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The Lakers and the Celtics are alone in first place on the same date for the first time since Jan 7, 2010. (via Elias Sports Bureau).

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Resumen de la NBA: Kings rompe la racha de 10 juegos de los Celtics Nov 15, 2019; Los Angeles, CA, Estados Unidos; LeBron James, delantero de Los Angeles Lakers (23) es agarrado por el delantero de los Sacramento Kings Richaun Holmes (22) en camino a la….

@br_trashtalk AD não é tudo isso. Nunca foi esse MVP que pintam. Sempre foi ótimo mas não dá pra esperar dele o que se espera de Lebron, Harden, Curry, Durant, Kawhi. E até mesmo esperar o que Giannis, Lillard, Kyrie, Embiid fazem. Ainda mais no Lakers onde é tudo ou nada. Rich Paul é mágico.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Atlanta Hawks - Full Game Highlights | November @YouTubeより.

@Lakers “One of the greatest” good choice of words. We all know Lebron is the greatest..

This Lakers team is scary they got chemistry like they been playing together for years.

Feeling good! Ilang taon nakong tikom pag playoffs tangina lang HAHAHHAHAHA.

He better the lengths himself. Then I always watched the lakers play heat and be like whoop they ass Kobe 😂 now I’m like come Lebron 😂.

It’s fuck the Lakers all the way,,, but MJ wasn’t top 2 alive in year 17,,,Lebron the goat.

@melierza didn’t even know he was with the for 3 tho 😔.

wow I really think the lakers gonna win this ship are the most complete team thus it’s still I love what im seeing mang.

[NBA Videos] HAWKS at LAKERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | November 17, 2019.

I hate seeing all these fake @Lakers fan where y’all was at a couple years ago 🤔🤔🤔.

-Flames/Knights 1st Period Over Goals❌ -Pelicans -3✅ -Hawks/Lakers Over 220✅ 2/3 on these, and went 9/12 on NFL today. Alexa, play “It Was A Good Day” By Ice Cube 💰💰💰.

@tulavuquimon34 @Lakers 😱😳daaaaaaaamn, is that Andrew Bynum? Wasted talent. Ijs.

Love what the lakers are doing but keep that same energy when it’s further into the season.

Sasha is one of my favorite Lakers after Kobe Pau & Odom.

@Ecnerwal23 Decent amount of bears fans at the lakers game tonight. I expect a good crowd..

@JTTheBrick That’s why they are moving out of OUR HOUSE! Tired of being last place behind Lakers and Kong’s. And Taylor Swift when she comes to town. 🤔😳.

@itsmead31 I hope so. That would mean lakers get that 17th banner. They about to have Kanter guard AD 😭😭.

@WellDoneManny Lakers and Celtics both playing great is great for the NBA🤙🏻.

@Trevor_Lane Agreed. That final play was definitely a foul though. (I wanted the Lakers to win, btw).

@krypto__klepto Bitch google Lakers tickets San Manuel table 19, that ain’t no bear market shit.

The Lakers and the Celtics are alone in first place on the same date for the first time since Jan 7, 2010. (via Elias Sports Bureau).

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