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Here was my 3DS shopping spree! Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright is extremely expensive as a cartridge now, so I recommend that. Then every Ace Attorney game is $3 right now! Even the trilogy, so that’s $1 per game!.

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“It won’t make a single depositor or investor whole, but it will enhance Gensler’s power. That’s the objective in everything Gensler is doing, after all.” -@RoslynLayton AWESOME ARTICLE by Dr. Layton.

La idea original de La caja de Pandora era que Layton y Luke llegaran a una isla desierta tras un naufragio, pero como esto no era propio de un caballero inglés decidieron cambiarlo. El título iba a ser El profesor Layton y el secreto de la isla encantada #LaytonCuriosity.

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A few standouts during our views of day 1 of the Shamrock ☘️.. 27’ , IN Best 27’ , LGR 26’ , IN Best 26’ , OPS 26’ , IN Best 26’ , IGB 26’ , SIG 26’ , Red Storm 26’ , Pride 26’ , IGB Cont….

A snow squall warning is in effect until 8:00 AM MDT for I-15, I-215 near Ogden--Layton, UT and I-15, I-215, I-80, US-89 near Salt Lake City--West Valley City, UT..

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A snow squall warning is in effect until 12:00 PM MDT for I-84 near Morgan, UT and I-15, I-215, I-84, US-89 near Ogden--Layton, UT and I-15, US-89, US-189 near Provo--Orem, UT and I-15, I-215, I-80, US-89 near Salt Lake City--West Valley City, UT..

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Layton and Mel actually need counselling so they can learn how to fight constructively. If only there was a psychologist around that could help them… #MAFSAU.

Things have changed, times have changed ● Rachel & Jagmeet aren’t Tommy Douglas OR Jack Layton ● Rachel Notley is NOT Grant Notley ●Justin Trudeau is TOO MUCH like his #Alberta HATING FATHER Pierre TRUDEAU   They cater to divisive groups with a woke, jobs-killing plan #abpoli.

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If you like good mystery vn games like Zero Escape series, Layton series, Ace Attorney series or 13 Sentinels, you absolutely need to play PARNORMASIGHT. The most underrated and overlooked game released this year so far and easily my GOTY..

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sometimes I think about what might have been if Paul Wellstone and Jack Layton had both lived.

TBH Layton not being able to tell his dad he loves him isn’t a one off. Plenty of Aussie men are taught that they need to be stoic, and that expressing love and meaning it is “wousy”. It’s a systematic strangling of male emotions that’s been happening for decades #MAFSAU.

Mel and Layton have been respectful to each other all season. They kept their arguments off camera, understood they were strangers just learning one another, and they remained themselves during all of it. A remarkable couple. #MAFS #MAFSAU.

Layton is a very classic example of how hard it is to date a man in their 30s because they’re all so emotionally repressed #MAFSAU.

Layton and Melinda have such an interesting situation. Neither of them are entirely right or wrong. Which ironically makes them the near perfect couple. #MAFS #MAFSAU.

Also men walking off when they can’t express themselves is a coping mechanism. Many (rightly or wrongly) only learn to withdraw completely or to unleash rage. Layton’s better at communicating than a lot of men his age tbh #MAFSAU.

501). Sep1981. Spider-Man Dies! …or does he 😆 A great one by Bob Layton!.

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Layton constantly being talked over & can never get a sentence finished- she needs to occasionally STFU #MAFSAU.

The Iron Man acquisitions from this era continue! More Michelinie, Romita Jr, and Layton goodness in Issue 147!.

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Honestly, the more screen time Layton has, the more he comes across as a bit of a knob. He talks like a corporate high level crap speak manual. #mafsaunz.

Tempestuous - Tempest TT5, 233 OCU, RAF Pembrey by Ieuan Layton-Matthews.

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If Jack Layton hadn’t gotten cancer, would he have beat Harper and Trudeau in 2015?.

The fact Layton is crying shouldn’t be discounted. He cares about Mel. He’s just struggling with expressing it. #MAFSAU.

I can’t believe I’m saying it but I really hope Mel and Layton make it. They feel genuine to me #MAFSAustralia #MAFSAU.

I really really really really am cheering on Mel & Layton to get their shit together. Anyway, #MAFSAU.

@krismeloche Although I believe @RachelNotley is the best choice for Alberta, #NDP hasn’t had a leader since the late Jack Layton..

Layton improved upon his party’s previous result in every election he contested. Not the case for Singh. Don’t think this is an apt comparison..

Layton?! When a woman says she loves you, the right reply IS NOT yeah #MAFSAU WOW JUST WOW.

Es würde mich nicht wundern wenn Level-5 vor dem neuen Professor Layton noch die ersten 3 Teile als HD-Collection für die Switch bringt.❤️‍🔥.

Bruh… you cannot question a woman when she tells you she’s falling in love with you. Damn, Layton… you’re a top bloke and you’re SO fucking smart, but bruh… stop being so logical and black & white. You’re sabotaging the relationship. #MAFS #MAFSau.

Layton clearly has a business mindset. That was just a task to be ticked off but he’d rather have been on his laptop doing something with tangible results.👎#MAFSAU 🤵🏾.

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