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Why are they distracting us with Nazis? Because the last thing they want you to watch is what REALLY happened at the protest. Forget the sideshow. Listen to why brave WOMEN rallied in Melbourne yesterday. #LetWomenSpeak 🔥🔥🔥.

Victoria Police stand between two groups that have come to hijack the #letwomenspeak women’s rights rally in front of Parliament House in Melbourne. The agitators from extreme opposing ideological sides were locked in a stand-off for about 1 hour while guarded by police. At one….

Bragg fulfilling role of useful idiot when neo-Nazis try to hijack #LetWomenSpeak event - blaming women for, ahem, not being man enough. @billybragg please play ball, not desperate ad hominem guilt by association claptrap. Stop accusing feminists of being Nazi apologists..

#LetWomenSpeak Photo,#LetWomenSpeak Photo by Shahrar Ali,Shahrar Ali on twitter tweets #LetWomenSpeak Photo

Imágenes desde nueva Zelanda del evento feminista para dar voz a mujeres #LetWomenSpeak por los ataques y censura del transactivismo. Precisamente, quienes rodean y abuchean a las mujeres son activistas de este dogma misógino. Esta secta es internacional..

#LetWomenSpeak was an organic expression that came about in Nottingham. Women that attend our rallies are pretty damned amazing..

Imagine being rightly incensed by the uninvited Far Right doing a nazi salute in an attempt to disrupt a #LetWomenSpeak event, but having zero to say about the univited Far Left punching police horses in an attempt to disrupt that very same event No, makes no sense to me either!.

This is outrageous, punishing a woman for defending women’s rights. This reeks of misogyny! 🤦‍♀️ #LetWomenSpeak #Misogynist.

@MoiraDeemingMP We are with you Moira! Fight the good fight - this is completely unjust. Thank you for supporting our rights as women - this is not a fight we will ever give up on!! #LetWomenSpeak #IStandWithMoiraDeeming.

@FondOfBeetles Just by talking… these small-minded, very small men… #LetWomenSpeak #standingforwomen.

If you had ANY integrity or humility, you would have refused the “woman of the year” award insisting it go to women that have struggled for centuries under a patriarchal world, instead of proving without a doubt that we are regressing more every day. #LetWomenSpeak….

And as those aggressive men intimidated & tried to silence them, the women continued on. They cannot silence all of us. We are women & we have a right to speak. My love & solidarity to all you wonderful women & good men who stand with us. #LetWomenSpeak.

@SuDharmapala ☝shit that never happened. Moira stood for #letwomenspeak , that is it..

Ok are we ready everyone? #LetWomenSpeak Hobart We have a few more things we’d like to say.

#LetWomenSpeak Photo,#LetWomenSpeak Photo by 🇦🇺Standing For Women - Australia,🇦🇺Standing For Women - Australia on twitter tweets #LetWomenSpeak Photo

@BrammLindentree Men (not all) are - whether they have special quasi-religious identity feelings & spinny skirts or not. #WomenExist #LetWomenSpeak.

The disgusting lies being told about the #LetWomenSpeak event in Melbourne by politicians and MSM pretending these diverse Australian women are Nazis would be absurd comedy; except people are falling for it. The truth will come out. @ABCmediawatch @friendlyjordies.

If @ThePosieParker is banned from entering NZ it might just piss me off enough to rejoin the fight. #LetWomenSpeak.

I hate the fact that once again, women, who still suffer at the hands of the patriarchy throughout much the world, have had their equal rights agenda hijacked by Neo Nazis and Fascist cosplayers (who are of course, all men) and right wing extremists. #LetWomenSpeak.

Show us the photo you have of ONE single woman from #LetWomenSpeak standing alongside, talking to, condoning or embracing the NeoNazis cause it was obvious the only people doing that were the Aussie police. You woman hating sh1te-stirring danger-to-women-and-girls cnt..

I suspect if it was discovered opponents of gender ideology are decent ethical citizens, TRAs would be deprived of their identity, which is predicted on defining themselves in opposition to fascist transphobes. We refuse to be othered by your projections: #LetWomenSpeak.

Nazis thugs you are NOT welcome, Antifa thugs you are NOT welcome. LET WOMEN SPEAK!#LetWomenSpeak.

@DanielAndrewsMP Good. Now apologise to the women’s rights campaigners you defamed and give us back our sex-based rights. #LetWomenSpeak.

@1Swinging_Voter @mattjcan No! Rose Jackson and Paul Murray, courageous women at a #LetWomenSpeak rally don’t run away when Nazi men show up because for one that’s the point of the rally. #IStandWithMoiraDeeming..

@9NewsMelb @msanto92 How is standing up for Women controversial, it wasn’t an anti trans it was Pro Women #LetWomenSpeak meeting, nazis gate crashed their meeting and you insinuate it’s the Womens fault and that we are aligned with them, try doing some journalism for a change #LetWomenSpeak.

@RebelNews_AU @AKAsusangreen Thank you Avi Kellie is a magnificent woman and campaigner No wonder politicians want to silence her #LetWomenSpeak.

What this misogynist is suggesting KJK was supposed to to do was fight off the Nazis & the TRA men that were physically attacking women. One woman speaker ended up on the curb unconscious. KJK was supposed to fight off 2 groups of violent men according to Billy! 🙄 #LetWomenSpeak.

@9NewsMelb @IzaStaskowski Eh, far right protest? I wonder you might do well to watch the rally #LetWomenSpeak.

@OMGTheMess Women gathered to speak about women’s rights. That gathering was crashed by a group of males. Politicians and the media are now refusing to listen to that group of women, and are insisting that the group of males now speak for those women. #LetWomenSpeak.

@SharnelleVella Why would he make it harder for women and not #LetWomenSpeak ? Because he’s a bully !.

@StandingforXX Keep speaking. The louder and more barbaric the trans-exploiters are the better it will be for your cause in the long run. Filming a bunch of freaky looking weirdos screeching in the background while dignified women speak makes them look terrible. #LetWomenSpeak #WeHearYou.

TRAs, you’ve lit a fire in us that’s going to burn down your entire ideology. Women DESERVE privacy, dignity, safety and fairness. We will not be silenced! #LetWomenSpeak.

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