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A woman in the Iranian Parliament will be suspended from her position in a political party for 9 months for speaking in public about women’s rights. Oh wait sorry, small typo. In the Victorian Parliament, in Australia. Oh and a member of the “conservative” Liberal Party..

Well worth a read: Kellie-Jay Keen’s visit has been a massive setback for the anti-trans movement in Australia and NZ and caused serious problems for the Liberal Party (Aussie Tories)..

I wonder if the Liberal Party finally realise that standing for nothing isn’t a winning plan..

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The Australian Liberal Party - Aussie Tories - have no doubts about the gravity of what happened in Melbourne. I just wish figureheads of the anti-trans movement in the UK would be as unequivocal in condemning Kellie-Jay Keen..

Canada’s elections are not the private property of the Liberal Party of Canada. That rather simple fact seems to elude Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. #cdnpoli.

NEW: Nanos poll shows the Liberal Party in absolute free fall even losing their lead in Atlantic Canada. Signalling the imminent demise of the Trudeau regime? #cdnpoli CPC - 34% LPC - 27% NDP - 20% BQ - 8% GREEN - 5% PPC - 5%.

“Victorians everywhere should know that the Liberal Party is inclusive & can be a voice for them” says @LiberalVictoria as they expel a woman for knowing what a woman is, thereby silencing a voice for women. Men are not women. #IStandWithMoiraDeeming #ThisIsNotADrill.

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We need to do away with the entire corrupt Trudeau Liberal Party. 1/7.

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🚨Lowy billionaires given green light over $550,000 in secretive Liberal Party “donations” made via obscure subsidiary. Finding by Coalition-appointed AEC boss means all “donors” can now ignore key rules & mask true identity. Devastating for democracy👇.

9 out of the top 10 wealthiest Congressional Districts in the are represented by liberal Democrats?! Democrats are the party of the rich…..

@theJagmeetSingh You backed down when you became the fourth leg of the Liberal Party stool..

For a party that says it has not yet decided on a position on the Voice, the Liberal Patty seems determined to ensure it fails #qt.

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It is heartening to see this courageous Liberal Democrat stand up and tell the truth. Even harder for her to do so than for those in my own party. 👏.

A Liberal party in power for 8 fucking years has had enough time to fix literally any societal ill they had issues with. That means, anything remaining is something they have no issues with or maintain for political gain. There is no other explanation..

Miranda is firming strongly for the Liberal Party and it should be possible to declare Eleni Petinos winner today. Ryde remains close, with Labor ahead by around 234 votes with all the early vote centres counted. Down to postals and absents now. #nswpol #NSWVotes2023.

Mike Colle thinks renters are all on government support. With this, and his constant “Shanghai on Yonge” meme on repeat, he truly is the shitty racist uncle of the Ontario Liberal Party..

@WavySwey @Breaking911 If it’s a liberal it’s fine?? Lmfaoo doesn’t matter which party they’re associated too….

Welsh Party Leader @DoddsJane will be on @SharpEndITV tonight at 10:45 pm on ITV Wales. Tune in to hear our views on: 🚌 Public transport 🏚 Rising homelessness ⛴ Freeports 💸 The mismanagement of public accounts by the Welsh Gov 🔶️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Welsh Liberal Democrat Conference.

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Make no mistake, the Victorian Liberal Party hates women: go fuck yourself 🤡.

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A Victorian MP faces expulsion from the Liberal party after she attended a women’s rights rally. Attendees expressed their concerns about women’s rights being undermined by allowing biological men to participate in women’s sports or use women’s bathrooms..

I had a liberal family member ask me why we republicans use the word WOKE. She asked why our party made it up . 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳I mean hahaha Then she told me MRNA has been in many of our vaccines already😳😳😳😳OKKKK. We are dealing with sheeple clueless ones!.

Queer people’s lives are not for the Liberal Party to weaponise for their own political purposes..

And their new poll shows that Likud falls to 25 seats (down from the 32 they currently have). Meanwhile liberal Yesh Atid goes from 24 to 22. But the party of former Chief of Staff Benny Gantz rises from 12 to 21 seats….

@MrStache9 The liberal party knows they are destroying Canada & the road to this moment is fast approaching things are going to get serious fast & it will be a fight with UBI , apathetic cult against true Canadians. Let the games begin! May this wonderful experience called 🇨🇦 be victorious.

#QandA Liberal Party has been kicked out all over Australia because of people like @JNampijinpa and @PeterDutton_MP.

@SophieScamps @bkbaguley Maybe a closer look at #AspenMedical is in order too and their ties to the Liberal Party..

Never knew Dad (died when I was 4) He played snooker at the Conservative Club Years later I found a newpaper clipping - he was Chair of local Liberal Party. He said Conservatives were pig-headed theorists - Sir Ed Davey, Leader of theLib Dems, keynote at conference today.

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How cruel. How counterproductive. How unpatriotic. So Liberal Democrats, we will restore it. We are the only party committed to restoring it. We will put the UK back where it belongs..

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Liberal MP Moira Deeming says she will fight moves to oust her from party after attending Melbourne rally via @ABCaustralia.

@liberal_party “Despite unprecedented pressure from the opposition, almost all the press and most of the business community, Canada’s government” refuses to call an independent inquiry into interference by Communist China in Canada’s elections! Listen to the people! What are you hiding Justin?.

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