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Kevin Durant waiting for Kyrie to opt in only so he can request a trade later.

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Sources: Kevin Durant is monitoring the Brooklyn Nets’ situation and considering options with his future. This now opens the path for Kyrie Irving to proceed on finding a new home via opt-in and trade..

Nets’ “greatest vulnerability” is that if Kyrie leaves, Kevin Durant could request a trade, per @wojespn.

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Kyrie Irving: “Normal people keep the world going, but those who dare to be different lead us into tomorrow. I’ve made my decision to opt in. See you in the fall. A11even.”.

LeBron and AD driving Kyrie around LA after he get traded to the Lakers.

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Sam Quinn
Sam Quinn

This absolutely ridiculous. You can WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP if you make this trade. Banner No. 18 is available! Passing the Celtics is possible! It’s by no means guaranteed, but it goes from impossible with Russ to possible with Kyrie. Just give up the damn picks!.


La matinale de TrashTalk – Free Agency : les dossiers John Wall et Kyrie Irving enfin débloqués ?.

Even if the KD/Kyrie era ultimately fails/falls apart, I respect their front office for going for it and taking big swings..

Kyrie started going crazy after that reporter asked him if Bron was a good father figure. The man was never the same after that..

.@wojespn kept it real on Kyrie Irving opting back in with the Nets 🗣 (🎥 via @GetUpESPN).

Ny pod oppe. Kyrie og Westbrook samler kontrakter op. Wall på vej til Clippers. Tyus Jones eller Jalen Brunson? Vi runder alle 30 hold. God sommer..

This is such bullshit. He literally had the definition of that and gave it up for the team “he’s not proud of.” Although I commend him for trying to justify/spin the story into it being his decision to deal Durant/Kyrie.

Ep 122 of Bad Weather Fans with myself and @MikeDeliversPod is out NOW - Knicks NBA Draft Day trades reaction & Leon Rose’s Jalen Brunson obsession - Nets staredown Kyrie & Durant 🍎 Spotify YouTube.

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Shams Talks about The End Of The Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving era in Brooklyn.


all these slight comments by lawrence frank basically confirms that they’re NOT interested in acqurikng kyrie irving lol.

@mhurtinhurnik stell dir vor Kyrie geht ,dann KD kein Bock mehr und Simmons der hurres hockt alleine da.

From PM: Potential options if Heat loses Tucker in free agency (Miami will try hard to avoid losing Tucker). And Miami on Kyrie Irving’s list:.

Los Nets han ganado la primera batalla con el sí de Kyrie, pero la guerra tiene mala pinta. Si se quedan con Irving vuelven a ser contenders, pero se arriesgan a que se vaya gratis en 2023 (+ problema KD). Si lo traspasan pueden traer cosas a cambio. Pero, ¿Y KD? Problemón..

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Are Pat Riley, Heat better off not having to consider Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving? Latest Ask Ira at plus more..

@JoeBudden A worthless ass pick. 😂😂. That pick dropped the moment Kyrie opted in!.

You on the Timeline BEGGING Kyrie Flat Earth Irving to come save your franchise I’m in tears.

Thank you Kyrie Irving for leading us normal humans into tomorrow by pledging to make $451,000 per game of basketball next season..

I heard Westbrook’s resigning and so is Kyrie if LA doesn’t make any off-season moves we might be getting a repeat of last season unless we have a healthy AD and Westbrook works on his game would’ve loved Kyrie though.

Looks Like Kyrie & KD Are Otw OUT of Brooklyn, Whose to Blame ?! 👀🍿 @CltRPoll #NBADebates.

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@PodcastTwoWay @YvanMontgury Les 76ers vont faire très mal la prochaine KD sans commentaire, c’est dommage encore une fois, déçu que GPII quitte GSW mais content pour lui, bon salaire, bonne franchise, bien entouré, j’attend de voir où vont finir KD&Kyrie, ça fait peur pour l’instant mdr.

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Woj just said if Kyrie opts to sign for the MLE, he would look to the Lakers Doesn’t every team have the MLE? Woj confirming the Lakers are Kyrie’s #1 spot if he leaves? 👀👀 #LakeShow.

My official #feetonwood pics from tonight’s @seattlestorm vs. @WashMystics game. Sue Bird PE Kyrie 5s.

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Looking for moots!! ✨ - UAAP/UP/NU/AdU - Volleyball/Japan/Thailand - NBA/Luka/Celtics/Kyrie/KD - Gilas Basketball.

Feels like Kyrie and KD bit off more than they could chew trying to dictate moves…asked for a head coach in over his head who should be an assistant and don’t really seem to have respected vets to hold them accountable…KDs greatness almost got them a chip last year despite that.

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