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Bravo ⁦@Lisa_Wilkinson⁩ and ⁦⁦@theprojecttv⁩ . Two Logies on the table, for seriously strong journalism..

Lisa Wilkinson Photo,Lisa Wilkinson Photo by Peter FitzSimons,Peter FitzSimons on twitter tweets Lisa Wilkinson Photo

Lisa Wilkinson knew exactly what she was doing. Lock her up..

Lisa Wilkinson Photo,Lisa Wilkinson Photo by Avi Yemini,Avi Yemini on twitter tweets Lisa Wilkinson Photo

It takes a particularly noxious brand of self-delighted arsehattery to prejudice a rape trial for the sake of a Logies speech..

Such serious consequences from @Lisa_Wilkinson Logies speech. If only she’d stuck to silly stories like the paparazzi who stalked her in Chapel Street. Hope she now backs away now and lets people seek justice they (both parties) deserve..


The precious petal @Lisa_Wilkinson has blocked me. I guess a dose of reality and truth hurts when your stock in trade is pushing self-righteous fiction..

Lisa Wilkinson Photo,Lisa Wilkinson Photo by Bernardi,Bernardi on twitter tweets Lisa Wilkinson Photo

Why hasn’t Lisa Wilkinson been charged with contempt of court? Two laws? One for us, one for celebs?.

So Lisa Wilkinson has repeatedly convicted the man accused of raping Brittany Higgins. He hasn’t had a fair trial. And he probably won’t get one. Why isn’t she being charged with contempt of court? It’s a criminal offence to usurp our legal due process..

Brittany Higgins mistake was to think that this case was about her and the alleged rape; it’s actually all about Lisa Wilkinson. #narcissist.

Lisa Wilkinson has hired a top Barrister. Money is no object because there’s such a gender pay gap in the media….

A cynic would tell you Lisa Wilkinson won’t talk about Higgins again, she’s already won her award..

Why is anybody even wasting their time and energy talking about Lisa Wilkinson? Nothing but a woke nobody like most of our celebrities..

Lisa Wilkinson is apparently a witness to the Brittany Higgins rape trial. Did I miss something? Were there more than two people involved?.

If a rapist walks free because Lisa Wilkinson couldn’t keep her mouth shut, I’m gonna be very disappointed in her.

Lisa Wilkinson Knew exactly what she was doing🔥 I have tweeted that since I seen her behaviour- But ! we always have hope people are not as obvious with their behaviour as they present- Wilkinson does not get the benefit of the Doubt with this one She was up to No good..

Update: The Project is now hoping that the bravery of those non existent women coming forward, emboldens fictitious people of all genders to publicly speak their truths Potential for a one hour special hosted by Lisa Wilkinson and Hamish Macdonald ✊.

What amazes me is this delayed trial of Bruce Lehrmann because of comments by Lisa Wilkinson. The delayed trial has got more publicity now than when Lisa Wilkinson commented on it. Where are the complaints about the press?.

@thesayno7 @Lisa_Wilkinson 💯 well said. It’s prudent to take all precautions but in the end no one should avoid facing our justice system.

What’s the bet @Lisa_Wilkinson will claim she is the victim and needs a tearful hour show to sob and tells us how hard it is to be her. Pirate Boy to share her pain and red snot rag..

I want a fair trial. It’s a high profile case. For some perspective though: A minister in the Morrison govt called Ms Higgins a “lying cow”. Lisa Wilkinson accepted an award and expressed her gratitude that the investigative reporting was acknowledged..

@SewerRatt64 @Lisa_Wilkinson Those that have constantly attacked Lisa for sticking up for women are going hard at her now. Avi Yemini has attacked Lisa in 8 tweets just tonight. They are using this as an excuse. Even though she’s not the only reason. Many just think women lie about rape & want to discredit.

Lisa Wilkinson has enlisted the services of a top barrister who only hours earlier slammed the television star for her Logies acceptance speech and suggested there was a serious possibility she could be charged with contempt..

Waking up in England to read that the trial for the accused in the Ms. Higgins matter has been postponed until October, due to the comments made by Lisa Wilkinson. I hope she (Ms. Wilkinson) is happy about that..

I had to laugh when Lisa Wilkinson called the contrived disclosure of a drunken white girl on National TV, for profit, two YEARS after the alleged event, her most important work! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Delusions of relevance. THIS would have been important!.

Lisa Wilkinson Photo,Lisa Wilkinson Photo by Ocarina Jones,Ocarina Jones on twitter tweets Lisa Wilkinson Photo

@SewerRatt64 @Lisa_Wilkinson They are typical conservative fuckwits who think men are the victims and the ones discriminated against.

@jkalbrechtsen Would be a dream come true if Lisa Wilkinson was sentenced to 10 years and we were all relieved of having to see or hear from her for that time.

@MikeCarlton01 @Lisa_Wilkinson People who live by the harbour stick by people who live by the harbour. ‘Twas ever thus..

@MarthaThomas20 @826Maureen The evidence is very very thin but Wilkinson specially chosen interviewer takes no notice nor does she believe any trial is necessary p. Lisa playing judge and jury and how in hell did this get nominated with a trial pending.

With all the talk about Adam Bandt and Lisa (the narrative should be about me) Wilkinson we have forgotten Albo is going on a European holiday soon. #auspol.

Exclusive: Lisa Wilkinson hired a barrister just hours after he appeared on national television and slammed her Logies speech as “ill-advised”, @australian @aus_media.

@MikeCarlton01 @Lisa_Wilkinson Mike, c’mon. What would your headline be for this comment? “Breaking: People on Twitter defame others!” Love following you, but your predisposition to blind sycophancy of mates/political allies is often over the top..

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