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Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe has stated that Parliament is a colonial project which she has infiltrated. Incoming Coalition Senator Jacinta Price says Lidia Thorpe is showing contempt for the Australian people and has questioned if she should be removed..

is the daily okay? we have elected officials that are more than happy to torture refugees but sure, lidia thorpe is the enemy of the state lmao.

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The Australian: Should this woman be in the parliament? Anthony Albanese says the push for reconciliation risks being undermined, as the Greens’ Lidia Thorpe says she’s only in the parliament to ‘infiltrate’ the ‘colonial project’. * she has to go 🔥.

The crazy Greens are the only party that would have crazy Lidia Thorpe instead of uniting she is giving indigenous people a bad name, She has a big chip on her shoulder for some reason..

Sky News host Paul Murray says the Greens get “madder by the day” after Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe revealed her plan to “infiltrate” parliament..

Yes. Lidia Thorpe is a f’ing idiot. But if you thought she was dumb just imagine how dumb the people who voted for her are? 🤤.

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Thorpe’s father (of full British descent) said the daughter had little interest in any Aboriginal matters at all, until she saw victimhood prove intoxicating & rewarding … via @MailOnline.

I don’t know much about Lidia Thorpe but it strikes me that certain media love nothing more than a woman of colour, being opinionated, so they can use her to foster outraged engagement. White men and women can say the most unhinged things and get puff pieces about their turmoil..

I vote for politicians who want to actually change things, because things the way they are now are shit and not working. I’m glad Lidia Thorpe is in parliament and I wish more of our elected representatives were like her..

It is outrageous to suggest that Lidia Thorpe should be removed from Parliament simply because she failed to undertake an oath to serve the nation that she has been democratically elected to serve. Her strong independent woman voice should be respected regardless of how damaging.

At last an admission of the true agenda! Comrade Lidia, a failed singer is in her latest role, performing in the attempted destruction of democratic Australia: “The Great Reset”.


@SkyNewsAust I do not recognise Lidia Thorpe as anything other than a cheap opertunist. She should be removed from Parliament for inciting hatred and violence throughout the Australian community. The Governor General should do his job and sack her and Bandt Or QUIT! KERR DONE IT. Do your job.

@TheQuietAustra7 Lidia Thorpe flaunts her dishonesty under our noses, making fools of the Australian people while being paid by these same people. Albanese spoke of bringing respect back into parliament if he was elected. Time to act and chuck her out!.

@Biggy1883 @newscomauHQ Not the way to get support, when the pendulum was swinging that way Lidia Thorpe says Australian parliament has no permission to be here.

@Andy_Hazel @rachelrwithers Lidia Thorpe is a Senator for all people in Victoria. She is not a senator just for Indigenous issues.

@crossland_rob My apologies for that coming across, since Twitter is limited. Totally agree people are people just doing their best and getting in with life. Some good, some bad. This stirring by Lidia Thorpe is unacceptable no matter what race you are.

Jacinta has more intelligence, dignity and class than bitter foul mouthed Lidia Thorpe could ever hope to have..

@AmberX994874 @Bouchos Lidia Thorpe is inner city Melbourne. Carlton. Greens / Teals area..

Straya: a country that celebrates Pauline Hanson but denigrates & despises Lidia Thorpe..

Lidia Thorpe is an authority on disgusting personal attacks, initiated by herself..

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@MarthaThomas20 @RoadknightThe You nailed it - the same as that lowlife Lidia Thorpe, what has she ever done besides taking taxpayers money under false pretences 🤔.

@SkyNewsAust Don’t forget this one too 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️.

@AMindinao @OMGTheMess Clearly you have little knowledge of Lidia Thorpe. It’s how she spells the word herself and she’s being spelling it that way for sometime..

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…when a manager within the mining industry proves to be an unsuitable employee he/she is “shoe-boxed” ie escorted off-site with minimal possessions from their office. This is done to prevent sabotage. THE SAME SHOULD BE DONE WITH LIDIA THORPE! #sackher #credlin @SkyNewsAust.

Lidia Thorpe has earned her entire living of the public mostly as the chair, President or board member of various government funded indigenous bureaucracies. She has been bankrupted owing over $750k due to a failed business. Why is the media giving her shitty views air time?.

@daisymay4263 Lidia Thorpe’s dialogue is treasonous, and she needs to be charged under those laws..

@SkyNewsAust This is a genuine question: is Lidia Thorpe certifiably insane? She seems unhinged..

@daisymay4263 This unhinged nut case Lidia Thorpe eshould be completely ignored Whatever voting system we have in place which allows this moron to be voted into the Australian Parliament surely has major issues.

@georgiecrozier Remove Lidia Thorpe from Parliament. SIgn Share over and over.

@SkyNewsAust Jacinta have your work cut out for you .. but we Australians ALL have faith in you .. NOT that other mob from melbourne who think they are indigenous ... if Lidia thorpe wants to be admired .. she needs to go out and help the indig communities., for.

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