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No immigrant has taken your job. You were laid off by a capitalist who required cheap labor and took advantage of that immigrant to increase his profits, and nothing makes him happier than to hear you blame the immigrant and not him..

71% of Americans approve of labor unions — the highest reading since 1965, according to Gallup..

$ An hour? For someone’s labor? And yall think that’s ok?! Nah. $25/hour minimum wage..

Brett Favre’s welfare scandal now also includes the former QB floating the possibility of using Mississippi prison labor to manufacture volleyball lockers.

Un congresista que se hace reconocido por hacer la estupidez del caballo pero no por su labor legislativa. 🙄.

Wages aren’t driving up inflation. Corporate profits are. The labor market is not “unhealthily” tight. Corporations are unhealthily powerful. Congress must go after a major cause of rising prices: corporate profiteering..

Senador Roy Barreras perverso usted que quiere criminalizar la labor de los periodistas. ¿Amenaza?. Perverso darles la plata de la salud a alcaldes y gobernadores para que se la roben, mientras la gente se muere. Perverso robarse Caprecom, la Esap y mucho más..

Republicans talk a big game about wanting to be tough on immigration but they also know many of their districts would suffer massively if they couldn’t exploit immigrant labor..

Honramos el carácter valiente, el ímpetu revolucionario y la lealtad infinita de la combatiente Lina Ron, mujer guerrera, recordada por su labor, siempre del lado de las luchas populares, defensora del Comandante Chávez y del proyecto socialista bolivariano..

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TONIGHT AT 8 ET: Join me as we take some time to remember a few of the labor songs that motivated our heroes..

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Hoy se conmemoran 56 años de la ‘Marcha del hambre’, hito histórico de unidad, valentía, fortaleza y lucha por la defensa de la educación pública y la dignificación de la labor de los maestros. Ustedes inspiran nuestra luchas..

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#EnVideo📹| Interpretes de señas de VTV celebran el Día Internacional de la Lengua de Señas, y cuentan cómo llegaron a involucrarse en esta hermosa labor, con la cual optimizan la comunicación para los ciudadanos con limitaciones auditivas. #VivaElPoderPopular.

#JaneHume BL re Labor Palms down display of power & dominance squashing down ideas negative. Fists shaking, anger & dismissal. Crossed hands re Lab ICAC bill closed off. Counts points on her fingers condescending. ‘You are too stupid to understand.’ Fist shaking anger at Teals ..

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62% of Mississippi’s prison population is Black Brett Favre was in effect trying to exploit slave labor “I’m still trying to save money on the Vball facility”.


Toda España está agradecida por la labor de @salvadorilla. 👉 Tenéis a la mejor persona, a la más querida, a la más capacitada para ser el próximo presidente de Cataluña. 🌹 @santicl #elpoderdelarosa.

This Dennis Raucher rolls into Missouri from Massachusetts, puts on a cowboy hat, and now auctions horses raised through child slave labor - and the school sponsoring gets called a religious organization? How about RICO Enterprise, instead?.

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Admirable que día tras día existan personas como Nelson Vargas, quién parte de su tiempo lo dedica a los hermanos habitantes de la calle en Bogotá. Gracias hermano por su maravillosa labor..

One of the most anticipated news in #SocialMining for a social miner is that of workdrop. I congratulate every social miner who has contributed quality to grow @TheDAOLabs ecosystem because the reward is at hand. Watch out and see your $LABOR points translate to BUSD and #ILO.

EVACUATED Some 80 families consisting of 350 individuals on 25 September were brought to the evacuation center in Barangay Maragondon in Real, Quezon, due to Super Typhoon Karding. | 🎥 Analy Labor #KardingPH #DailyTribune.

Restaurants say it’s been hard to find workers, especially busers and for nontipped back-of-the-house jobs..

you don’t hate the exploitation of your labor and commodification of basic necessities. You hate capitalism.

Ozo sold him self on the show through and through and is reaping the fruit of his labor. I can’t say the same for groovy all I saw in his highlights was aggressive kissing please don’t compare those two you should be comparing ozo to adekunle if you must. #BBNaija.

I had a fantastic evening at the LEPCI Banquet! I’m proud to stand with the labor community bc we’re united in a common purpose: sticking up for working class people & making sure folks get a fair shot at the American dream. Congrats to all who received awards! 💙 #unionstrong.

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@BreitbartNews I will never own another iPhone - made in China with slave labor and now this. Samsung Galaxy is the way to go. Made in Vietnam. South Koreans moved away from China a few years ago. Their phones are amazing and beat the heck out of iPhones..

@proletariancule @LeninBol Eh, you know in a rough sense the October Revolution was a coup with elements of a labor strike..

@Tak31860856 ダメとは思わないよ全然!需要と供給があるから合法なんだと思うし笑 不妊や色んな理由で子供授かれない人にとっても有難い選択肢だと思う ただ写真撮影は叩かれる理由がわかるw 特に金持ちって実際にlabor入れた人に対してcreditやらないから😂.

4/4_and training center by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and there they are provided with livelihood and education. The deserving beggars are given continuous cash assistance by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan..

Inflation today is not the same beast the West faced in the 1970s and early 1980s. This time around, it threatens labor, capital, and governments in ways that it could not 50 years ago, writes @yanisvaroufakis..

@joseluisvargast Ufffff, valentía no le está faltando ojalá le aguante y pueda haber un buen duelo cuando las liebres acaben su labor 🙏.

★ Money University (by Ryo president) ① Path to financial freedom (asset income > cost of living) ➁ 5 powers Ability to save: Reduce spending Earning power: labor, business income Increase: dividends, interest Protect: financial literacy Power to use: consume, invest, waste.

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