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Updated: July 28th, 2021 08:40 PM IST

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Fear Street director Leigh Janiak has spoken about her plans to expand her recent Netflix trilogy into an MCU-style horror universe.

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vamo falar sobre isso aqui porque não é possível q seja de cera, tenho certeza q é a leigh anne sentada ali


exactly leigh literally did nothing but respect j’s decision, yall are just making a big deal out of nothing for god’s sake leave leigh-anne alone

Leigh Anne did what she did and y’all AINT gone do nothing about it. Don’t piss me awf frfr.

@letidezvous Exatamente! Vamos deixar a jesy em paz, ela nem tá ligando pra estátua pq cobrar da leigh?

#FearStreet trilogy director Leigh Janiak talks building iconic kills, turning suburbia into chaos, and a potential return to the universe.

@copyofacody omg pretty girls by karin slaughter wrecked me for WEEKS! gillian flynn is another fave thriller author, but non-thrillers for sure talia hibbert, celeste ng, mary shelley, sally rooney, leigh bardugo and if i wanna be pretentious then hemmingway, austen or herman hesse

Sadie Sink ve Leigh Janiak ile yaptığım Fear Street röportajları. Daha upload bitti mesajı gelmeden dislike ve telif ihlali mesajı geldiğine göre:

I’ve got admittedly even more of an appreciation for #FearStreet now that I realized that the writer/director, Leigh Janiak is a fellow 1980 kid, she’s a month older than me. That’s whats up, go 1980s kids. Keep making rad stuff.

Me 💯 as an Auburn football fan, and I don’t care if it’s “tacky” lol


la hermana de leigh puso que está de 36 semanas osea leigh está masomenos de 34, si ya no respiraba cuando me llegaba una notificación ahora menos

eu achava que a leigh janiak era bem novinha e fui ver ela tem 41 anos envelheceu que nem vinho

Leigh Photo,Leigh Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@ch1oejohnson 2 lads stormed warehouse at the one in leigh dressed like aliens, poured milk all over floor and started sliding in it, must be a trend to dress up n raid asda fuckin weirdos🤣

@Beat_Rev @thehill Actual feminism: how about no one of any gender needs to die for oil?

Happy 90th, Jan Troell! “I actually don’t know a greater coming-of-age film.” Mike Leigh on HERE IS YOUR LIFE (1966) (2’30”) @criterionchannl —

Leigh Photo,Leigh Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

The high today is 82° in Philly, 52% humidity. And by 9pm, 74° Ya girl is a genius picking up tickets for tonight 💁🏼‍♀️

@2Duefer @sherry_leigh_80 He needs to have his corkscrew confiscated without compensation for the greater good (of his liver).

Aaaaa kitaptaki hikayelerden birkaçı yazarın önceki kitaplarındaki ek kısımlardaki hikayeler o yüzden ikinci defa okuyorum, onun haricindeki hikayeler de o kadar tatlı Bardugo tatlı 1 yazar kesinlikle

Fechando a trilogia de Rua do Medo (os três filmes disponíveis na Netflix), dirigida pela Leigh Janiak, a @michelledas5as7 comenta a terceira parte 1666 que finalmente revela a história de Sarah Fier.

First section of Leigh Road – Wimborne Road West - completed and ready for use! The sustainable travel improvements include the building of new cycle lanes, separate pedestrian pavements, and a complete re-surfacing of the road. #TransformingTravel #TCF

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We have started to set up our new exhibition, We Are Nature, were photography students from Wigan and Leigh have explored what it means to be able to go outside into nature again. Check out our new exhibition from 30th July - 14th August 2021 at Mesnes Park, Wigan. #wearenature

Leigh Photo,Leigh Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@abc730 Looking forward to Leigh’s return and the daily interviews with Sydney restaurateurs disgruntled about the unnecessary lockdown. Or was that an issue unique to Melbourne.

@callvmexaurora sono il primo gruppo ad aver mai vinto xfactor. attualmente leigh-anne e perrie sono incinte. sia leigh-anne che jesy hanno fatto un film, sulla loro storia. leigh-anne sul razzismo e la sua vita da persona di colore e jesy sulla sua depressione e tutti i problemi che ha passato+

@Candee_Leigh I currently look like dust and I need 5million for all those things 🥴. Waxing included!

@abc730 The thing about host Leigh Sales, When compared to Tingle, she pales. Leigh can be tough But not tough enough And Tingles as tough as nails.

It was lovely to hear Leigh’s voice. We’ve interacted on social media before but it’s so different to actually hear the person chatting. Lots of great advice for someone who is just setting out on writing a series. Thank you, Leigh. Yes, Beck, I ‘wood’ say I heard your faux pas.

at midnight i’ve been with @cooolivia for 2 years. two wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, adventurous, amazing years. i’ve gained a new a family, a new country, and a new sense of perspective leaving america. i met this girl on twitter two years ago, and it changed my life. 💛

Leigh Photo,Leigh Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@rick_rampal @008moonside So sad to hear about Leigh’s return. It feels like when you think you’ve finally got rid of Covid and then someone’s goes and leaves the back door open!

Just a quick update on our regular host Leigh Sales. Leigh is still on leave and will be back on deck soon. #abc730


Fear Street director Leigh Janiak has spoken about her plans to expand her recent Netflix trilogy into an MCU-style horror universe.

Leigh Photo,Leigh Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Leigh was one of the lucky ones. On the ride from a dairy farm to a veal processing plant, his life took an unexpected turn. From the dairy industry to veal production to animal transport, his story is a powerful look behind the curtain at the cruelties of animal agriculture:

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