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until the day I die I won’t ever forget this comment on The Lana Del Rey Post

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Savage remix #1 ()

lana mentioned blacks and whites. meanwhile gaga did black race and played dress up as slaves and it means nothing?

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Mikeila👾 #TeamCrystal ()

Weno, después de 7 años con el pelo corto tomé la dificil decisión de dejarmelo largo pa cambiar. Obvio ésta es la epoca perfecta para esconder el medio crecimiento bajo el gorro de lana un par de meses. Veremos cuanto aguanto.

Airu🥭 ()

es el fin del mundo, y lana no sabe si luzu volverá algún día :((( 2/2

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Lina✰ ()

@heymutuals louis harry conan ariana taylor the nbhd los gallagher the 1975 lana del rey

Sav ()

lana do be all talk the other day wheres her posting on all this happening with her cop boyfriend


Delcy Rodríguez: Ladrones del oro en Banco Inglaterra fueron por lana y salieron trasquilados #VenezuelaDefiendeSuOro #GMVVIndetenible

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Un Metro Adelantado ()

4 cubrís menos que barbijo de lana. ¿Qué otro grito tenés pensado para cuando vuelva el fútbol?

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Melly ()

I love that out of all the reasons to join Twitter, it was me wanting to read shady tweets about Lana del Rey that pushed me over the edge

ʙᴄᴛ ᴅᴇ ᴍᴇʟ ᴅᴀ ɢᴀɢᴀ ⛈ ()

@mandiocamdo @IamABrooklynBB Só procurar que acha mo, embora o despero pra ganhar likes fazendo a Lana Del Rey de monstro seja maior pra algumas

Ig: iamolga.g 🇭🇹🇬🇫 ()

si Lana Del Rey a fait son discours sur insta là c’est qu’elle est allée voir un marabout pour assurer ses arrières. Depuiiis, qu’elle a mentionné le nom de certaines célébrités, elles se retrouvent dans la sauce 🗿

𝐤𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐞 nsfr ()

the way it was everyone rightfully going at lana 😭😭😭

Cristiano Lana ()

Sensacional @Mineirao 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Nós atleticanos sabemos o que é esse sentimento! 🐓

Sarah ()

its my dads cleaning day so hes blaring music in the kitchen again and there is a deafening absence of his fav lana del rey

Fenty hoe ()

Ik Lana was being problematic too people have a right to be mad at her but with that being said keep that same energy with Doja because thats what she is being too stanning should not make you blind to the shitty things they do

Nicox2nword ()

A Lana não militou na era Lust For Life pra terceiros dizerem que ela é de direita

Fluff ()

Ariana is the sweetest person ever, even when she reaches out to call you out on your bs and Lana unfollowed her ? You can’t tell me it’s not bc she wasn’t mad she didn’t side with her lol.

Hailie ()

@broooklynbabey @ctbrl there was literal screenshots of that they said to her. weadorelana literally said she was concerned for lanas mental health and asked if she was okay. like that’s not bad at all??????? it’s extremely valid to ask. and all lana said was that she should go fuck herself

Carrie is a cunt ()

Asian people: silent about Lana Del Rey. Asian people: WE MUST CANCEL DOJA CAT. lol you aren’t being slick. Just say you’re anti-Black and head out.

Tracklist ()

🚨 | Dont call me angel: Lana Del Rey deu unfollow em Ariana Grande no Instagram.

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Lana ()

@__itssara Which highlights that the prisoners have now learned how to help each other to survive and not be selfish

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🏆 TOP 50 MOMENTOS MARCANTES DE ARTISTAS NO BRASIL 17. Lana Del Rey andando dentro de um carrinho de supermercado nas ruas do Rio de Janeiro - não me pergunte o motivo

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Lindsey Ellefson ()

until the day I die I won’t ever forget this comment on The Lana Del Rey Post

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Evelyn 🇰🇪 ()

What killed me is Lana started with “question for the culture” LMFAO what CULTURE?!

Saint Hoax ()

Not Lana starting a stan war on the first day of Gemini season

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Shon faye. ()

think Lana’s post would have been fine if she hadn’t compared herself to a group of mostly black women with the clear tone that she thinks she’s been treated worse by the media when that’s observably untrue

LUCAS #ForaBolsorabo ()

@poolsdrunk Lana basicamente citou as meninas pra dizer que: gente eu falo sobre oque eu vivi e elas tbm olha, pq só eu to sendo criticada aqui? BASICAMENTE É ISSO

Laura !! ()

je me lève et je vois que ça veux mettre lana dans la sauce mdr aller hop une vervaine et o dodo

Yayo ()

okay but this lana situation is making me realize how much y’all lack reading comprehension skills. she’s dragging the critics, not the actual girls,,, still shouldn’t have name dropped tho 💔

Sᴛʀᴇᴀᴍ ᴄʜʀᴏᴍᴀᴛɪᴄᴀ. ᴍᴀʏ 29ᴛʜ ()

A Lana del Rey no me la vas a cancelar por tu falta de comprensión lectora, mecoide.

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Ignacio suarez ()

#Primicia ¡¡¡Hey esos mis dueños del ex @AscensoBBVAMX que levantaron el dedito y traicionaron el derecho a ascender por 20 millones anuales!!! ¿Les firmaron algo de garantía? Creo que ya no les van a ni ascenso, ni lana en una esas. Todo por creer en Doña

☚ #FreeSpeech #Chromatica ☛
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