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When I started high school, seniors could leave for lunch. By the time I was a senior, a teacher camped in the driveway to prevent anyone leaving #LiveByFive.

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I don’t know what English Lit text that voiceover was quoting from, but it was entirely unnecessary #LiveByFive.

I kind of feel like signalling a dude is bad by having him call a woman a whore loses its impact when one of your “heroes” does the same several times an episode on average #LiveByFive.

How is the new werewolf face prosthetic somehow even worse than the fake snout thing they had the first time round? #LiveByFive.

“ I make him crazy, it’s because he loves me too much” wait to victim blame geez I do not like this episode #LiveByFive.

I started primary school in 1994, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a card catalog in real life. I can’t imagine my school was that technologically ahead of a school with its own pool and steam room #LiveByFive.

Why is Sunnydale still using a card index in 1998? Didn’t Jenny Calendar modernise this crap? #LiveByFive.

I want to ask about how convenient the chains are but we all know they’re Druscilla’s right? #LiveByFive.

@mo_keyB He really was a pretty amazing character; shame he kind of flew under the radar at the time. #LiveByFive.

A teacher/counsellor(?) smoking. I feel like even when this aired, that was weird. #LiveByFive.

Who are these people? Why does Sunnydale High have ... *other* students suddenly?! #LiveByFive.

Scott already bought her a ring, rub that in their faces. Not sure if she kept it but it counts #LiveByFive.

Of course, Xander goes to sleep and probably ruins everything, obviously #LiveByFive.

Wait ... is it the one where Oz meets another werewolf? A lady werewolf? #LiveByFive.

On a somewhat related note, who else is excited for Captain Marvel? #LiveByFive.

Buffy finally gets over her obsession with Angel, she can finally let him goooooh my god what’s happening??!?? #LiveByFive.

As much as I love the Angel tv series how much better would the narrative have been for Buffy if Angel had stayed dead? #LiveByFive.

There is no spell. Fuck, Giles in quiet moments like that is just ... sublime. #LiveByFive.

I can also see in this episode, the Buffy-as-teacher emerging ... which comes back around and the different styles of Faith and Buffy in the finale season. Wow. #LiveByFive.

This episode is SO GOOD for so many reasons, but that it also sets up the Faith/Buffy dynamic forever more. That Faith is hot-headed and charges in before thinking (this comes back around in finale season) and Buffy is the strategist, really. The big-picture slayer. #LiveByFive.

Seriously poor Faith, parents gone and the first parental figure in her life, her watcher is brutally killed while she watched. That’s some psychological trauma #LiveByFive.

I like the costuming having Buffy in such light colors and Faith in such dark colors and makeup. They are setting these two up to be on separate side even from the beginning #LiveByFive.

Ok. Two uses of the word slut in this episode as a throwaway joke/insult and I am NOT AMUSED. #LiveByFive.

Ohhh! They don’t know Willows spell worked to return Angels soul? #LiveByFive.

“Any member of our faculty who is not an English librarian” Snyder closing loopholes like a slimy and terrible pro #LiveByFive.

When I started high school, seniors could leave for lunch. By the time I was a senior, a teacher camped in the driveway to prevent anyone leaving #LiveByFive.

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