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The first time I tried on Lizzie’s catsuit for the @AltCarb finale🌹 another grateful moment. love finding old photos 😿.

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moment of silence for my mother lizzie may down @Liz_Down who ordered a pizzi to be sent to my house at 9pm when i said i hadn’t eaten dinner. and she ordered it with vegan cheese so i could share it with/donate to tasha. we stan a mum who has looked out for me for 28 yrs!.

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So Sam slut shames Lizzie while cheating and lying to her! What a piece of work! #MAFS.

The first time I tried on Lizzie’s catsuit for the @AltCarb finale🌹 another grateful moment. love finding old photos 😿.

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Ines gets thumbed (but not in the sexy way Lizzie got thumbed) #MAFS #MAFSAU.

The producers and experts should have a duty of care to Bronson and Lizzie, its really cruel what they have done some step in and expose these awful people #MAFS.

he uses the fact that lizzie gets so loud and heated to deflect from his behaviour instead of addressing the rumours, they make her out to be psycho, crazy, she’s not caring about sam, she’s loud, she needs to step back, shes wrong for assuming this this is gaslighting #mafs.

It is bullshit tv but it is hurtful to Lizzie and Bronson. So go fuck yourself experts #mafs #mafsau.

I feel so sorry for Lizzie. I think she is actually one of the victims of this show. #MAFS.

Leave babes, leave. You deserve so much better. You didn’t waste your time, you out here spreading lies. You ain’t sh*t Sam. Stop smiling ya dog. #MAFSAU.

Sam is officially a lying peice of dog shit after saying that he was there for Lizzie when he left her on the honeymoon 😠😠 #MAFS.

So heartbroken for Lizzie, totally undeserved, no female should ever be subjected to this #MAFS.

when i was little and didn’t understand time my mom would tell me “ok we have to go in two lizzie mcguire episodes” or “were going to go eat in one spongebob episode”.

[email protected] interviewed executive story editor, Lizzie Beckwith, this week! Listen to the new #Speechless podcast episode now:.

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innes going on about how lizzie should have respect for her,,,, but wheres innes’ respect? you just dont do that shit #MAFS.

I hope the @MarriedAU script has Ines being knocked the fuck out or at least bitch slapped to kingdom come by Lizzie. You owe us that much! #mafs #mafsau violence is not the answer, except here.

Sam: I’m not that interested in a wife that goes walkabout Lizzie: I’m not that interested in a husband that goes fucking another woman #mafs #mafsau.

Lizzie Feidelson pays tribute to Edie Falco in The Sopranos, a show that marked its twentieth anniversary this January:.

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and day 7: hands! ✨ i wasn’t sure what i wanted to do for this one and just ended up drawing lizzie with the twisting swing and passing seasons 💭 not really hands but i’m proud i managed to stick out the whole week nonetheless!.

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Oh what a is gonna walk in on would have guessed. #mafs.

Why can’t they go to Ines room? Is it so they can be ‘accidently’ discovered by Lizzie #mafs.

[email protected]: Looking back, I can’t believe what I put up with.

Listening to the therapy session - again really impressed by Alison Dowling as Lizzie - even more powerful as a single episode in the week. Very moving & authentic & brilliant writing too, to compress a lifetime of anxiety into 12 minutes. #TheArchers.

Missed before that Lizzie contemplated suicide after Nigel’s death. But couldn’t go through with it due to the children. #thearchers.

Hi Lizzie. They are children so I think they should be in class, work hard, & learn more. If they are still keen, which I hope, get jobs/positions where they have real power. I don’t want children to believe there is no point studying or working because the world is going to end..

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