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Kyrie in three seasons with Lebron: three trips to the Finals. Kyrie in seven seasons without Lebron: Never past the 2nd round.

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Justin Termine
Justin Termine ()

Kyrie in three seasons with Lebron: three trips to the Finals. Kyrie in seven seasons without Lebron: Never past the 2nd round.

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Five years ago today, LeBron, Kyrie and the Cavs made history vs. the Warriors 🔥 Only team to come back from a 3-1 lead in the Finals

Kobe Brasil
Kobe Brasil ()

O LeBron SEMPRE foi contra sobre esse calendário MALUCO da atual temporada, é só dar um google e pesquisar.

YAW GEEZ🇬🇭🎤 ()

Always HATED this “Ray Allen saved Lebron’s legacy” “If it wasnt for ” You sound exponentially stupid

🏀 The Ballfather 🏀
🏀 The Ballfather 🏀 ()

Remember when people were actually convinced that LeBron James made his teammates better? lolll

Knicks Nation Germany
Knicks Nation Germany ()

🔶🔷All-NBA 2nd Team🔶🔷 - JULIUS RANDLE - Unser Power Forward wurde nun, wie fast schon zu erwarten, in das All-NBA Second Team berufen, wo er sich Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Joel Embiid und LeBron James anschließt. 1/14

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....... ()

Lol KD been the best player in the league for a while, it funny folks are just now acknowledging it because an aged Lebron is eliminated

Ben Axelrod
Ben Axelrod ()

That Durant performance is exactly why everybody was so upset when he went to Golden State. He’s in an elite class with LeBron and Kawhi of players who automatically elevate their teams to championship contenders.

Factory ()

@ifty09482506 @Carvajaleed You say, “as a player” Kd is better than Lebron but fail to mention Lebron is better in every facet besides shooting.

Hüseyin Serdar Yılmaz
Hüseyin Serdar Yılmaz ()

@AlperBicen Abi Kevin Durant ile ilgili videolar çekmiştin ve sana katılanlardandı abiyle bir videoda KD büyük oyuncu değil çünkü GSW ye gitti ve orayı şampiyon yapmadı ama LeBron Miami ye gitti,takımı hazırladı ve şampiyon yaptı demiştin ve bu geceki maçta bence KD ben büyüğüm dedi

Tontatta stan account
Tontatta stan account ()

@Buzzer_BeaterFR Giga culture de l’instant, LeBron va encore revenir remettre les pendules à l’heure l’an prochain. Les gens n’apprennent donc jamais ? Chaque année c’est la même zumba.

Wallace: Guts Top 1,2,3,4, and 5
Wallace: Guts Top 1,2,3,4, and 5 ()

@bootlegtchalla I never understand why current players dont go to old heads and ask for help or training. Like if they wont do it for free, pay. So much knowledge and skill untapped smh man. Zion needs to go to lebron imo and learn to take care of his body. How to fall, jump, and etc

Katyanna ~
Katyanna ~ ()

What you people fail to understand is that we can like both LeBron and KD. It’s not a fight

Cavs France
Cavs France ()

LeBron James x Kyrie Irving Game 5 2016. LeBron James Game 6 2016. LeBron James Game 1 2018.

James Edrick
James Edrick ()

@emanuelgodina Lebron game 6 vs Celtics 2018 down 2-3 with no Kevin love and lebron goes off for 46/11/9?? Lbj ain’t have no role player go off for 27 in that game. Lebron 37/12/5 game 7 vs dynasty spurs being the only finals loss on Duncan resume??

LebronExposé ()

You still think Lebron is better than KD??? 👏🏽👏🏽🤣

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A ⟡
A ⟡ ()

one thing you can’t say about lebron is that he don’t give other players their flowers

KBE 📊 ()

The reactionary takes that are made after an NBA player has a good game are insane, KD has an amazing game and I’m seeing ppl say that “LeBron couldn’t do this” even tho LeBron did it on multiple occasions in 2018

𝓕𝓵𝔂𝓷𝓷 ⁶𓅓⁹😵‍💫
𝓕𝓵𝔂𝓷𝓷 ⁶𓅓⁹😵‍💫 ()

This dude cannot go 2 seconds without bringing Lebron into everything bro stfu

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Andy Liu
Andy Liu ()

Best game I’ve ever seen was probably LeBron in Boston G6… dude hadn’t won choked year down 3-2 in Boston… and absolutely manhandled them

Rick Kamla
Rick Kamla ()

Remember when LeBron had 45-15-5 in Game 6 at Boston in the 2012 ECF? Durant just had that game for his career.

➰The Prodigy➰
➰The Prodigy➰ ()

@KashitoSuave Everybody and they moms know I’m a Lebron fan cut it out 😂 I ain’t ever heard you jacking Utah 😂😂

Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless ()


Chris Fedor
Chris Fedor ()

Can’t believe #Cavs didn’t do more to keep Jeff Green for the post-LeBron rebuild. Him, Jordan Clarkson and Rodney Hood would have led to the 14 seed in the East.

Ron Howard
Ron Howard ()

Fuck Lebron James. Fuck Joe Biden. Fuck Kamala Harris. Fuck Nancy Pelosi. Fuck Maxine waters. Fuck the Liberals.

Josiah Johnson
Josiah Johnson ()

Skip Bayless figuring out how to blame LeBron for Jokic getting ejected in the 3rd quarter of an elimination game

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El Jaime sabio
El Jaime sabio ()

Cómo vas a jugar menos finales que lebron?? Tan microbio vas a ser(? PD: LEBRON TE AMO

₴łⱠɆ₦₮ ₭łⱠⱠɆⱤ
₴łⱠɆ₦₮ ₭łⱠⱠɆⱤ ()

@Docky_1234 @ShannonSharpe And that’s fine if you think that but this dumb ass narrative by lebron nuthuggers that he wins by himself is bogus.

𝙘𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙠𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙗𝙚𝙫 ()

@TheNBACentral @BenGolliver Kevin Durant had 0 fourth quarter points, why isn’t this being talked about? If Lebron did this he would never hear the end…

Jaegerist ()

@Loucifer_III @asvpkb Bron got that bum paid lol, he got a lot of bums paid b/c franchises thought these ppl were actually good until they went on other teams. It was literally lebron 😂

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