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I just woke up, and I am absolutely still drunk, but I just wanted to say that yesterday was so wonderful and I feel so loved by all the people in my life

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The Project
The Project ()

After fourteen episodes of fiery meltdowns, catfights, tears and a COVID lockdown, Locky and Irena have emerged as the final Bachie couple. It’s not been an easy road for the lovebirds, but it was certainly worth the wait. #TheProjectTV

Cd ()

Sorry I’m still thinking about #TheBachelorAU. So apparently people thought Locky was single because he was liking other girls’ insta posts. Is this a real thing? How many men in a relationship do not like photos of/follow other women?

𝕓𝕣𝕚𝕖 ✨ tweets tv
𝕓𝕣𝕚𝕖 ✨ tweets tv ()

Thank fuck this mess of a season is over. Now Locky and Irena can disappear into the blackhole of irrelevancy #TheBachelorAU

Ursula ()

Despite everything, I really want locky to choose bella. To see her so open and raw tonight was beautiful to see. #TheBachelorAU

Sophia ()

Husband: imagine this is how Locky picks the winner 😂😂😂 #TheBachelorAU

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𝐃αphne 𝐁ıαnchını.
𝐃αphne 𝐁ıαnchını. ()

Locky anda tão ocupado esses dias que nem tive tempo de contar que fui até a floresta estudar um pouco e anotar alguns pontos estratégicos para caçar as bruxas. De qualquer maneira, ele vai fazer o contrário do que eu falar. Nem faz diferença.

Amanda ()

*Takes a deep breath* *Looks at myself in the mirror* You do not need to buy a glo gang headband. You have no use for it, except to look stupid.

Amanda ()

My Pathogenic Bacteriology lab is composed entirely of that’s that shit I love to see

Gezza Lenko: The Semi Secret Life Of 🕵🏽‍♂️
Gezza Lenko: The Semi Secret Life Of 🕵🏽‍♂️ ()

Watching Locky mackin’ on with Bella at the cocktail party, and thinking to myself 🤔 “What would Roxi do?” #TheBachelorAU


Irena doesn’t need Locky, she’s too good for him. so Bella can have him honestly #TheBachelorAU

💧Buffy ()

@oshergunsberg please congratulate the producers. I don’t know who Locky picks between Irena & Bella #teamirena but I hope he doesn’t pick is 2 good for him. Blind to Bella’s true colours & he is not worth it. @TheBachelorAU #TheBachelorAU

Extinctionrebel ()

Locky is so much more animated in his reaction to Bella saying shes fallen for him than Irena saying it #TheBachelorAU

James Weir
James Weir ()

In an attempt at highbrow symbolism, Locky and Bella smashed a dinner plate and glued it back together as a sign of relationship longevity. We all wish they smashed the tacky red champagne flutes instead. #TheBachelorAU

Niccy T
Niccy T ()

Women of the world unite, next week we will be graced with Locky’s opinion on feminism and I’m sure we all have something to learn #TheBachelorAU

Lib ()

Locky: “I’m maybe not the best person to talk about feminism” Well knock me over with a feather #TheBachelorAU


Irena has the emotional breakdown of the century and either this woman cries REALLY attractively, or this is total C-grade acting. #TheBachelorAU

Teraz_ja ()

Locky’s not the one to talk about I’m not surprised #TheBachelorAU

VB ()

Also Locky, people who watched you on survivor know you’re not the person to talk to about feminism. #thebachelorau

Teresa ()

i hope kaitlyn gets her years worth of magnums she deserves it for having to put up with locky #TheBachelorAU

Lola ()

So Locky calls both Bella and Irena bub ... why is that so awkward 😬 #TheBachelorAU

The Bachelor Australia 🌹
The Bachelor Australia 🌹 ()

Who will Locky take to the Grand Finale week of #TheBachelorAU? Find out, tonight on 10

gemma rogers
Gemma rogers ()

Juliette talking about her DMs and Tik tok and then saying send me home, so Locky does 😂 that editing made it even funnier #TheBachelorAU

Amanda ()

I am so thankful for each and every one of my friends, and I am so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by such wonderful people. If ur reading this and you’re my friend, I love you. Also, goodnight cuz the room is spinning bitch.

Amanda ()

I just woke up, and I am absolutely still drunk, but I just wanted to say that yesterday was so wonderful and I feel so loved by all the people in my life

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Anthea ()

@jezza187 I thought him and Brooke from #SurvivorAU were going to be a thing but I read she was blindsided when it was announced that Locky was #TheBachelorAU this year. So maybe he is a player.

TV Addict
TV Addict ()

@JeromeDoraisamy Lol. Locky is human trash. He was DMing girls on IG during lockdown. He’s more than likely been gaslighting these women and why they’re losing their ever loving mind. He would do both girls a favour if he didn’t pick anyone. They can all do better. #TheBachelorAu

taryn ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง
Taryn ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง ()

juliette: what is wrong with locky? i mean, did you not see the chest #TheBachelorAU

Jezza187 ()

Locky just being a player. Lives in Bali to tap that tourist ass. His persona is that he is unlucky in love, but as a guy I know he’s still playing the field. After survivor he had people drooling over him. Now pick who his next conquest is!!! #TheBachelorAU

Kathleen ()

It’s so obvious in the Juliette edit that they didn’t want to make the rest of us see what she did : Locky is so boring the women are voluntarily leaving the show 😂😂 ahhh channel 10 you done fucked up this one #thebachelorau #teamjuliette

So Dramatic! Podcast
So Dramatic! Podcast ()

Bella - “I just have to focus on me and Locky.” Next episode: Bella - “Irena is so manipulative!” #TheBachelorAU

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