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Hay tres cosas que debemos hacer para que la gente use cubrebocas | Por Angela Duckworth, Lyle Ungar y Ezekiel J. Emanuel

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Lyle Hastie ()

@Fwiz Those cops should be arrested, not even a question,they are of those protesters that isn’t peacefully protesting,rioting or looting deserves to be in a cell next to can’t be double standards allowed,break the law and you face the music!

Scott Tulloch ()

Gutted yes, but I’m 100% certain Lyle would play if he knew he would get a contract and assurances from a decent owner. Lyle IS NOT the bad guy here. #cafc

Paul Floyd ()

@jojobeebee1 @manchester_lyle Someone has to be financing and organising this BLM faux outrage, Soros again?

ライル@Fenrir ()

@Grit_Stance1277 @napopo_ff14 そ、そんなことないですよおお 椿さんも請求しちゃっていいんですよ☺️

゚*✩‧₊˚napo゚*✩‧₊˚ ()

@Lyle_Fenrir あいにく、住所がありませんで 受取不可能となっております🙇‍♀️

LS IV ()

Give it to the end of the day before Lyle Taylor leaves a cryptic message on his insta 😴😴

B A ()

Lyle doesn’t want to play over fear of injury but was more than happy to go for a week in the sun and play for Montserrat knowing he was playing on poor quality pitches. Which he got injured playing #cafc

Joe ()

You knew Lyle Taylor would be the first person to refuse to come back. The other two are replaceable. We move on👍🏼

福嶺らいる ()

昔から、自分でコントロールできないことでもどうしても気になってしまう。 「嫌われない勇気」の先生の言葉がいちいち刺さるんだよな。

Journal of Peer Production ()

Announcing the release of our new Special Issue Infrastructuring the Commons today - when STS meets ICT, featuring 7 peer-reviewed papers on interplays of politics & technical platforms, w/ eds @_Nepantla @csik Maurizio Teli & Peter Lyle: #openaccess

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DDemps. ()

Never say never but can’t see us staying up without lyle upfront. Although teams aren’t going to be the same fitness levels they were so still chance of someone else stepping up crucially. Gotta be last straw for him and us though. He wants to go out on a sad note #cafc

Steve Wisdom ()

@CAFCfansforfans Risk of injury or illness? If so that tells me Solly is out of the door in the summer. Likely Lyle leaving is ’s probably off to a big deal in the close season so why bother risking it now. A year ago he could have gone and look what’s happened

Frankie Christou ()

I am a big fan of Lyle Taylor but refusing to play due to the fear of a future injury harming a future move is embarrassing.

Иqki;)🐲 ()

ソロアリーナ15人になってもポイントはいらんかったねんけど、 #フォートナイト

CAFC FansForFans ()

Lyle taylor and chris solly both refusing to play due to risk of injury. David davis not willing to come back to london. That said Taylor will quadruple his salary. I pray to good he does not go to one of our rivals.

Jack Bryan ()

Lyle Taylor doesn’t want to play for the club that pay his wages because he doesn’t want to get injured ahead of a big move? How embarrassing for Charlton. Furlough him then, £2,500 a month or SSP £ a week. Let’s see if he wants to play then.

Bill Williams ()

@LyleShelton @Science_Academy But men can be robots if born into a cult. You’re living proof Lyle, you specimen you!

Ryan Mason ()

@LouisMend Few weeks ago, bowyer said he could understand Lyle not wanting to risk it . What’s changed? #cafc

Eirik Aase ()

Oi-oi! Dårlige nyheter for Charlton Athletic-supporterne. Flere spillere ønsker ikke å spille for klubben når sesongen starter igjen. Stjernespiller Lyle Taylor er redd for å pådra seg en skade som kan ødelegge hans jakt på ny arbeidsgiver.

Daniel smith ()

Am I the only one who won’t be sad to see the back of Lyle? His arrogance is ridiculous and it always has to be about him #cafc

Look 👀 ()

@smntha_andre @elijah_lyle Parang sinabi niyo ako dahilan kung bakit natalo kayo HAHAHAHA

Иqki;)🐲 ()

ソロアリーナ25人になってもポイント入らない、、 そういう仕様になったの? #フォートナイト

Scott ()

Can understand Lyle with regards to injury but on that podcast the other week he said nothing is going on with regards to talking to other clubs etc so rather contradictive #cafc

Owen🇬🇧 ()

Lyle don’t wanna play in case he gets injured ? It’s his fucking job to play, cancel his wages and fuck him off if it’s true #cafc

Phil ()

So Lyle Taylor refusing to play because he fears injury, when we needed him the most he’s let us down, sorry tainted everything he’s done for us before. Many fans won’t forget this Lyle. #cafc

Kyle Goldsmith ()

Lyle could’ve played these last nine games and whether we stayed up or not he could’ve moved on in the summer and no Charlton fan would’ve had any issue with that. Instead we’ll have to play without our best player. We’re buggered #cafc

TNライル❄推しポケの色証ありがとう ()


DDemps. ()

Can’t help but feel lyle Taylor’s time at Charlton will come to a bad end with the fans. Yet he’s literally been one of the only reasons last two years have been okay #cafc

BMC Rangers Rants ()

Lyle Taylor of Charlton not looking to play in case he gets injured and risks his ‘big move’. I must admit that’s a bit of a red flag for me.

Infobae América ()

Hay tres cosas que debemos hacer para que la gente use cubrebocas | Por Angela Duckworth, Lyle Ungar y Ezekiel J. Emanuel

☚ #BLMMelbourne #alwayswasalwayswillbe ☛
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