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Oh my god Alyssa is destroying me, it’s like watching someone beat a Golden Retriever to death #MAFSAU.

‘I might teach Alessandra something, who knows?’. Alessandra learns that she can projectile vomit continuously for over 2 hours.🤮🤮🤮 #MAFSAU.

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#MAFSAU Harrison: i definitely haven’t manipulated Bronte The experts:.

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‘That’s bullshit’. No, Harrison. It is you who is the bullshit. #MAFSAU 🤵🏾.

#MAFSAU Photo,#MAFSAU Photo by MAFS Hysteria,MAFS Hysteria on twitter tweets #MAFSAU Photo

Run Duncan run!… She is psychotic! ‘Her child’ needs a welfare check me thinks! #MAFSAU.

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I’m so fucking furious I don’t think I can watch this show anymore like genuinely I’m so angry #mafs #mafsau.

is this a fucking joke the experts are a joke this season they should have kicked harrison and bronte off the show #MAFS #MAFSAU.

Mel & Layton have feelings but they are absolutely shithouse at communicating it #MAFSAU.

Frothy coffee and #MAFSAU oh and look who poped out briefly from behind the sofa, in daylight 🥰. And belles been in for a cuddle and sniff round and a play ❤️.

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harrison completely crumbling as soon as someone sits in front of him and calls him out on his outright lies directly to his face is *chefs kiss* #MAFSAU.

How are everyone’s house plants looking so healthy and perfect after being away for 2 months, mine look worse and I never leave the house. #MAFSAU #MAFS.

Melissa has a massive problem. If it were a man acting that way towards a women all hell would be let loose! #MAFSAU.

Why aren’t the experts calling Harrison out on his gaslighting, manipulative behaviour????? This guy. Such a douche. #MAFSAU.

“What mistakes do you make” “I genuinely don’t know” Me in my performance review #MAFSAU.

It’s official. I’m fucking sick of Alyssa. I cannot stand her any longer. I’m done. #MAFSAU.

Catching up on tonight’s #MAFSAU and once again Harrison has no idea how controlling he sounds. ‘I don’t want my partner relying on their loved ones and social network when they need support’. After said partner has theoretically moved cities to be with him. Sheesh. #MAFS.

How anyone can hold a conversation while that Perth sunset is happening is honestly beyond me #MAFSAU.

Melissa saying that thing about “her friends being right about Josh” was a low blow tbh #MAFSAU.


The experiment must be coming to an end cause Bronte is ‘finally done’ with Harrison! #MAFS #MAFSAU.

Australia’s gas supplies are dwindling due to Harrison’s overuse of it with his fuckin gaslighting 🥴 #MAFSAU.

Cam You are a carpenter A carpenter!! Heaps of jobs anywhere Not just in the middle of nowhere What a shit excuse It smells like his mum dating advice to avoid commitment or find a way out #MAFSAU #MAFS.

I genuinely don’t know what Alyssa & her pals want from Duncan here. #MAFS #MAFSAU.

Can someone tell me why Alyssa decoded to go on MARRIED at First Sight when she can only see her partner every second weekend and maybe every Wednesday? 🙃 #MAFSAU.

Ollie has wisdom, decency and integrity well beyond his years. He’s outshining the older “more experienced” guys. We’ll done to his parents and to him. #MAFSAU.

Who on earth is raising these men?? Because Shannon and Harrison have not developed emotionally past the age of 2 and a half #MAFSAU.

Harrison the loving husband describes Bronte as a great chick ... I love showing her off ... and manages to be offensive, misogynistic and narcissistic in 8 little words. 🤢🤮🤬 #MAFSAU.

I going to guess that Shannon’s not over his ex. I wonder if she said that he had ‘the potential to level up’. #MAFSAU 🤵🏾.

#MAFSAU Photo,#MAFSAU Photo by MAFS Hysteria,MAFS Hysteria on twitter tweets #MAFSAU Photo

This might be a little controversial but Alyssa might be as bad as Harrison if not worse. At least with Harrison, he knows exactly what he’s doing. Alyssa is emotionally dense and immature and cant even see how toxic she is. Shit is so much more worse #MAFSAU.

When they say ‘stay’ half of these actually mean ‘stay on television for my 10 minutes of fame’ #MAFSAU #MAFSAUS.

Is it just me or have the women absolutely stepped up the You men can go fuck yourselves vibes tonight. #mafsau #mafs.

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