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🗣 MAN DOWN Kyrie couldn’t get the bucket to drop, but this was nasty.

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Rod_NBA ()

A cause de la blessure de Kyrie qui semble sérieuse, le danger pour les Nets maintenant c’est qu’ils vont devoir précipiter un retour de Harden (et de Dinwiddie ?) Attention à la rechute et à la terrible désillusion du coté de Brooklyn donc…

DeLó🤘🏾 ()

Me da gracia los hinchas de Celtics que se burlan de la lesión de Kyrie porque solamente le desean que se corte los ligamentos o el tendón. Yo a Tatum le deseo la muerte más dolorosa y a Jaylen Brown se le muera el mejor amigo o a Thomas la hermana. Ah no, para, eso ya paso.

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

🗣 MAN DOWN Kyrie couldn’t get the bucket to drop, but this was nasty.

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💈💈💈 ()

LeBron Steph KD Giannis AD Kawhi Jokic Luka Harden Embiid Tatum Butler Dame Kyrie Bam My top 15 as of now. Yes, LeAnkle gets the benefit of the doubt

Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith ()

I’m telling you, I like @BruceBrown11, but I might be tempted to BENCH him fir the rest of the damn players. I’m on kidding — just being emotional — but how in the HELL do you NOT pass the ball to @KDTrey5 or give it back to Kyrie? How? How? How? ()

6 YEARS AGO TODAY Playing without Kyrie & Kevin Love, the Cavs beat the Warriors and took a 2-1 lead behind 40 PTS, 12 REB, 8 AST, 4 STL, 2 BLK from LeBron James 👑

Don Theo
Don Theo ()

@damien_lorcy Jrue sur Kyrie; Khris Midleton sur James et Giannis sur KD et puis voila

Okrable 👁
Okrable 👁 ()

@GinoSars @Kyrie_Eleison7 Pourtant la nature, elle, ne se trompe pas, et à l’heure voulue elle agira en conséquences, comme à son


e no go better for all this basketball players,you can imagine a team like Brooklyn nets and the Bucks scoring under 232 for me,wtf is Kyrie,Durant/ Antetokumpo,Jrue doing ffs,fuccing hell

Z•a•i ()

kyrie really just pulled up with his backpack to kd’s presser lmao

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The Common Sense HEAT Fan
The Common Sense HEAT Fan ()

Trae, Luka, Kyrie, KD, Book, Donovan, all 3 level scorers. Love Bam and Jimmy but we need the game changer.

YES Network
YES Network ()

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving combined for 54 points in a Game 2 win over the Bucks.


If your a true basketball fan, this is the most remarkable skilled execution of the game in quite some time. Joker / Booker / Kyrie / Luka / Embid / Donovan Mitchell / this Is some unprecedented shit .... #Parity

Shaun King
Shaun King ()

That’s @KyrieIrving showing love to Manhattan DA candidate @TahanieNYC at the game tonight. Kyrie is a super volunteer and max donor for her campaign.

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𝗝𝗼𝘀𝗲 ()

Imagine doubling KD but then be kicks it out to Kyrie who kicks it out to Joe harris. Unfair

Sergio Andrés
Sergio Andrés ()

Impresionante Brooklyn. Tras el palazo de Harden, esfuerzo tremendo, empezando por Durant y Griffin. James, Harris, Y por supuesto Kyrie. No fue espectacular para ser Brooklyn, fue SERIO. Intensidad y concentración. Y los fallos de los Bucks. Yo me cago en las lesiones.

リハビリ中 ()


Ghulam ()

@moh_hunnid1 @ammarqxreshi gonna be beautiful seeing harden and kd and kyrie hold that trophy

The Brooklyn Game
The Brooklyn Game ()

The margin for error is slim against a team as talented as the Bucks, but Kyrie Irving is up for the challenge. Game Grades:

🐐 ()

As a temporary Bucks fan Bud needs to make some changes. Putting PJ Tucker on KD is not a good idea and he doesn’t play his stars enough like he’s supposed to when Nash is damn near playing KD and Kyrie the whole game lmao

Arlene Miller
Arlene Miller ()


Tim Nwachukwu
Tim Nwachukwu ()

On my way out of the Barclays Center after the Nets/Bucks game and a woman tried selling me a KD/Kyrie/Harden print. It was beautiful, but that jawn will combust and get my ass kicked as soon as it crosses the Delaware River

Basket USA
Basket USA ()

Malgré la blessure de James Harden, Kyrie Irving et Kevin Durant dévorent les Bucks

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JG🦹🏾‍♂️ ()

KYRIE DRILLED THAT SHIT IN THAT NIGGA FACE he hit em wit a stepback and splashed it bro that nigga really is my goat

이브미아(드림북 배송중!)
이브미아(드림북 배송중!) ()

이제는 정말 맘이 자유로워진게 아닐까 싶음 작년 성묘가 마지막으로 간다고 생각했는데 이제는 정말로 더 안가도 될 것 같음


The Nets take Game 1 over the Bucks 💪 KD: 29 Pts, 10 Reb Kyrie: 25 Pts, 8 Ast Blake: 18 Pts, 14 Reb

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🦌 ()

giannis has 24 minutes 3rd lowest of the starters and only 1 minute more than PJ. kyrie has played 32 durant has 30

MeaDeColo ()

Durant ve Kyrie çok iyi devam ediyorlar. Harden yokken diğer oyunculara oluşturulacak pozisyonlar daha sınırlı kalabilir bu ikilinin performansı çok daha kritik olacak. Harikalar şuanda. Diğer tarafta da Bucks takım halinde iyi. Giannis çok rahat. Hücum ribaundu bir maden.

KAI’s Walking Stick
KAI’s Walking Stick ()

Kyrie and Giannis lead all scorers with 14 each. 44-42 Nets, 8:40 left in Q2.

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Roman Hendrixx ⚠️🏌🏾‍♂️🏌🏾‍♂️
Roman Hendrixx ⚠️🏌🏾‍♂️🏌🏾‍♂️ ()

@Mr_Clutch30 Lebron fr but Kyrie since LeBron left Miami I’m really blew folks blew all my fan duel money lol

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