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Am baffled. Is Oz media section suggesting Laura Tingle on Sunday morning was accusing Scott Morrison of preparing to announce later that day a nuclear attack on Ukraine? Does it known what it is suggesting?.

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Can Laura Tingle do more policy based interviews with the respective candidates and the teal independents, in the lead up to Election Day. Even if only Labor & Greens front up. Because we sure won’t get any policy based reporting from the current media. #abc730 #feckyourgotchas.

@robynbryant33 @Peter_Fitz More Laura Tingle gold - “This election is about the society we want.” #insiders.

@MasterScarcella David Speers please take note. Your constant interruption trope has long outgrown acceptability. Time to back it off for a normal, still testing , searching, interview. Laura Tingle can do it in spades. Please follow suit!.

After 4 weeks of shit show by effwit “journalists” following Albo & ScuMo Laura Tingle shows them how it’s done The media in Australia (with one exception, Laura Tingle) is THE REASON why Australia is so fucked up So called “journalists” please give yourselves an uppercut.

Very good interview. Thank you Laura Tingle. A top class political journalist..

@AshaLikesWine @melanchomical Next up it’s gotta be Laura Tingle. Just a matter of time before the drips turn of her too.

And note how the current PM always declines her invitation. Laura Tingle is a journalist with integrity and the rest of you are Morrison’s MSM ass grovellers..

@TheRealPBarry Agreed. No sneering or hostility or interruptions. Just quality interviewing from Laura Tingle on #abc730. #auspoll2022.


@robynbryant33 @Peter_Fitz Laura Tingle has a laser way of identifying the crux of a Policy Issue. My hero 👏👏.

@JonesHowdareyou In the same way we can see bias by Lisa Millar, Leigh Sales, Stan Grant, David Speers toward the LNP, it is clear Laura Tingle is biased toward the ALP..

Can Anyone Create A Animation Of Laura Tingle In A Green Dress Holding A Rock Of Kryptonite While Morrison Turns Yellow PLEASE And THANK YOU.

@latingle That #Baxenbitch could learn a thing or two about how to conduct a proper interview based off of Laura Tingle’s segment tonight. It’s too late for LS..

Laura Tingle on AUKUS: The Americans want it on the record that they wanted bi-partisanship. #insiders.

Laura Tingle is having none of the #LNP’s housing policy Sh*t! The ‘small beer policy’ they are announcing today isn’t going to free up housing, it’s going to suck up the ‘downsized’ kind of housing…You know, the one’s young people might actually be able to afford. #insiders.

@lucysunman The Frydenberg interview and then just skip to all the bits where Laura Tingle is speaking..

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