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As someone with Cystic Fibrosis (32) it is absolutely mad to see someone on #MAFSAU with the same life story as me. It is a miracle drug. It’s like being freed from death row. I hope Lyndall gets to travel, have experiences and live the fullest life ever 💛.

I’m only going to watch Sunday to ensure that Duncan dumps the bitch, Lyndall shits on Cam and watch the king and queen vow their love for each other #MAFS #MAFSAU.

Lyndall he is not into you, you know it, it’s sad but respect yourself and kick him to the curb or ditch or whatever the edge of the track is up there. #MAFS #MAFSAU.

I can’t wait to see Duncan leave Alyssa at the altar and Lyndall tear mummy’s boy to shreds #mafs #mafsau.

That was such a crude and callous way for Cam to tell Lyndall that he wasn’t falling in love with her whilst chowing down a piece of steak. Arrogant Twat. I am who I am won’t CUT IT if and when you’re mature enough to be in a real relationship. #MAFSAU.

Cameron admits he grew up without affection and doesn’t know how to be affectionate. He’s never been in a relationship before which is obvious from his cold demeanour. Lyndall’s been super patient and understanding, but this guy is so wrong for her. Thanks experts! #MAFSAU #MAFS.

Lyndall, babe, Cam has completely checked out. You have to face reality. #mafs #mafsau.

Cam: I am who am. Yeah, a knob. You are your mother’s son, and Lyndall is far too intelligent, sophisticated and good for you. #MAFSAU #MAFS.

Cam wants a pig-hunting,barbecuing,outside sleeping,fish kissing Sheila that doesn’t possess those pesky things called emotions. Run Lyndall. #mafs #mafsau.

I hope Lyndall does a Brent-style mic drop drag of Cam in her final vowels #mafs #mafsau.

Cam: “I’m not good enough for you… you’re AKSing too much of me Lyndall. I’m good for a root’n’that, even if it’s only a quick one… but I loiiike me dog more than I loiiiike you, Lyndall.” #mafs #MAFSAU.

I wish Lyndall would stick up for herself when it comes to Cam the way she stood up to Harrison for Bronte. Where is THIS strong woman?? Lyndall you do not need Cameron. You deserve so much better! #MAFS #MAFSau.

‘Don’t go (Lyndall). You know that I’d you go, I’m going to go home with Claire.’ #MAFSAU 🤵🏾.

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Cam just fucking tell the girl you’re not feeling it. Tell her you’re not as deep in this relationship as she is. You’re a fucking coward. He’s belittling your feelings, Lyndall. He. Does. Not. Care! #MAFS #MAFSau.

The way that Cam sneers when he speaks to Lyndall should be enough of a red flag to walk away #MAFSAU #mafs.

Cam hugs Lyndall like a 13 year old boy who’s been forced to hug their grandma #MAFS #MAFSAU.

Cam has run out of excuses and Lyndall is calling him out on all of his BS. Cam sack up and be honest. Treat Lyndall like she’s a woman you actually want to be around. Right now you’re showing such indifference to her and what a future with Lyndall might be like. #MAFSAU.

I have no idea what Lyndall sees in that flop, she can do so much better. He can’t though, this is it for him #MAFSAU.

Lyndall and cam are so incompatible. They have different love languages. FREE THEM !! #MAFS #MAFSAU.

Imagine having a lovely girl like Lyndall, and deciding to throw her under the bus at the end of the experiment to be alone in the bush #MAFSAU.

Credit to Alyssa, Duncan, Cam & Lyndall - it ain’t pretty but this is all very real unlike the fake shitshow that is Bronte & Harrison. #mafs #mafsau.

Lyndall he isn’t scared of losing you… unfortunately he’s going to be banging Tayla in 2 weeks. #mafs #mafsau.

#MAFSAU James Weir recaps Cam: I love Lyndall as a person but I’m just not going down that path of falling in love, That’s where I’m at. He then picks up his fork and jams a hunk of steak into his mouth Is this what he said at the audition? Bogan fucker.

#MAFSAU Lyndall ur amazing let Cammy go back to mummy the only woman in ur by the way Cam u bitch ur giving Territorians a BAD RAP u useless swamp dog. If u cant be affectionate wtf are u doing thete in the first place..

Dear Lyndall, Cam doesn’t care And he wants to lose you. You can do so much better #MAFSAU.


If you have to question a relationship this much - it’s probably not worth fighting for it. Better off single, Lyndall #mafs #mafsau.

cam really does not care about lyndall at all oh wow im starting to see the truth in that rumour from early on that he’s been single cos he was happy being a fuckboy back home #mafsau.

Lyndall you can do so much better than Cameron, his colours reveal he is an insensitive human being. A cold narcissist who only cares about himself and has no respect for others! You’re so much better than he will ever be! #MAFSAU.

He’s just not that into you, Lyndall. You’ve lived through so much hardship in your life already. You deserve so much better than piss poor Cam. #MAFS #MAFSau.

Cameron will never get another chance with a woman like Lyndall. Not for the rest of his days. #MAFSAU.

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