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17 All-NBA selections — more than anyone else in league history. Congrats, @KingJames! 👑

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Jamal Cristopher
Jamal Cristopher ()

when vogel was doing this in the bubble vs james harden i was legit amazed at how efficient the lakers were at it. incredible stuff

Hornets Sports Spot
Hornets Sports Spot ()

This franchise makes the Hornets look like the fucking their social media team is something that is obvious. Not to wolves have Garnett, kevin love and the next guy in line to waste his first 7 years.

Tasha ()

@SergingSuns @thrillathechase My 7yo had the realization that Kobe played for the Lakers during the first round. I told him it was okay to like Kobe. He told me to get out of the Proud moment 🥺

L.A. Clippers España
L.A. Clippers España ()

El que no es Guille Giménez de la retransmisión de Más AntiClippers que los Lakers jajajajaja

Ash ()

Kyle Lowry & Buddy Hield are the 2 perfect realistic options for the Lakers. We get shooting & playmaking!

RIP Kobe 😭
RIP Kobe 😭 ()

@Ashley0___ Imagine what they’d say about Ben Simmons if the Lakers had drafted him.

Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers ()

17 All-NBA selections — more than anyone else in league history. Congrats, @KingJames! 👑

Lakers Photo,Lakers Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Congrats but really. Do this stuff when you get past the WCF. Its annoying. The lakers dident do this when they got pass the 2 round last year. They knew they had much more work to do. Suns are young i guess so they just being dumb😭😭😭

Saulo Cortes
Saulo Cortes ()

@carinhanets Sim, mas aí e muuuito provável que os elencos de lakers e nets na teoria sejam piores na next season que os desse mas enfim tem muita lenha pra queimar até imaginar um confronto desses ano que nets tá muuuuito vivo e se sobreviver essa série é favorito

Davidbenz ()

lakers fans really do hate on every player thats put in the same sentence as bron 🤦🏽‍♂️


Niggas try and discredit everything but at the end of the day you still gotta win, even the bubble. I joke the lakers beat a hobbled heat team (they did) but that’s who was in front of them. The game is the game

Klaus Mikaelson
Klaus Mikaelson ()

Him, Bron and AD are the guys that The Lakers need To Build Around

🇵🇷 ()

@big_business_ Nobody can have anything cause Lakers fans want a gold star for existing

Musa Rizk (JoyConBoyzForever)
Musa Rizk (JoyConBoyzForever) ()

@HmJileswrites I didn’t have them as title contenders coming into the playoffs cause there was the lakers but now since the best team is out and other teams are struggling due to injury or just suck the suns are now the title fav


You a Lebron stan still talking bout the lakers what if man get over it Suns legit

Max ()

I haven’t washed my Chris Paul shirsey since before Game 4 Lakers because I’ve been wearing it every game and consider it lucky now. I think my wife might root for a loss soon.

Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez ()

@heymynameismike @NBA Yes they are. Lakers fans are still upset from that first round exit I see.

Pat ()

Injuries are only considered excuses when it happens to the Lakers apparently😂😂

Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete ()

@notryansilva1 @alex13zo Trez has a player option, but I’m not sure if he’s going to opt out or not honestly… depends if he thinks he can get more money (don’t think he can). I think Trez can have a nice role for the Lakers 2nd unit but the Lakers would fair better with a Paul Millsap type of stretch ()

Watching these playoffs just let’s me know the lakers literally could’ve repeated if it wasn’t for injuries all season. It’s all good, it’s gon be super scary next I know Rob got hella moves ready

Dame exiliado
Dame exiliado ()

@lvitullo @pritchard_arg No importa, ni con todos sanos le ganaban a sixers, bucks o nets, igual que nosotros no le ganamos a Denver ni le ganábamos a Lakers, Clippers, jazz o Suns. El problema es que parece q jaylen Brown iba a hacerlos campeones. Hay que asumirlo, sin cambios , ninguno va a ser campeón

Karate Kawaki Senpai
Karate Kawaki Senpai ()

Lakers 2000 playoff run Shaq had 29/17 against sac kobe 27/4 shaq vs Phoenix 30 & 16 kobe 21&3 and shot 15% from 3 Shaq vs Portland 25& 12 kobe 20&5 Shaq in the finals vs pacers 38&16 kobe 15&4. What are you talking about.

WI Elite Basketball
WI Elite Basketball ()

Congrats to Coach Brandon Hollis and the 5th grade team. They went 3-1 for second place at the Wisconsin Lakers Run and Gun tournament this weekend. Go Elite! 🏀

Lakers Photo,Lakers Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Guilherme Militão
Guilherme Militão ()

@YuriFonseca28 90% do youtube é isso, teria que prender muita gente, isso é abuso de autoridade KKK Lillard pode de fato se juntar ao Lakers, quando e como e quais as chances assista o vídeo, não tem mentira nenhuma que não vai pro Lakers, de toda forma

Chad ()

@BullsGotNext Yea lakers had just as much problems and you running your mouth miss me with tht

Björk stan 💋🧛🏿
Björk stan 💋🧛🏿 ()

it’s lemickey and fraud lakers till it comes to your team with 4 superstars losing back to back games


@BullsGotNext Healthy Lakers would be playing west finals but it is what it is not excuses now FOH

Ray Hrovat
Ray Hrovat ()

Starting lineup change with the season on the line is a desperation move. Lakers did the same thing when they benched Drummond for Gasol.

SportsCenter ()

30 years ago today, MJ and the Bulls defeated the Lakers to win their first NBA title 😤 ()

These highlights of Michael Jordan destroying the Lakers in the 91 Finals🔥 PTS, AST, 5 REB, STL, BLK, 56% FG

☚ #BBNaijaReunion America ☛
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