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Surely the experts would step in at this point? This is tantamount to emotional abuse, keeping Mick in for nearly a month longer than he wants? #MAFSAU #MAFS.

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Have we discussed where Mick is getting all of his little books? #MAFS #MAFSAU.


Jesus Jess and Dan are horrible, one positive didn’t have to look at Susie’s mug tonight and listening to her talk shit #MAFS #MAFSAU.

Mike throwing out the emotional abuse this coming from the most toxic male to enter the experiment to date. #MAFS #MAFSAU.

The truest words spoken on MAFSAu by Mick’s sister- “There is something not quite right about Jess” #MAFs #mafsau.

Mike is too selfish to deserve someone as precious and beautiful as Heidi. #MAFSAU.

i’ve never felt such a sense of community than i have live tweeting this season of #mafs. a whole bond built upon laughing at this absolute trainwreck. what are we going to do when this ends? i will miss you all #mafsau.

Jess is the type of sister/friend you would NEVER leave alone in the same room as your boyfriend/husband #MAFSAU.

عرض خاص على ورق نشاف موج ماكسي رول بين ٦ و١٢ رجب #عروض #كارفور_السعودية.


@Utopiana IKR?! Every damn Sunday night. I was yelling at the telly ‘Pick up your goddamn wet towels you selfish prick!’ #MAFSAU.

استمتعوا بشرب القهوة مع عرض على الترمس بين ٦ و١٢ رجب #عروض #كارفور_السعودية.


Heidi raised a completely valid point on mike’s inconsideration and the experts tell her not to talk about towels! #MAFSAU.

is anyone gonna watch this without was the only genuine one there.#MAFS #MAFSAU.

Martha is going to break Michaels heart. Not sure why the “experts” paired a good man with a lost woman. #MAFSAU.

@HClesidia I know other people have just packed up and left during the week, I think John did it a couple of seasons ago. LEAVE MICK #MAFSAU #mafs.

Anyone with balls & anyone who stands up for what’s right is deemed “crazy or psycho”. Cyrell is my favourite she a real one #MAFSAU.

@batchbitchpod @johnaikenlive For an “expert” he’s terrible at diagnosis (Mike’s a gaslighting narcissist) John is enabling Mike and gaslighting Heidi as well.#MAFSAU #twominutemike.

I’m sorry but how can the producers sit back and allow Mick to be swindled. This could cause serious trust issues, causing him more relationship issues from the people he came to for help! #mafs #mafsau.

Surely the experts would step in at this point? This is tantamount to emotional abuse, keeping Mick in for nearly a month longer than he wants? #MAFSAU #MAFS.

Psychologist: So what changed for you when you got back to Sydney Dan? Australia: He made out with a fish-faced ho! #MAFSAU.

John Aiken has this extremely bad habit of immediately blaming the woman for all the problems in the relationship despite the bullshit the guy is creating #MAFS #MAFSAU.

So now again we blame the woman here. If it’s not Heidi, it’s Tam. Her husband in this case has been cheating on her! Hold that shit accountable. I’m sick of your attitude John Aiken #MAFS #MAFSAU.

Dude you were out the front of her house on your phone talking to your side slut. Pretty sure you aren’t giving it your all #MAFS #MAFSAU.

I would be fascinated to know what Jessika and Tamara see in Dan. I find him unfuckable #MAFS #MAFSAU.

إلحق العرض على سماعات آبل إيربودز اللاسلكية بين ٦ و١٢ رجب #عروض #كارفور_السعودية.


إلحق على عروض مهرجان المنتجات السعودية في كارفور بين ٦ و١٢ رجب #عروض #كارفور_السعودية.

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