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Happy #lefthandersday to all my fellow southpaws out there 🤚🏽 May your smudges be few and your left seat empty ✏️.

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@PerhamNick To ppl asking what to answer if they were left-handed but forced to do things right-handed when they were young, my daughter would like to say: No-one should force anyone. Just answer left-handed or what you want. You have the right to be who you are. 💜 #LeftHandersDay.

@RealYoshiller Happy #LeftHandersDay from a fellow lefty! Found a Bayleaf at the park today too! 😁.

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@TaylorMadeGolf I should have asked on #LeftHandersDay if our downtrodden species would be lucky enough to acquire a set..

Happy belated #lefthandersday to me and all the other southpaws out there. :) ♥.

Existe dia dos canhotos e não dos destros? Cadê a igualdade, mundo? #LeftHandersDay.

Totally left-handed. How left-handed are you? Degree of lefthandedness.

tak tak, tak semua org kidal reti lukis and pandai math. stop cakap macam tu please :”) #LeftHandersDay.

#Stop_Killing_Animals बकरीद पर लाखों घरों में बकरों को पहले से रखा गया,उसको हलाल करने के लिए हरा चारा देते हैं। उसको प्यार करते, बाद मे बकरों को हलाल(हत्या) कर देते शर्म करो जीव हत्या से प्रभु नहीं प्राप्त होगा,,यह शास्त्र कहते हैं। #LeftHandersDay.

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@GoodwinYaleSB My favorite holiday! #leftpower #LeftHandersDay.

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Taehyung é originalmente canhoto, mas ele treinou sua mão direita e suas duas mãos são igualmente eficientes agora. Ele costumava comer e segurar o microfone com a esquerda e escrever com a direita. Mas agora ele é realmente ambidestro. #LeftHandersDay.

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@JackwilsonUK Didn’t know it was #LeftHandersDay My right arm is deformed 😜.

Happy left handers day to my fellow lefties out there!!! Can’t believe I forgot it was yesterday 🤦🏽‍♀️ #LeftHandersDay 💕.

Yesterday was #lefthandersday & I was too busy being awesome at work to realize it darn it. Anywho, can you imagine how further ahead we would be in society if left handed people had not been suppressed for generations? The dark ages would have been much shorter for sure..

#LeftHandersDay um salve a todos os canhotos q, assim como eu, se estressam diariamente por terem complicações com coisas simples só pq td foi inventado para os destros! tb qro deixar um ALERTA: cerca de 2500 canhotos morrem anualmente tentando utilizar ferramentas para destros.

I-end ko lang itong thread na to on a brighter note. Hehe. Ang cool. Pano kaya napapakinggan ang colors?? 😱 #LeftHandersDay.

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Today is the International #LeftHandersDay. Who are your favorite local & international southpaw players? 🏐.

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While right-headers hey to sip a lovely heart, but when you’re #lefthanded you get to sip from a ball 🤔 #LeftHandersDay.

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The majority of people scrolled through the #LeftHandersDay tweets with their right hand.

Happy #LeftHandersDay ! #LeftHandedPeopleAreBetterAt not whining about not having everything handed to us - pun intended. Used to not being able to use scissors, reaching across for cup holder, right-handed seats, smudged writing, writing sideways, no-good kitchen mittens, etc..

I still get not so comments about using my left hand till this day #LeftHandersDay.

يصادف اليوم ،الرابع عشر من شهر أغسطس ،مناسبة غريبة وهي اليوم العالمي للأشخاص العسر(الذين يستخدمون اليد اليسرى) #lefthandersday.

Recuerdo que de pequeño en los 90’s ser zurdo aún era un semi-estigma. Siempre tenía que solicitar el pupitre de zurdo (casi nunca habían) y hasta usar tijeras era un problema. #LeftHandersDay.

Happy #LeftHandersDay to my fellow Southpaws. May the eternal stain upon the side of your hand be a badge of pride..

They never saw the left coming 👀 #LeftHandersDay 👊.

Happy #lefthandersday to all my fellow southpaws out there 🤚🏽 May your smudges be few and your left seat empty ✏️.

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