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OH MY GOD! What a match for a World Cup Final. This is as good as a trophy shared. Match tied, super over tied, England wins on more boundaries hit. Wow. Great scenes at Lords. #ENGvNZ #CWC19.

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@skinnylewd @17cals you have done the lords work today and will be blessed for it amen.

The Home of Cricket couldn’t have deserved a better and fitting final. That too, of the World Cup, and England ensured the Cup finally came home..

@Mikrokosmosara @lords_aoi_ To raise affinity you need a mobile interaction by - drawing cards and getting 3-5⭐️ - when you get those cards, youll have interaction - another is going agency priority sched, check your agency and when you see a ticking bomb, that’s a priority. It will increase you group aff.

@Kalleahx Can’t believe it’s Sunday the lords day and you’re tweeting stuff like this smh.

@Mikrokosmosara @lords_aoi_ To level up to 50 for the 5⭐️ card - level up card to lev 30 - go to upgrade tab and check if you have enough stones for upgrade. 5⭐️ needs 300 stones - you can get stones by raising you affinity or exhannge cards.

@FiestyGuardian @SayWhenLA It’s like the Old Testament all over again. When the children of Israel had to wipe out their enemies with the Lords help. Sow the ground with salt and nothing else grows in its place. Amen.

A van carrying an electronic billboard outside Lords during #ENGvsNZ match displays: End Mob Lynching, Save Minorities in India..

Here are my wallpapers for Legendary Eliwood, as well as some special wallpapers of all three of the Blazing Legendary Lords! #FEHeroes.

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@okpughs @sammewisfc And the whole idea that Christians should be against lgbtq is ridiculous because we are supposed to love our neighbor and judge nobody because that’s the lords job to judge people. So for her to say she hates a group of people bc of her religion is completely wrong.

@lostsuke Bless the OP at CR 👀👀👀 they’re doing the lords work!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼.

The Lords goodness shines through the ages of time and last forevermore..

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@LindseyGrahamSC What horrible things did you do that Trump lords over you or are just broken?.

Or you know. Like half of the things y’all be doing. Premarital sex, drunkenness, taking the lords name in vain, etc. some of y’all are religious/conservative only when it suits you..

Oh my dark lords. This is me mars ken and Nae @Naelargent @pokekenz from 7 years ago my belt is a fucking shoelace and those are JEANS lololol.

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#CWC19 Enjoying the Cricket World Cup finals at the Lords Cricket Club, the Mecca of cricket.

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@Richie_Sombrero Dear god @AndyBullatGNM what ru on about Lords is awful full of champagne pooping old farts gimme an old Trafford rammed with smashed northern legends any day..

England win cricket World Cup against New Zealand in super over after match ends in tie.

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@JimmyAllsop @Coreybrfc Some day you will find him taking loads of wickets In a Jofra super over a Jofra super over at Lords.

link para quem quer assistir lords of chaos é um filme que retrata (romantizadamente) o surgimento do black metal na noruega e obviamente tem o meu homem (varg vikernes) e o assassinato do euronymous.

2. ABORTION is not “reproductive health,” it’s killing the most innocent unborn. SOCIALISM is not “progressive.” It’s a horribly failed economic system that creates lords and serfs. The lords just happen to be in power..

For being the biggest drug lords in the Southwest, Walt and Jesse sure get their asses kicked a lot.

Have just got home from shattered after witnessing one of, if not greatest cricket match ever..

@press_bernie First and only mistake: should have gone with The Lords Chicken. Repent!.

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OH MY GOD! What a match for a World Cup Final. This is as good as a trophy shared. Match tied, super over tied, England wins on more boundaries hit. Wow. Great scenes at Lords. #ENGvNZ #CWC19.

Not every night you know you are waking up the next day to say you are off to work at the World Cup Final at Lords ... So Bloody lucky ... Come on England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #CWC19.

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