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JUST IN: Vice President Kamala Harris just cast the tie-breaking vote confirming Lisa Cook, who will become the first Black woman to ever serve on the Federal Reserve board. Every Republican voted against her..

The superstar #Lisa of @BLACKPINK took a second trip down the @celineofficial runway in Paris.

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#LISA has surpassed 60 BILLION VIEWS on TikTok becoming the 1ST hashtag by an individual female artist to do so!💪🥇👩‍🎤💥6️⃣0️⃣🅱️ 👑💛@BLACKPINK.

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#Blackpink’s Lisa Walked in Celine’s Winter 2022 Runway Show Like the Pro She Is.

#Blackpink’s Lisa took a second trip down the Celine runway in Paris..

Superstar #Lisa took a second trip down the @celineofficial runway in Paris #Blackpink.

Man we’re eventually going to see people talking about MILD pediatric liver failure in the not so distant future aren’t we?.

@MontaaBrian te ofendes por la blink pero por qué no te ofendes tbm por la asquerosa que le faltó el respeto a Lisa pirmerooo ????.

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que pierde Majo?? Que pena siempre gana la familia!! QUERIA QUE SE VAYA LISA! #ElHotelDeLosFamosos.

@nftlisa wow Lisa that chain is off the chain and the subtly under the surface and the shadow wow (and god its not easy to keep WC paper clean- gives me anxiety thinking about it) phenomenal job.

本日、最推しの煉獄杏寿郎の誕生日だ! 🎊🎉ᎻᎯᎵᎵᎩ ᏴᎥᏒᎢᎻᎠᎪᎩ🎉🎊 あなたを推せて良かった! #煉獄杏寿郎誕生祭2022.

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@shiosaii Lisa in my opinion (but that’s not why I have her as my pfp. She just happens to be my favourite character).

#SHAKESHACK キター! アボカドバーガーダブルなり✨ #アボカドバーガー.

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(BPRW) Dr. Lisa Collins Authors New Book - Love of Light: A Guide to Peace and Oneness.

(BPRW) Dr. Lisa Collins Authors New Book - Love of Light: A Guide to Peace and Oneness.

@ultrajaz_ Let me put u on this one bestie, Minnie from the same band and besties w Lisa 😍🫶🫶.

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@YOASOBI__ZTMY いつでも投げていいんだよっ!! それだけあれば花火あげれますなぁ(・∀・)ニヤニヤ.

@upuphello ええ…いつも貴重なお時間を割いて会いに来てくれて本当にありがとうございます😭😭😭.

@NadineDorries Perhaps Durham police would also like to re investigate Dominic Cummings’s drive to Barnard Castle.

@Kirikai2_LiSA そんなもんよ。 そこから上を望むなら家賃を高くして、自分の望む部屋を借りるか、将来はこういう家を建てるという計画性を育むか….


@samisra_mira Jennie is ugly. Lisa is a bitch. Rosé is a whore. Jisoo is useless. Jennie is overrated. Lisa is illiterate. Rosé is slow. #blackpinkdisband.

#blackpinkdisband jennie covid jennie drunk jennie putita lisa fatphobic lisa bully lisa grandpa dead rose anoréxic Jennie ansiedad rose plagiarism jisoo ugly jisoo fat jisoo useless jisoo lazy Lisa sin abuelo Lisa sin papá Lisa anorexic Jisoo gorda #blackpinkdisband.

Lisa Photo,Lisa Photo by Jennie whore, lisa and rose anorexic, jisoo fat,Jennie whore, lisa and rose anorexic, jisoo fat on twitter tweets Lisa Photo

@lisaelsewhere @jamison_dove Congrats Lisa!!! And Jamison for acquiring a beautiful piece!.

Lisa Fry: The Mystic Eyes - CONTACT by Bald and Bonkers - Episode 16 via @YouTube.

jennie lazy jennie putita jennie bully rosé solo boring rosé solo bad rose plagio on the ground bad on the ground boring blackpink disband blackpink flop #LisaApologizeToLiangSen lisa rude lisa bully jisoo ugly jisoo worst vocal.

Ginger growlers currently under the pool table so here is Lisa.

@shahin_lisa @janepursey To begin with. But he was just jumping on a bandwagon and repeated the name error. So the actor couldn’t have meant that much to him..

Lisa Vanderpump needs to come back lmao…she had the girls in a frenzy!.

@GuidoFawkes Lisa Nandy - Probably positioning herself for a run at the Labour leadership… Starmer and Rayner are TOAST!.

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