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Updated: November 26th, 2021 02:40 PM IST

Linda Reynolds demands end to parliamentary pension, slams it as a ‘welfare system for life’

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Linda Reynolds demands end to parliamentary pension, slams it as a ‘welfare system for life’ | The Chaser

Linda Reynolds demands end to parliamentary pension, slams it as a ‘welfare system for life’

Linda Reynolds demands end to parliamentary pension, slams it as a ‘welfare system for life’ | The Chaser #auspol

Continually disappointed but not shocked at Linda Reynolds comments about the NDIS and people with disabilities. Whilst disappointing these comments should be expected given that prior to being appointed, Reynolds voted against the current Royal Commission TWICE.

@Kiiiissses Vc é uma garota linda, gostosa e que não deve ligar para rótulos que as pessoas impõe que devemos ter ❤️

FAT COW always comes to mind when Linda Reynolds is mentioned

Disability news: Victoria and NSW call for greater leadership from Linda Reynolds on NDIS, why employees with disability drive innovation and business performance, and new social network for people with disability set to to launch. More in our daily wrap.

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It seems that Linda Reynolds is on track to be an idiot for life.

What is it with Liberal women MPs the horrible assessment of people, that come under fire from the portfolios they Preside over? Linda Reynolds, her piss take on the NDIS for the disabled. All the others and their grubby language abt people WHY? While they all lavish in the rorts

So Linda Reynolds tells kids with spina bifida to just pull themselves up by the bootstraps? Just ridiculous, so heartless and cruel

There would not be one cabinet minister or any minister in Morrison’s LNP that it could be said was on top of their job giving value for money . Linda Reynolds would have to be the most inept and such a horrible person in a group of really corrupt lying thieving hypocrites LNP

Imagine being at the helm of something & insisting that it is something else entirely. The NDIS is not, never has been a welfare scheme – this is the equivalent of standing at the front of the Titanic & insisting it’s a sub. Make it work, @lindareynoldswa.

Linda Reynolds clearly does not understand the reason for setting up ppl with disabilities will need long term engagement. Think progressive neurodegenerative disease, very chronic mental illness Somekids with autism need early intervention and quite long term input

I honestly don’t know why Linda Reynolds is the NDIS minister. She seems to have not said one kind, compassionate or empathetic thing about disabled people since she started in this role. Does she even have any disabled friends?

Linda Reynolds should resign if she thinks that disabilities go away or can be cured and aren’t lifelong.

@killmebilly @lindareynoldswa Presumably at some point Linda Reynolds must think all disabled persons will become able-bodied again. But the reality ... ? #auspol

Apparently Gerry Harvey has spoken to Linda Reynolds and admonished her for lavishing money on the NDIS when his racehorses need better stables . LNP/IPA PRIORITIES

“[Reynolds] calling it a welfare scheme shows she misunderstands it,” Ovens said. “It’s an insurance scheme to allow people to have control and independence over their lives and be fully engaged and included in communities.” @crikey_news

@crikey_news @AmberMaySchultz Linda Reynolds is a huckster, who hasn’t a clue and is no friend of the disabled community.

1. That’s not how it functions. 2. There is no cost blowout. 3. Stop trying to strip back the merge amounts of money we put aside for those who need and deserve all of our support.

I guess I’ll inform my client and their parents that their high on the spectrum autism isn’t something they’ll have for life. Thank you Linda Reynolds, I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

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@billshortenmp @lindareynoldswa I suspect Linda Reynolds meant to say that unaffordable tax cuts are unsustainable. Linda Reynolds, and all her family, face the same risk of stroke as all other Australians - that may totally incapacitate any of us permanently at any time. #NDIS is an essential govt program.

@australian its not so all those people born with lifelong disabilities are faking it? well heres a little hint linda reynolds they are not faking it.

And the qualification for the NDIS is PERMANENT DISABILITY. Does Linda Reynolds expect people to get over it? Grow a leg? Cure Downs Syndrome? Reverse perm. brain injury? Just when you think the bar is so low, @ScottMorrisonMP goes under it.

On behalf of all Australians with YOU LINDA REYNOLDS you despicable liberal maggot. How dare you

Linda Reynolds proving women can be as cruel as men (Dutton, Morrison). I imagine ya can’t succeed in LNP coalition without cruelty of neoliberalism


Linda Reynolds being in Cabinet is yet another reason to passionately vote this govt out of power. #auspol

@billshortenmp I would be very surprised if anyone thought Linda Reynolds would show empathy or sympathy for vulnerable people. She has demonstrated that she is a cold heartless excuse for a human many times over. Case in point, her handling of the Brittany Higgins matter.

@australian So when Linda Reynolds gets rid of NDIS, many of the current clients will end up in aged care facilities because there is nowhere else to go. It will also cost the taxpayer much more and provide a very poor quality of life for younger disabled people.

The NDIS was never intended to function as a ‘welfare scheme for life’, Linda Reynolds warns.

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