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They blinded Joey Leilua with a firework so he did the only sensible thing and threw a no look pass to win it. Every obstacle only makes us stronger.

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@Mesut_Ausil @skill_hello Nick “Joey Leilua” Campton, that’s what they call me.

@skill_hello @theSportress Leilua’s flick pass to Bateman, 14th September 2019.

@nrlphysio I spoke to Leilua after the game and he said it was a grade one and he was expected to miss about five.

@blakeandthepork It’s was good of Simonsson to score while Leilua was getting a piece of firework out of his eye.

Anyone else thinking that Leilua wasn’t going to pass because he hardly ever does? Can’t have been just me.

Never would have predicted Joey Leilua to be injured by fireworks outside the ACT.

If Joey Leilua isn’t the 2020 Skyfire Ambassador/ceremonial button presser, then the marketing team aren’t doing their job.

Cotric was sent off and we scored more tries than the Dragons with 12 men. Two players got binned against the Storm and we came back from 0-18 down. Leilua was blinded, Cotric had his face destroyed and we beat the Storm in a final away. The Raiders are indomitable.

The #NRLStormRaiders game was delayed after Joseph Leilua was struck in the eye with a black pyrotechnic shell from a firework..

@JoshO567 @Ryans_Rovers Joseph Leilua the player (former Knights and Roosters). The question is there any need for fireworks at either NRL or NBL games.

@NRL Was that Leilua with the run from the loose ball - drawing 4 defenders and then directing Bateman after the fireworks ? Bloody Magic if it was!.

Canberra centre Joey Leilua says he felt like a rock had landed in his eye and he completely lost vision just seconds before kick-off in the Raiders’ clash with Melbourne..

They blinded Joey Leilua with a firework so he did the only sensible thing and threw a no look pass to win it. Every obstacle only makes us stronger.

@Booze__Hound @NRL It’s nothing to do with Cotric or HIA mate. Your lack of attention to detail is tedious. The Raiders were given the option by the #nrl to use their 18th man for Leilua but they chose to assess him and keep him in the team. Get your facts right before you shoot your mouth off..

@TheGHRaiders Joey Leilua - all is forgiven. Great tackle Tapine to cause the mistake from Ado Carr..

@jackkcronin Not sure if you saw the game Jack but a Joey Leilua flick pass set up Johnny Bateman for the match winning try with 1 minutes and 50 seconds on the clock.

@Geraldo_042 My original tweet was posted when the decision was made by the @NRL not to give Leilua a free interchange to return. NOT when Cotric came off. The decision by the NRL not to allow Canberra a free interchange to allow Leilua on without benefit of HIA is the issue..

Dragons and Raiders both have a Leilua and neither are playing next week. Coincidence? Probably.

The Bulldogs rebuild will see them next target Joey Leilua and Canberra are willing to let the $600,000-a-season centre leave, reports @BuzzRothfield.

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Leilua must wear eyeliner. The touch judge got it wrong. As they say an eye for an eye.

As if there are people actually sooking that fireworks might get taken away. Besides the fact that they could’ve done some serious damage to Leilua’s eye, they should never have even been that close to the players to even begin with..

@nathanthorson All storm supporters carrying on about one call, that would have given you a chance to but not carrying on about the reason why you needed a chance to score? JAC catapulting the ball to Leilua is what cost them the game. Nothing else. #NRLStormRaiders.

@skill_hello Leilua’s flick pass to John Bateman on September 14, change it right now.

@oldmannato @RaidersCanberra Its because they heard Joey Leilua was one-eyed so thought he was one of them 😏.

Canberra have been hit by a late blow after Joey Leilua was hit by a spark from a firework while running out onto AAMI Park #NRLStormRaiders Live blog:.

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