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The irony isn’t lost on me that my boss @michaelobrienpm is tabling a no confidence motion against Chairman Dan but is about to lose his position in a #libspill

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💧Tissa ()

@JasonClareMP So it’s true, Michael “Sideletter “O’Brien is being rolled by Little Matty “Lobster with a mobster” Guy? #libspill

Komrade ()

When there is a Victorian Libspill and Rin Tin Tim becomes Liberal leader, who would you vote for at an election? @georgiecrozier

Matthew Guy PM ●
Matthew Guy PM ● ()

Spread the word! The second coming of Matty Guy is here! Please vote for me. And follow me too. I really do mean well and really want to be your friend. #HighFiveMattyGuy #libspill

Tim Smith MP
Tim Smith MP ()

The irony isn’t lost on me that my boss @michaelobrienpm is tabling a no confidence motion against Chairman Dan but is about to lose his position in a #libspill

💧Rip Torn
💧Rip Torn ()

TWATS, TWITS & PIMPLES - nuff said. #libspill #IStandWithDan

Kate Hack
Kate Hack ()

@PRGuy17 😆😋😊 This news is good. Sucked in Tim Smith #libspill #IStandWithDan

Jenny Hallam
Jenny Hallam ()

@PRGuy17 Every time I hear the term #libspill i think of an overflowing toilet. Funny that.

DownWithTheLNP ()

@georgiecrozier I wonder how you sleep at night. Honestly - Do you care about Victorians? What about your older relatives? Children? Our planet? Vic Liberal have brought NOTHING to the table except slandering our ELECTED, in a LANDSLIDE I might add, state gov. I hear #libspill is trending 🤷🏼‍♀️

slow hula 🦋 #IStandWithDan
Slow hula 🦋 #IStandWithDan ()

🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰 VICTORIANS DO CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER! 🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰 #libspill #IStandWithDan

Jess McGuire
Jess McGuire ()

Dudes dudes seriously is there REALLY a #Libspill?! I mean. To be honest I can see the benefit of them swapping in Tim Smith. Be good for the Victorian Liberal leader to have recognition with voters so instead of saying “Who’s that?!” they can go “Oh it’s that fuckwit again”

Grant ()

It is up to the electorate in Vic to see if they think Andrews and his government are doing a good job. The Vic ALP cant run a hotel let alone a state & join WA &QLD looking third world compared to NSW. This latest lockdown on Andrews and his inept health minister #libspill

Katie B-Great 🇦🇺
Katie B-Great 🇦🇺 ()

Oh I see #libspill is trending. This is exciting cause Im not a big Micheal OBrien fan but of course I want to see Dan ousted. This makes me think we have some great rumblings for a change in Vic, if the Libs are looking to put their best case forward.

slow hula 🦋 #IStandWithDan
Slow hula 🦋 #IStandWithDan ()

🥰 @DanielAndrewsMP @CathLAndrews #libspill #IstandwithDan

Pablo Pablo
Pablo Pablo ()

@michaelobrienmp heard you’re blocking people who tag you in the #libspill you won’t do, coward

slow hula 🦋 #IStandWithDan
Slow hula 🦋 #IStandWithDan ()

BREAKING #Libspill is going to happen according to Political Commentator

Neil ()

#libspill I have seen a lot of chatter - is @TimSmithMP challenging @michaelobrienmp for leadership of the Liberal Party? Wow.

Joseph Armand
Joseph Armand ()

@WilmaSlurrie It is indisputably the Age of Stupid. And Stupid appeals to Stupid. So, if your aim is to appeal to stupid, who better? #libspill

Withyscorp ()

@georgiecrozier @michaelobrienmp I have no confidence in the Victorian liberals. Is there a website I can sign up to which will change the leadership of the vic liberals? Inept and embarrassing. Politics at its worst. #libsincrisis #libspill

Wetropic ()

Dan must be desperate throwing this fake news out there. I expect the same from Paloshaft #libspill

PRGuy ()

Today the Victorian Liberal Party flagged a motion of no confidence in Premier Dan Andrews. Tonight #libspill is trending number 1. They have obscenely ballsed this up. #IStandWithDan

Hola Davi
Hola Davi ()

@bratwurst3030 @michaelobrienmp Show us the money. You knew that signing that contract left VIC exposed to compensation, but you still did it. 1Bn ripped off the Vic taxpayer to what the #LNPCrimeFamily always does - wealth transfer to their mates. #libspill

James R Alilin
James R Alilin ()

I believe the correct term to use is cesspool not talent pool when it comes to the Vic Libs. #libspill

We Are All Victorians Now | Je Suis | Nous Sommes
We Are All Victorians Now | Je Suis | Nous Sommes ()

Better hurry up with #libspill Timmy Toddler Smith before the numbers improve too much more. #springst

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PRGuy ()

Has Alan Jones announced the #libspill on his show - does anyone watch it or do we have to wait for a summary tomorrow?

Marion Gray
Marion Gray ()

@TimSmithMP #libspill whats going on? are you making a tilt for the leadership after the disaster which was the no confidence vote today? Seems to be everywhere! Bring it on!

Ray ()

The #LobsterGuy seems a popular choice in the up & coming #LibSpill

Withyscorp ()

@tinekae9 @michaelobrienmp The libs are in crisis. #libspill. Who will be leader come the weekend?

💧Gaye Crispin
💧Gaye Crispin ()

hey #auspol #libspill is trending again ... who else wishes the Libs would Spill all the way to the South Pole and never be heard of again?

slow hula 🦋 #IStandWithDan
Slow hula 🦋 #IStandWithDan ()

@PRGuy17 ... and yes, so the most popular #Libspill candidates in this poll (who may well #Libspill together to depollute the VIC LNP) include but are not limited to (in no order): * inanimate carbon rod * door knob * work experience kid * a bag of carrots ... and ...

The Horse Selects
The Horse Selects ()

What makes more sense - Sky News’ pretend leadership challenge to Victoria’s best ever premier (70% approval!) or the Tim Smith #Libspill against whoever their leader is?

☚ #danforpm Butler ☛
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