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Joining Leigh Sales for her final interview with a Prime Minister for I wish you well in whatever you choose to do next Leigh..

Leigh Sales Photo,Leigh Sales Photo by Anthony Albanese,Anthony Albanese on twitter tweets Leigh Sales Photo

Leigh Sales signs off after 12 years as anchor of #abc730.

Congratulations Leigh & ⁦@abc730⁩ on Leigh’s final program & for everything Leigh has done in so many different ways to enrich the audience👏👏👏 👏.


Prime Minister @AlboMP joins Leigh Sales tonight on #abc730. Tune in on ABC TV and ABC iview..

Leigh Sales Photo,Leigh Sales Photo by abc730,abc730 on twitter tweets Leigh Sales Photo

Perrie, Jade & Leigh-Anne have sent plaques to their family and friends for supporting their career in @LittleMix! ✨ 72 MILLION GLOBAL SALES ✨.

Prime Minister ⁦@AlboMP⁩ tells Leigh Sales ⁦@abc730⁩ “we’re going to really have to put the brakes on” spending in his first Budget in October. Waste & rorts top priority. He rules out rescinding tax bracket cuts already legislated. Jobs summit pending..

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Leigh Sales is finally leaving tonight from #abc730 non blue ticks and blocked twerps please leave your goodbye comments here, 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇.

First comment I saw was calling Leigh Sales pro-Liberal, second was saying the interview was a “lefty love in” 🙃🙃.

Another good interview by Leigh Sales with the PM on @abc730 tonight and a reminder we will miss her when she leaves the program..

During Victoria’s lockdown Dan Andrews fronted the hostile media everyday. The most shrill attacks were from NewsCorp regulars Rachel, Alex, and Credlin. Their stock-in-trade was weaponizing public fear and resentment, and the one time Leigh Sales attended she fit right in..

My favourite Leigh Sales moment is when she learns live on air that Scott knew he lost. #ABC730 #auspol.

I don’t think Leigh Sales was biased particularly, she just wasn’t very good at the core bit of her job - the set piece big political interview. I think this was clear way back when she hosted Lateline - and was surprised at her promotion..

But after all these years - do you really know Leigh Sales? She answers the famous questions here. ⁦@abcmelbourne⁩.

@louinoosa Leigh Sales seemed somehow freer, more balanced & fairer in her questions. It’s like some awful stinking miasma has lifted with the departure of Morrison & co. Sanity now prevails..

@LesStonehouse On leigh sales leaving: At once the heavy stench lifted. Flowers appeared brighter, birds sang once more. In the distance the presence that sat heavy over us began its departure into the darkness, its shadow clawing at the path, threatening to return Children played We smiled.

I wanted more highlight reel! Leigh Sales deserves massive congratulations and thanks. We’ll miss her..

I wonder will the ABC Leigh Sales Special tonight have a section for episodes that dumped on Dan Andrews for weeks on end??.

@AlboMP I betcha Leigh Sales is going to work for Murdoch rags and you will be hearing from the real Leigh Sales again. She is not a nice person and did everything she could to make Labor and our team look bad in interviews and swooned over every LNP grub. Remember #IStandWithDan.

The interview with Leigh Sales and Prime Minister Albanese last night was a refreshing change. Ms Sales was polite, the PM answered questions openly without trying to score smug political points, and he was particularly gracious when describing Ms Sales’ career. Adults at work..


“There’s one question viewers ask me more than anything else: ‘Why don’t they answer the question?’” Don’t miss the Farewell to Leigh Sales special tonight at on ABC TV and ABC iview. #abc730 #auspol.

ABC News Bids Farewell To Popular Presenter Leigh Sales After 12 Years Hosting Flagship Show ‘’.

Interesting to note the point at which the ABC turn off comments on the never ending stream of posts about Leigh Sales They seem ok with love letters to her, but as soon as more than 1 or 2 people call her partisan or a LNP supporter the comments get disabled #leighsales.

Transcript PM @AlboMP: Television Interview – ABC 7:30 with Leigh Sales..

Leigh Sales Photo,Leigh Sales Photo by Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet,Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet on twitter tweets Leigh Sales Photo

Leigh Sales goes out on a low by suggesting that supply side inflation is because of a nominal wage increase I think her next job with be on Play School. #abc730.

Leigh Sales blocked me years ago. I was never rude to her. She hates being challenged or questioned regardless of how politely. Good bye Ms Sales, I for one won’t miss you. #auspol.

How the ABC bid farewell to ‘famously unflappable’ host Leigh Sales.

Leigh Sales isn’t a bad journalist on those rare occasions when the public interest aligns with her self interest #abc730 #auspoI.

@AlboMP Leigh Sales was a great interviewer. She held her own after Kerry O’Brien. Then she squandered the privilege. She chose far right ideological partisan spin over objectivity. It was tragic to watch. The last year has been fractured. Laura Tingle was the true interim anchor..

It’s been a treat in this season of #Journo to interview two of the journalists I most admire, the BBC’s @bbclysedoucet and the ABC’s Leigh Sales. My advice to any young journalist can be summed up in seven words: be like Lyse and be like Leigh..

Leigh Sales, the self-described brat from the back blocks of Brisbane, sat down with her mate @NickBryantNY to discuss her years presenting @abc730 and her top tips for budding reporters. #Journo.

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