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After years of falling or remaining flat, the labor force participation rate for women is soaring! Our economic policies are working for American women! #WomensEconomicEmpowerment.

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¡Buenas noticias para los Bomberos de Calama! Los voluntarios de la Primera Cía, tendrán terreno para sus nuevas instalaciones. “Nos sentimos orgullosos de la labor que Uds hacen todos los días”, comentó el Ministro Ward..

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Breaking: Refugee medical bill passes the Senate 36-34. Now to the Governor-General for final approval and it is law. #auspol.

if your bosses are boasting about their record profits while they lay off your colleagues, well, time to talk to your local labor organizers @GameWorkers.

A Shorten Labor government will establish a permanent Australian Health Reform Commission to improve health outcomes for all Australians and keep Medicare safe..

@noplaceforsheep Because if the government decided to blame a new arrival on Labor, the faithful stenographers will ensure people get that message..

stop by @OnePointHCM booth 935 on the EXPO floor to learn about our time and attendance and HR technology to help manufactures stay compliant with wage and hour laws, labor regulations, payroll and more..

¡Nuestros Recuperadores en su gran labor, Dios los bendiga mucho, sin ellos no sería posible este sueño! #rutaselectivadeaprovechamiento.

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After years of falling or remaining flat, the labor force participation rate for women is soaring! Our economic policies are working for American women! #WomensEconomicEmpowerment.

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@PhilMcCrackin44 @KamalaHarris The prison labor lobby is huge and it happens to be Starbucks..

गाली देकर नर्स बोलती है- जोर नहीं लगा सकती तो पति को बुला ले अंदर.

Mi labor legislativa la acompaño de un gran esfuerzo diario, escuchando de viva voz el sentir de la gente de mi estado y actuando en consecuencia. Quiero invitar a todos conocer el proyecto de #GuardiaNacional en base a lo que para los @DiputadosMorena es:... (2-3).

La hermosa rosa despliega su belleza agradecida mientras el dulce canto se extiende por todo el jardín, las mariposas se acercan juguetonas y las pequeñas hormigas detiene por un instante su labor, para disfrutar del.

@emmleethompson Swaying on a yoga ball, tons of walking, acupressure, primrose oil applied topically, and potentially certain essential oils depending on how far along you are. Remember, your body will go into labor once you’re ready! It’s okay up to 42w as long as you and baby are healthy.

こんまり凄えわ。世界的に消費行動が変化してるんだろうな。 >The global success of Marie Kondo – Japan’s queen of tidying – points to an important truth for Japan’s economy: there’s massive latent value still to be unlocked as women enter the labor force.

@Kowenmoffor Also because of osha regulations and paying employees. The Middle East is still ok with using slave labor and don’t have issues with people dying during construction. Just like the buildings in Qatar for the World Cup.

La labor de voluntarios, guías y párrocos es fundamental para la conservación de las iglesias asturianas del Perrománico declaradas Patrimonio de la Humanidad en #Asturias. Un texto de Cecilia Pérez y @rosalia_agudin.

Rosario Ibarra de Piedra recibirá la Medalla al Mérito Cívico Eduardo Neri, por su labor en defensa de los derechos humanos. #HechosAM.

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@tanya_plibersek It’s sad that Labor has adopted the (qualified) tough on border rhetoric. Is this what you want to represent @tanya_plibersek?.

Labor and the cross-benchers win the Division. The Government loses again #auspol #Medivac.

just saw the words xemnas is going into labor soon and loud static took over my mind.

Hopeful Labor members see lifeline in youthful, progressive primary winners.

Morrison says “we are still waiting for a Labor response to the Banking RC” he forgets who is in Government or is he practicing for Opposition? #qt.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Libs: fuck refugees Greens: no Laborites: only labor can fuck refugees properly.

Ordered to reduce the population of CA’s overcrowded prisons, lawyers from then-CA AG Kamala Harris’s office made the case that some non-violent offenders needed to stay incarcerated or else the prison system would lose a source of cheap labor.

Felicito y reconozco el profesionalismo de las mujeres y hombres que integran nuestra Fuerza Aérea Mexicana, por su valiosa e importante labor de velar por la soberanía del espacio aéreo nacional ¡Feliz CIV Aniversario!.

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