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Here’s an update from @Crikey_News. While media barons like Lachlan go straight to the lawyers, his outlets direct complainants to the failed & Murdoch-funded regulator @AusPressCouncil. A two-tiered system stacked against those who can’t afford to sue..


Lachlan Murdoch is suing Crikey’s publisher Private Media, journalist Bernard Keane and Crikey’s editor-in-chief Peter Fray. Private Media’s CEO @mrwillhayward has released the following statement regarding our defence [FREE TO READ].

From what can be seen Lachlan Murdoch is doing a very good job of attracting ridicule & hatred all by himself.

@Lachlan_Edi It is because we were looked after by our mums whereas our sisters were expected to get on and do stuff..

@Lachlan_Edi My view: the cliche is (some) women trying to find a way to make an unequal expectation more bearable, and make what they do visible..

@lachlan_felix After 6 years of Bubbling, I can say that I’m now confident with js and node. The programming skills learnt through no-code are definitely‘transferable’ to code at the end.

@ElaineM11584892 Poor deluded Bug*er. Hes a rich kid with a media empire and a strong point of view. His POV simply dont suit me and Im entitled to say so. Lachlan is simply a spoiled rich kid who should be hammered for costs for this stupidity..

Lachlan Murdoch claims he was defamed after the article referred to the Murdochs and Fox News commentators as unindicted co-conspirators. In the Trump insurrection against democracy. At times the Truth an uncomfortable guardian reveals flaws!.

@jeqkanga Hi JEB, I am sorry to hear this, I would be happy to help you with this, would you be able to send us a DM with your first and last names, your email address and your postcode? So that I can access your account and help you with this? Lachlan @ VW.

@PetarVodogaz @KateEmerson88 The kids - there’s hope. I really really believe young people will turn it around. Got to wait for the old power set to die though, which is on cards sooner than later, because COVID’s so mild and over. Shame about their spawn a la Lachlan.

There must be a deeper meaning to all this courtroom nonsense . Lachlan would not move this action without his father’s approval . How can this judgement which ever way it is resolved affect the Trump attempted coup? FOX could be fed into the Trump woodchipper ,very messy crime.

@Italiobas Unikitty: *approaches Lachlan* Well, I’ll… *blush* uh, see you next time. Lachlan: Yeah… heheh… *blush* I’ll see you next time… too..

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Today’s update 🎶 🎧 👂🏻 👇 10 tunes. Updated weekly. 10 songs Lachlan from The Jix is currently listening to. Rock, pop, house, blues and more, from any era 🙏 🎵 🎸 🕺.

@lachlan_felix Thanks, we are still working on making the onboarding a bit better. We have a couple of points there to simplify, but I am happy that it is already clear 👍💪 Whenever you have something else feel free to DM me 😃.

@gdeihl @ziontree rubbish. all solved problems. but people like you are happy for us to continue pumping carbon into the atmosphere for the next 30-50 years because the general Australian population are all narcissistic NIMBYS? (but hey we call complain about the cost of our power bills).

@FlaminVeryOP Skin: Lachlan Content: News, Leaks, Concepts, Art, +more (Everything as a capital letter pls).

First hearing in Lachlan Murdoch and Crikey defamation case via @crikey_news.

@MikeCarlton01 Precious Pup Lachlan is making a mockery of himself with this. Bodes well for him clearly not having the nous of his father & therefore 🤞🏼 not being able to sustain the evil empire after his Pop pops his clogs. IMO..

I don’t understand anymore! Des Houghton (CM) devotes his column to ‘bad’ journalism. No it wasn’t about himself or his mates, Gleeson and O’Connor. Then I’m grappling with the PM promoting Sky News. What did he and Lachlan discuss?.

The good Murdochs have separated from the evil ones, Father and Lachlan are in the billionaires know what’s best for the tribe ,elite club Power ‘Trumps’ money and you have a tenuous grasp on power, Lachlan being groomed to rule the politicians , that’s raw power ,ask the ex PM’s.

Matty Johns was full of praise for the unsung of the @SSFCRABBITOHS Lachlan Ilias #NRLFinals | #NRLPanthersSouths.

@Lachlan_Mc prescriptive authoritarianism ( Putin, IRGC, etc) is contrary to a free and open society. It can be allowed temporarily for natural disasters (temporary is the key phrase, otherwise it would undermine dignity).

@_davemacdonald only so they can substitute one prescriptive authoritarian regime with their own.

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