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YES! #HardQuiz was the number 1 entertainment show last night! (This has nothing to do with MAFS ending.).

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I will be pausing every time you open your 🤫 #MAFS | Watch on @Channel9 and @9Now.

Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Kos Sara Hidup, YB Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub berkata, pihaknya sentiasa membuat pemantauan dan bekerjasama dengan Kementerian Pertanian dan Keterjaminan Makanan (MAFS) bagi memastikan.

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The hilarious thing is these two people genuinely think their exposure on #mafs will be a good thing for them. No - everyone thinks your both idiots. #mafsau.

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Over two must-see nights, the blockbuster reunion event! #MAFS Reunion Finale | Sunday and Monday on @Channel9 and @9Now.

Brontes sister is gonna end up with more followers then Bronte herself at this rate lmao #mafs #MAFSAU.

Straight out of the Olivia playbook: Alyssa gets called out and brings out the waterworks, right on cue 🥹 #MAFS #MAFSAU.

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DANCER MAFS??? found another gem 🙂 I’d like to think I was a pretty good senior to my freshies 🙂 throwback to another kalokohan in college 🥹.

Bronte’s sister giving Harrison what for on the home stay looks interesting! #mafsau #mafs.

Melinda shouted at Layton, got in his face, grabbed his bag, tried to stop him Today, shouting him down & not letting him speak No acknowledgment of his feelings John sucked in by Melinda, mirroring her behaviour & punishing Layton for not doing the stupid task #MAFSAU #MAFS.

I really hope the show provided Josh and Caitlin with counseling, after the mental cruelty they went through on this damn show. What the actual F, Mafs? #MAFSAU.

Yes Caitlin!!! Stand your ground and realise the strength and beauty you have on the inside #MAFSAU #mafs.

If George from survivor and Harrison from mafs were drowning and I could only save 1, I’d have lasagne.

Ok, now confirmed… zero brain cells. Fckity fck fck fcked!!! #mafs #mafsau.

#mafs Harrison only admits what he says if what he said is before 2 or more witnesses #mafsau.

Dang after all THAT & they still chose to stay😂anything to get more of that few minutes of Fame I guess. What a fucking joke! #MAFSAU #MAFS.

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Mel: Can I say something? Ollie: Please😆 I love a messy bitch #MAFSAU #MAFS.

#MAFS Photo,#MAFS Photo by A✨️,A✨️ on twitter tweets #MAFS Photo

@TheEvansMitch To be honest, Bronte has done more manipulating than the rest of the #MAFSAU cast put together, assuming these screen shots are genuine:.

Nicole is a great communicator. Every word is intentional. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight.

brontë HAS to be gunning for a brent shutting down tamara moment at final vows and NO ONE is gonna take it seriously lmaoooo #MAFSAU #MAFS.

want a blue tick? go in MAFS because you will get one and your insta followers will be dead beats wanting to see you epically fail in the world Harrison and Bronte #MAFSAU.

YES GIRL - do it for all the women! Show them how it’s done … you DO deserve to be respected and feel wanted and the bare minimum - he does not deserve you! Queen Caitlin 👸🏻#MAFS #MAFSAustralia.

#MAFS #MAFSAU it’s a f****** miracle! Wow!Harrison can & does remember what he’s said about Bronte behind her back when he was just pushed in2 a corner. As 4 Mel the “expert” the thing that’s keeping Harrison & Bronte 2gether is the shagging! Thick head! These “experts” r a joke.

I genuinely don’t think I can watch this show anymore if these two are on it #MAFSAU #MAFS.

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She has articulated her feelings well. He’s the one that needs to act like he wants to be there. Shit! #MAFS.

Cam’s cunt - there’s no if’s or but’s about it. He’s careless with his words and actions. He’s a guy who’s living life for himself ONLY. He’s the kind of guy who leaves a poor dog starving & dehydrated in his backyard while he parties with his mates. He’s a cunt! #MAFS #MAFSau.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel for marriage. #MAFS #MAFSnashville.


@MarioOzland MAFs should never have signed him up. He’s not in a position to have a relationship..

#mafs #mafsau they are recruiting for next year. I hope a serious overhaul is done. I can’t be allowed to continue this way any more.

Plot twist: Evelyn & Harrison are secretly crushing on each other lol #MAFS #MAFSAU.

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