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It ends all square in Campbelltown. 📲 Follow: #MACvMCY | 🐮 1-1 💙.

#MACvMCY Photo,#MACvMCY Photo by Melbourne City FC,Melbourne City FC on twitter tweets #MACvMCY Photo

A standout performance from our fullback 🙌 @BulkNutrients | #MACvMCY.

#MACvMCY Photo,#MACvMCY Photo by Melbourne City FC,Melbourne City FC on twitter tweets #MACvMCY Photo

Our first @IsuzuUTE A-League finals team is 𝐥𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 🔒 A second half fightback from @MelbourneCity confirms their top six spot, but their lead at the top is down to just four points 🤏 Full-time wrap 📰 #MACvMCY #WeAreALeagues.

#MACvMCY Photo,#MACvMCY Photo by Isuzu UTE A-League,Isuzu UTE A-League on twitter tweets #MACvMCY Photo

A brave point against the league leaders. #MACvMCY #WeAreTheBulls.

#MACvMCY Photo,#MACvMCY Photo by Macarthur FC,Macarthur FC on twitter tweets #MACvMCY Photo

FT | @mfcbulls HOLD THE LEADERS TO A POINT 🤯 @MelbourneCity are unable to overcome a stubborn Bulls side in Campbeltown ❌ #MACvMCY is live on Paramount+ 📺.

#MACvMCY Photo,#MACvMCY Photo by Paramount+ Australia,Paramount+ Australia on twitter tweets #MACvMCY Photo

A-League Men 19/3/2023 Rd 21 #MACvMCY Campbelltown Stadium, Campbelltown Crowd: 2,121.

Rado was given that contract a bit early if you ask me. #MACvMCY #BestLeagueInTheWorld.

83’ | Our first change of the night as we push to find a winner. Off comes Talbot, on comes Galloway. ⏫ Galloway ⏬ Talbot 📲 Follow: #MACvMCY | 🐮 1-1 💙.

“…he’s bouncing up & down in the background…” “…MacArthur are in deep…” #StopItRachel #MACvMCY.

That was an entertaining match as a neutral. The Macarthur crowd got pretty vocal towards the end up top where I was sitting. #MACvMCY.

#MACvMCY Photo,#MACvMCY Photo by Les Street,Les Street on twitter tweets #MACvMCY Photo

City under Rado Vidosic have looked a shade of themselves. The hunger for goal is no longer there - only deciding to have a proper go once chasing a result. Can’t blame injuries for having no ability to break sides down and relying on penalties or freak goals. #MACvMCY.

I know the jersey was for charity, but this arrangement irks me to no end #MACvMCY.

#MACvMCY Photo,#MACvMCY Photo by RunThatTercera,RunThatTercera on twitter tweets #MACvMCY Photo

That was poor from City especially in attack which has been a pattern. Left the door open now #MACvMCY.

Yeah, clear pen. Sticks a leg out, nowhere near the ball. Hits in the leg. #MACvMCY..

John Aspro puts one into his own net 😬 A moment to forget for the Bulls centre half but how about the cross from Jordan Bos 🔥 All square in Campbelltown ⚔️ #MACvMCY.

“…he takes it down on his chest, and does NOT break his stride…” #StopItRachel #MACvMCY.

Jamie Maclaren and Tilio are actually bums bro. Couldn’t score against us 😂 bulls top 6 incoming #MACvMCY.

Rode our luck at times but loved seeing the fight from our players. 100% would have taken this result before kickoff #MACvMCY #WeAreTheBulls.

A-League: Macarthur FC v Melbourne City. Crowd: 2,121 @ Campbelltown Sports Stadium (Sydney). View Details: #MACvMCY #ausport.

Stats #MACvMCY Possession 23% - 77% XG - Total Shots 10 - 24 Shots on Target 1 - 3 Big chances 1 - 2 Passes 223 - 770 Accurate Passes 136 (61%) - 681 (88%) Corners 3 - 13.

From what I can tell of the replay and Beath’s explanation, the defender pulls his leg back and doesn’t make contact with O’Neill #MACvMCY.

By that definition should he be playing for Sh1ty FC? #macvmcy.

CHANCE!! LA. Rose takes a brilliant shot at goal but it goes wide. #MACvMCY #WeAreTheBulls.

Substitution for the Bulls On: Drew, Auglah Off: De Silva, Hollman #MACvMCY #WeAreTheBulls.

What a terrible game this is. One team parking the bus the other just playing terribly going forward. #MACvMCY.

Commentators are unable to workout why we have so much youth on our bench 🙄 #MACvMCY.

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