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Yer maw is an ultra who steals flags from the John Lambie stand..

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#OnThisDay 1988 : 35 years ago today, Anglia Television launched new branding which replaced the knight on a silver horse with an Anglia flag. It was creeated by Martin Lambie-Nairn. This particular ident package would run until 1999. #80s.

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Jacqui Lambie is the quintessential populist, a human weather-vane who sniffs the wind and points whichever way she thinks public opinion is blowing. #Patrick305 @JacquiLambie.

The purpose of a Lambie is to hoover up disaffected centre-right (and a few centre-left) voters and deliver them back to the LNP as votes in the Senate ... when it matters. The rest is performance. She knows it, and so do they..

Lambie has always backed coal, gas and loggers so this is no surprise. The ‘starter point’ was the functioning and effective carbon price she tore down in 2013 and danced up back of Senate. She knows with or without SGM new coal/gas goes ahead so it makes no difference. #auspol.

New site Whynow Gaming headed by former Wireframe editor Ryan Lambie, incorporates Wireframe content.

Why would TAS deserve a 4% allocation of new public houses when it’s population share is 2% and rates of housing stress, poverty and poverty gap (after-housing) is <2%.

Stealing this from a fellow lambie (🔔💜), bc it sounded fun!! TMI tuesday, but only questions about my fursona are allowed! =3.

@ItsBouquet I know it’s unkind etc, but I don’t trust Ms Jacqui Lambie 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🚮.

@HyndlandMaw I know the feeling. In the olden days, I once overtook John Lambie on the M8 near Whitburn, (reg LAM 81 E - maybe, not sure, but lol) and he had the window down puffing cigar smoke out. Made my day..

The Voice will ‘get through regardless’ because it’s an ‘academic argument’ 😲Once more we can thank minor parties like Lambie to screw us up the backside. I consider her a very expensive fool but what is she thinking?🤡🐒.

Jacqui Lambie asking questions about jobs and training like it matters and Farrell answering like some silver tailed waffler. Awful. #qt.

@JJKALE2 Excellent addition to our parliament. The difference between him and other independents in the senate is quite stark; notably Jacqui Lambie..

@ChristineMilne @AlboMP Lambie is Not to be trusted at all. She is just another turncoat politician. She may have started out good, like they all do, But she soon learnt how to lie and to be untrustworthy..

@ChristineMilne Entirely agree. Lambie crashes through open doors and makes deals behind closed doors..

Lambie is about 75% gall, 20% evasion & 5% pretend sincerity..

@rachelrwithers @RNBreakfast Absolutely, Lambie doesn’t need a tax cut. She receives plenty of tax-free allowances and benefits in her privileged parliamentary life..

Jacqui Lambie has used all her credits. She is in politics for personal gain, as is Hanson. So her bellicose outrage is comical to say the least. Trust lost never to be regained..

I remember losing bear and lambie @h_linklater help find this wee guy #echc.

뭘 근로시간을 야금야금 쳐올리고있냐고 시바.. 개같이 일해도 20평짜리 아파트 한칸 마련하기도 힘든디.

이래서 연대책임이란게 죶같은거다 2찍들때문에 모두가 죶되자너.

@PollyWi92611992 @JacquiLambie Lambie is a shape shifter blowing in any wind that gives her publicity.

@EdinJag @HyndlandMaw Still see the Lambie-mobil driving around Whitburn, it is a BIG BMW, presumably a family member and not a ghost 👻.

@RNBreakfast @JacquiLambie Is this the same Jacqui Lambie that voted to bin medivac and voted to keep sick and suffering refugees in offshore detention, the same Jacqui deal maker who lies and makes dodgy unrelated deals. That Jacqui Lambie?.

@JJKALE2 The only fight Lambie is not sick of is the one that pays her salary. She is self absorbed, lazy and can’t be trusted. She is a weather vane. Take the line of least resistance, find out the direction the political wind is blowing and jump on the bandwagon let others do the work..

@ItsBouquet Offer Tassie an extra $ in funding and Ms Lambie will pretty much vote for whatever you want..

Jacqui Lambie renews calls for Anthony Albanese to dump ‘greedy’ tax cuts.

Jacqui Lambie renews calls for Anthony Albanese to dump ‘greedy’ tax cuts.

‘….Common sense….’ Lambie …. Re Alice yeah she off in white 💭 lands stills hop around like a chocolate 💩 ing rabbit whom trusts a virgin had a kid on a continent of 65K+ ye Connected HERitAGE @SenatorThorpe @karlie_moon_.

@ImranKhanPTI Allah pak ap ko hamesha salamat rakhay our Lambie Zindagi day our har maidan me kamyabi day Ameen.

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