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Malcolm Roberts: a man willing to sit through 30 minutes of a program he doesn’t enjoy just to hear someone talk about him for 30 seconds. #auspol #madashell.

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Malcolm Roberts: a man willing to sit through 30 minutes of a program he doesn’t enjoy just to hear someone talk about him for 30 seconds. #auspol #madashell.

I have one small request for @shaunmicallef Next time you mention me on #MadAsHell please make it in the first 30 seconds rather than the last 30 seconds. That is 30 minutes of my life I will never get back waiting to hear what you said about me. Are we good?.

The best show on TV @madashelltv #MadAsHell followed by the second best #UtopiaABC 👌👌👌.

@LynneMcGranger @workingdogprod Mad as Hell was a cracker tonight. And looking forward to the public servants work doco, Utopia. #madashell #UtopiaABC.

How does our mad, bad world fare this week? Watch the latest #MadAsHell now on iview:.

When we were taking that picture with the AK47 the police drove past and I thought they were going to shoot me. #MadAsHell.

The sketch was filmed last year, the intro with Maggie was filmed a few weeks ago. I’m still fat, but the same fat, which a plus? #madashell.

“Shut up.” Shaun Micallef. Best response ever to a climate change denying, pseudo sciencey type👏 #MadAsHell.

That fruit picking quote from the current Deputy PM is never not painful. “Presumably on a swim in, swim out basis,” Shaun McC #MadAsHell.

2 mins into #madashell & he’s had a crack at everyone & everything😆😆Ian.

@HillaryClinton @staceyabrams And your Presidency was stolen from you in front of the entire world 🌍 I admire you for your strength of character to “suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Or to take arms against a sea of troubles. And by opposing end them.” (SHAKESPEARE). #MadAsHell #iamwithher.

@MsVeruca Angus is famous now Salty,they were taking the piss out of him tonight on #madashell he’s stripped of any dignity he might’ve had left,it’s official he’s become the local joke😆😆Brilliant!... Ian.

Coming from @ToshGreenslade, this is high praise #MadAsHell.

#Auspol #MadAsHell I think it says alot about the state of (most) Oz media that you get more truths about the real state of our country from a comedy show then our compliant & sometimes blatently complicit media. Onya @shaunmicallef..

The mad and hellish world of #MadAsHell has spread to iview. Watch now:.

Left over question from #QandA ‘Do you think if you shave a peach it becomes a nectarine?’ #MadAsHell haha about right..

That piranha metaphor was slowly revealed, disgusting and totally accurate. #MadAsHell.

If @theprojecttv want me to be a reporter, I’m sure I could borrow the #MadasHell.

“There hasn’t really been any proof of a correlation between heat and warmth” #madashell at it’s absolute genius best..

It was so cold, Victorian Police were tasing themselves to keep themselves warm. #MadAsHell.

Stephen Hall doing a Dave Allen like weatherman fully dressed this week. 😂#MadAsHell.

Welcome to Australian television at its finest @madashelltv #MadAsHell.

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I’ve been a fan of @shaunmicallef for over 20 years as evidenced by this letter I just unearthed. #MadAsHell.

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Oooh, does @shaunmicallef and @madashelltv have a show for you tonight. #MadAsHell starts now..

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with @Christie_Whelan (actually she starts next week) 2nite on #madashell at 8:32ish on the ABCs..

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