with delayed corona vaccination Philippines, Thailand, South Korea Which country will inoculate the earliest? フィリピンと韓国はワクチン到着日を誤って報道。要するに確定もしていないのに嘘を言った。世界で一番遅い国はフィリピンであろう。

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Ke🌺 ()

It’s 10am in Korea and I’m cooking breakfast. 7pm in MS and my mama cooking tacos. We just got the phones propped up cooking. This my bestie fr😭 I be missing her so much🥺

Tay☾ ()

@forjeonoshtuan There’s this rumor saying that he was spotted at a gay bar in Korea a couple years ago.

IG: blooming.kr INA GO 🇮🇩 CO WEB KR, TF WON
IG: blooming.kr INA GO 🇮🇩 CO WEB KR, TF WON ()

[WTS INA GO 🇮🇩] CANDLE LIGHT MUSIC BOX by @NCTnanano 💰600k | Dp 450k • Fanmade Korea • Size W =8cm × D =8cm × H =5cm • Renjun nct dream punya music box ini ✅ EMS & TAX ✅ Packing bubble, kardus ✅ Pelunasan ina, shopee ✅ Free Proof 🛒 Dm/line/wa

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アイドルや韓流スターのグッズ情報 ()

TOMORROW X TOGETHERグッズがamazonに入荷しました! BLACKPINK JENNIE/VOGUE(ヴォーグ) KOREA 3月号2021年/韓国雑誌/KPOP/韓国歌手/k-pop/TXT/松江/TOMORROW X TOGETHE ¥1,590

Jeff Benjamin
Jeff Benjamin ()

OK so the new GOT7 single Encore is really sweet and special :,) ahgase are gonna love this and sing it so loud when we can have concerts again Warner Music Korea @Warner_Music_Kr is the label for this song

시간이머무는홍차가게 ()

시간이머무는홍차가게 오늘의케이크🍰 🍓생딸기더블크림 (₩6,500) 맛있는 생딸기와 크림이 아주 맛나요😋 모든 디저트는 매장에서 소량만 만들어서 품절될 수 있습니다. 참고해주세요♡

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Selene ()

@sevara_gap ishhhh wth! I’m gonna really pack my things go to Korea and talk to that director, like whyyy?😢

fuzzyguest ☕
Fuzzyguest ☕ ()

@RWPUSA During the Vietnam War, South Korean soldiers raped, abused and killed many innocent Vietnamese women. Lai Dai han are the children born of those women. According to some Korean media, the number accounts for 30,000. Serious war crime, but no apology at all from Korea.


@sungjinwifi Yaaa perspektif Ibu beda-beda sih, ya. Berhubung udah seperempat abad, normalnya kan punya gandengan gituuu. Tapi gue malah nggandeng majikan kemana-mana. Yha. Kalo normal sih normal, tp kalo pake patokan cowok Korea pun harus ditelaah lg seberapa jauh normalnya 😊

ᴮᴱikram⁷⟭⟬SLOW ()

Bro BTS numbers are legitimately crazy high like 7 boys from South Korea doing high numbers EVERYWHERE not in just their home country but even outside of it and sell millions of PHYSICAL ALBUMS and Digital ofc but like physical and for concerts they sell out huge 95K stadiums

あさり@EN-翻訳 ()

この度YouTubeチャンネルを開設しました。更新頻度はゆっくりになると思いますが是非チャンネル登録をお願いします🙇‍♀️ ENHYPEN-DAZED KOREA撮影現場でキャッチマインドゲーム?(日本語字幕) @YouTubeより

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Cokodive code JOCHILL 📌 10%OFF Discount wts lfb ()

TRUE BEAUTY 여신강림 X PERFUME HAND CREAM OPTION: PURE BLOSSOM (JUGYEONG) SWEET MOMENT (SUHO) CHIC EARTHY (SEOJUN) ALL(PURE BLOSSOM+SWEET MOMENT+CHIC EARTHY) T. wts lfb ww worldwide direct from south korea fast eta international shipping site

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Billa ()

bisa2nya dia bilang artis korea, model vs ga bahagia. gampang bgt nilai kebahagiaan orang lain dr fisiknya ckckck

temporarily embarrassed capitalist
Temporarily embarrassed capitalist ()

@monicaisliberal teenagers in south korea took outfit matching to the next level. they would even wear matching face masks, and we lived there pre-COVID! I thought it was very cute (though I am also personally not a couple outfit-er)

오마이뉴스 ()

명절에도 힘 못 쓰고 밀려난 한국영화 #박스오피스 성하훈 기자

Woo.mmamma ()

Kenapa ya aku selalu ragu buat beli serum lokal(brand baru) dan lagi-lagi milih beli yg dari korea ㅜㅜ padahal kata rang orang mereka pakai dan hasilnya bagus. Sejauh ini aku baru pernah beli kleveru doang san ga pengin repurchased. Kayaknya aku bias deh :(


Richard Juan on meeting MONSTA X in Korea: ‘They are so humble’

Billboard ()

BTS will appear on an edition of MTV Unplugged recorded in Seoul, South Korea.

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