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Fiorentina are set to sign Luka Jović from Real Madrid. Deal in place on loan with salary shared between the two clubs [around €6m net], final details, then it’s completed. 🚨🟣 #transfers Jović could arrive in Florence next week to undergo medical tests and sign the contract..

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Dennis Praet will leave Leicester soon. Fiorentina want to sign him on permanent deal or loan with obligation to buy clause, negotiations will enter into key stages soon. 🦊🇧🇪 #LCFC Fiorentina are also on the verge of signing Luka Jović on loan from Real Madrid..

Ok, hear me out…Troll job of the century… Dallas trades Luka to the Knicks for Randle, RJ, and picks…just to make Jalen Brunson play #2 behind Luka for four more years 😂😂 Just in case it isn’t crazy obvious, this is a joke of an idea 🤣🤣.


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@Devinlloyd_50 Yes look how he did being an off guard to one of the best players in the game right now, and look how good he did when Luka wasn’t on the court…he gets to be ball dominate and every year these contracts will get bigger it makes sense.

@yourguycharles He didn’t want to 2nd to luka. All that immaculate vibes crap was a front. Dad controlled his destiny , Rick was a security guard for him at the aac.

@MitchMossRadio Local radio was bashing luka up to the draft for being an emotional liability because he cried on the sidelines once.


@CallieCaplan Everyone just stop & think about Brunson trying to guard Luka lol… 77 is going to HUNT that little boy!!.

@jelbright @SwipaCam Its ppl dont like playing wit thts Strange.

Everyone but Luka. They can have Mark Cuban too if they want….

#NewProfilePic essa nuossa faz um tempo já viu mas vou usar só por uma semana e já volto com a metadinha KDJDKDJDKJk.

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@ThatDudeDeuce I agree. I just hated seeing those Bagley over Luka takes claiming to be a worst draft decision ever. He’s gonna turn heads with a full season in Detroit..

Dipeluk oleh luka, dikuatkan oleh diri sendiri, dihancurkan oleh seseorang:) Subang,01Juli2022🍁.

@YuriyATL Been depressing since Miguel and Tata left. Josef deserves better than this.

Jalen Brunson in 20 games (incl. playoffs) without Luka Doncic last season: PPG APG RPG TO + +/- --- 50% FG 36% 3P 82% FT 57% TS.

@6toHombreLATAM Terrible cagada de los knicks, sobrepagaron un tipo que lo único que hizo fue aprovechar los tiros en los partidos que luka no estuvo.


The Dallas mavericks are looking around the LEAUGE for a score first guard to pair with luka.

La nueva canción de @santa_fe_klan_ que le hizo a su bebé Luka 💙 me tiene llorando bastante porque siento como si luis y yo se la cantáramos también a JM 👶🏽.

@6toHombreLATAM Buena decisión económica. Pésima decisión para su carrera… dejar un equipo con Luka..

Es de mi agrado informarles que ya nació Luka, el hijo del Santa Fe Klan.

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Please Dallas Mavericks do not trade for Kyrie Irving. I do not want to cheer for this guy. All I can see is a disaster mixing his attitude in with the team chemistry, as well as with Luka. Ugh..

not giving the team that employs luka doncic a chance to match to go play for the knicks is fucking insane.


En el mundo Luka los que están alrededor han vivido mucho mejor. Fuera de esa burbuja hay que verlos..

Llevo toda la postseason gritándole GO GET YO BAG a Jalen Brunson cada vez que hacía algo espectacular. Pero no quería que cobrase el dineral separado de Luka..

So gtf off Mark and Nico😂 that nigga BEEN gone… y’all wanna thro blame at our FO for any and everything, the guy didn’t wanna be second fiddle to Luka it is what it is.

@DHuntermark11 Yea I was not feeling the debate that day ngl 😂 luka special was such a dumbass move should’ve never started anything. Kyrie in Dallas would be insane, especially with wood now.

@Go_Frogss @All_Things_Mavs He raised his stock without Luka. And he will have better averages without Luka. But I agree that $110 is too high..

I knew mavs didn’t have a chance i could tell he didn’t like hooping with luka..

@mavsdatristeza Mas o foda é que provavelmente conhecendo essa franquia vai ser mais um ano sem trazer ninguém,e sem o Brunson a gente perde muito,e lá se vai mais uma temporada sem chances,é torcer para o Luka não se cansar.

Huge, huge, huge, L for my @nyknicks. Paying someone who is not even a Robin, let alone a batman, elite money. Sad, sad, sad to be a Knicks fan. Another awful contract for a player who is mediocre. He played with Luka an MVP now on his own. Huge L..

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