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Australia is, like we were in the 1950s. Newer is not always better..

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Tune in at 8 pm EDT tonight to the live webcast of our Women of Apollo lecture, featuring Poppy Northcutt, JoAnn Hardin Morgan, and Carolyn Leach Huntoon: #BecauseOfHerStory.

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Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew II Is the NFL’s Newest Folk Hero - The Ringer.

My on the crazy collection of unknown outside-the-box thinkers that 19 yrs later has produced 8 HCs & almost TWO DOZEN high-level coaches> The oral history of Mike Leach’s first coaching staff at #TexasTech--the one that revolutionized football:.

Dear Hire Mike Leach. In case you didn’t know it, Mike Leach is a BYU grad 😁.

Let’s remember the time that Mike Leach got mad his team was getting run by Oregon and had Connor Halliday throw 89 passes in a game that felt like it was 6 hours long.

What kinda air raid is this?????? Mike Leach probably sick watching this 😂😂.

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So, in the course of a few hours, Gardner Minshew is now the most accomplished Mike Leach QB all-time in the NFL. Pretty amazing day for the fmr Coug. 21-24 for 254 yds & a TD in for injured Foles for the Jags vs #ChiefsKingdom Still, Mahomes was Mahomes today..

Australia is, like we were in the 1950s. Newer is not always better..

I’m old enough to remember mood rings and pet rocks. 😉.

@TreyWallace_ He hired the wrong guy. I blame Phil for screwing this all up and not getting Leach.

If I’m Harrison Bailey I’m pumped I’ll be the starting quarterback for Tennessee as a freshman next season. Now can we get Mike Leach?.

Left the UK bar and discovered I don’t have SEC Alternate like Tom Leach & co. for the second half..

Coach Leach tells @AlexBrink10 he thought the Cougs could’ve blocked and tackled better in the first half, was much better in the second half. Called the team “explosive” when they execute. #GoCougs.

Washington State has scored 50 points in consecutive games for the 6th time since 1936. Three of the six instances have come since Mike Leach took over in 2012 🤯.

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Just literally had another Dan Leach , same spelling , call into my show . Not only did he make some great points , but I also felt super connected to the great chap. We have planned a Dan Leach Only party in the near moment of my career ❤️❤️.

Their stance on infanticide and late term abortion, is the key reason I could never vote for any of them. There are other reasons, but the slaughter of innocent human lives is THE KEY reason..

Liam Ryan called for unsportsmanlike conduct after the play. “He pointed at an opponent.” Leach in disbelief, to ref with outstretched arms and wide open eyes: “POINTING?!?!”.

Read this thread. Thank you @Potus for always doing what is in our best interests. 🙏🏻🇺🇸.

Chip Kelly is in major trouble rn vs SDSU. They play Oklahoma next week. Then Mike Leach in Wazu. Starting 0-4 is vlikely if they lose today..

When @Coach_Leach gets interviewed at halftime it is always a beautiful thing he all but tells the reporter to #GFY I have work to do I LOVE it! 😂😂 #GoCougs.

Coach leach w @JessamynMcIntyr : we can play better on both sides of the ball and we need generally moved it well except for one series.

Mike Leach called a timeout with 9 seconds left in the first quarter to scream at the Wazzu defense because they’re getting run over by Northern Colorado.

@LisaMei62 I read until it said “try googling” and then i realized I knew everything I needed to know..

Match nicely poised for Stokes and Leach to carry England to victory tomorrow night. #Ashes.

Wonder if Jack Leach re-enacted his no ball to his teammates after stumps last night? #ashes.

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