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The Victoria Greens leader was interviewed this morning by Lisa Millar on ABC. She had no doubt Labor will win the election tomorrow, question is by how many seats, and how Greens can work with Labor. Makes one wonder what some of the polls are all.

Lisa Millar has travelled the world, reported from all types of hotspots. I can’t understand how she hasn’t seen the damage wrought by right wing governments and not changed her world view from the one inherited from her LNP politician father. #auspol.

Controversial ABC #ShitStain Lisa Millar making a big deal about @DanielAndrewsMP not voting in his electorate Been reading all the Murdoch Costello filth, listening to Jeff Kennett have ya 😡😡😤😤😡.

Lisa Millar just cannot hide her political bias towards the Liberals. Try as she might..

@mjrowland68 @BreakfastNews Your Premier Dan Andrews made a very wise decision not to come on this morning to face an angry Lisa Millar - nothing to be gained from being interviewed by a reporter with a clear political bias 🤷.

Lisa Millar’s been in Melb 5 minutes, surveyed every inch of the state, noticed every change & all that needs to be done, talked to every voter & said there may be a surprise victory to Guy while likening this VIC election to when Bracks swept to power. Boy! she’s full of it.😇.

Lisa Millar needs to get a grip, ….for her own …& our welfare. Matthew Guy is nothing like Steve Bracks! 😇😇😇.

@mjrowland68 @BreakfastNews Lisa Millar spots Matthew Guy 🦞 in Melbourne on #NewsBreakfast..

Lisa Millar Photo,Lisa Millar Photo by Bananababy 🍌👶,Bananababy 🍌👶 on twitter tweets Lisa Millar Photo

Lisa Millar just now: both leaders struggling with popularity Excuse me. Preferred Premier Andrews 65% Guy 35% #IStandWithDan.

Lisa Millar ABC, found some credibility this morning on the Breakfast show looking very uncomfortable telling Matt Guy he can’t win.😉 Matt Guy keeps repeating time to move on with a new gov, most people thinking … time for Matt Guy to move on 😂.

Melbourne BEWARE Lisa Millar a controversial so called journalist is walking your streets.

@4Qpolies And the Morrison crumb maiden Buttrose leading in depth interviewing person the extreme right wing conservative commentator Lisa Millar asking him Dorothy dixer as planned.

@CharlesSzulc Just to stick it to Lisa Millar, I wish a landslide victory for Dan/Labor tomorrow. I also wish this for Victorians, and myself (from NSW)..

@AntonyTurrisi Woe betide any boss at the ABC who was ever going to consider taking me off air. They would have had Clarrie Millar to deal with! - Lisa Millar.

@BreakfastNews -not tuning in anyway, but remember to apologise to Jordan Shanks, our own third rate ‘Fox News’ commentator,Lisa Millar. #vicpol.

Lisa Millar in Melbourne pointing out Dan didn’t accept her invitation. Who would? Funny how all the “ordinary”people are the complaining ones. They didn’t interview any Labor voters? How strange! ( No Michael we are not a happy audience - don’t come back pls).

@BreakfastNews @MatthewGuyMP Lisa Millar said that Andrews declined and that Guy was unavailable because in Ballarat. Manipulating the narrative as expected from her..

I love your extremely apt description of lisa she always slags off anyone who calls out the embarrassingly inadequate LNP..

@LizMumford5 @PatsKarvelas Lisa Millar, Jennet, Kelly, Ibrahim,Grant, Sales. Relentless bias..

Watch out Melbourne Lisa Millar is walking your streets this morning no doubt spruiken her bias about our election When you see her let her know what you think of her Non violently please.

When devoted Liberal Lisa Millar can’t whip up enthusiasm for LNP, You know they’re in trouble… Despite media hype that it’s close.

Lisa Millar says Matthew Guy and Samantha Ratnam appeared on ABC Breakfast while Dan Andrews refused. From what I saw, she lied, a replay of Guy and Ratnam from a press conference was shown, and she attacked Dan for being a no-show when the others also were no-shows..

@gurambae It looks deliberate to me, like a middle finger to her critics and the left in general. Lisa Millar is definitely a #PolarisingFigure, and ABC News clearly like it that way..

@RedJules4 I don’t hear enough of Lisa Millar to know if she’s biased, but I find her soooo annoying..

@mjrowland68 @BreakfastNews Lisa Millar out and about bagging Dan and promoting lobster guy no doubt.

@rooze_henri Apparently not… he said a little while ago he was voting on Saturday. And that was after the announcer was rubbishing Dan for voting today. They just never stop do they. Hopefully, all the Dan haters will have the ‘proverbial’ all over their faces with Lisa Millar tomorrow.

@RedJules4 I never want to hear from Lisa Millar again. No longer watch ABC morning program. @ItaButtrose.


@recneps51 @lovinglimbo Lisa Millar is blatant in her bias- does Ita give her little tips when she pleases her.


They are not journalists - the are LNP commentators. Ita must love having the power to control content . Sick of @ItaButtrose @mjrowland68 and ABC news with horrible Lisa Millar.

Watched the ABC Morning Show,Lisa Millar interview with Matt a great move by Dan letting Flobster have the floor on his own,what a dismal LNP embarrassement after He loses and all the LIES and INUENDO and all the LNPs Senators joining in as well?.

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