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Pageant problems. New episode tonight at 9/8c on The CW! #Legacies.

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@AcornArmy @DelenaSkaikru That girl lucky Hope has amazing self control 😄 #Legacies.

Penelope Park, you own my heart. I love you. That wasn’t a goodbye, that‘s the beginning of something big.❤️ #LEGACIES.

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Ok i just woke up and I’m trying to not read any spoilers for #Legacies dude i’m so excited to watch it.

Gonna leave this here for my #Posie mutuals. 🤗 #Legacies.

Idc how they bring her back or what random ass reason she has for coming back just please bring Penelope back #Legacies.

Landon é inseguro, chato demais, e não consegue segurar a barra A Hope ja sofreu tanto, carrega tanta culpa que ela precisa de apoio, carinho Ja não tem a familia por perto Lizzie segurou a barra dela, melhor que todos, como amigas ficou incrivel. #Legacies.

you can see josie playing through her mind all the things she could have done that would have made penelope stay. I AM NOT OKAY #legacies #posie.

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legacies 1080 version has been released but it’s not logoless.

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@wearpy Sim, tipo eu sou uma dessas pessoas, comecei a acompanhar Legacies ja no ep 6 justamente por Posie, eu so quero que seja Endgame, mas tipo ainda bem que nao mataram ela entao tem mt chance sim dela voltar.

LMAOOOO Penelope’s face in the back when Lizzie says she’s withdrawing. 😂💀 #legacies #MissMysticFalls.

Landon yelling boyfriend and saying hes a phoenix to make roman back off love that #Legacies.

When Penelope loves and cares, she will fight with everything she has, but allows other to make their own decisions and live with them. She doesn’t clean up other’s messes. She’s complex, flawed, but never enables. #Legacies.

De repente há muitas teorias sobre Penelope ter ido embora e várias delas levam à volta dela. Minha esperança não pode saber disso. #Legacies.

O que foi a queda das redes sociais perto da queda que eu tive desse último episódio #Legacies.

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my stan days ended 2 years but legacies really said where you think you’re going and now i’m whipped again????.

Julie Plec novamente faz um casal perfeito Penelope e Josie e as separam isso me lembrou The Vampires Diaries com a Nora e Mary Louise as duas se amavam e viviam com intensidade e se separaram e quando retornaram tiveram aquele final quando supero Julie me faz isso em #Legacies.

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Acabei de assistir ao episódio S01E13 de Legacies! #tvtime.

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#Legacies 1x15 Promo I’ll Tell You a Story (HD) Preview: via @YouTube.

se penelope voltar com a cura ou seja lá o que for eu juro que começo legacies de vez.

Penelope is 💯 looking for the cure and that voiceover Lulu did is going to be another letter she sends ’m planing that fucking seed right now #Legacies.

[email protected] fans, we know you’ve just experienced tears, gasps and dropping jaws after tonight’s episode, but @itsdanielleruss is here to explain it all! #Legacies.

Also, can the show not ruin the twins relationship please. It makes me sad seeing them like this #Legacies.

WHAT IF JOSIE GOES BACK TO EUROPE TO VIST HER MOM cause she is having some pretty dark thoughts and need a break AND FINDS PENELOPE HELPING HER #legacies.

i’m honestly so relieved that josie is finally understanding that nobody loves her more then penelope and that she’s going across the world to save her life. that’s love.#legacies #posie.

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Pageant problems. New episode tonight at 9/8c on The CW! #Legacies.

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