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The “experts” on #MAFSAustralia have failed, season after season, to produce anything except bin fires for ratings. They need to be replaced with an Aboriginal Aunty, a Greek Nanna and an Indian mum..

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This #MAFSAustralia is the fakest, most scripted show I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh my god. This “Ines” person, is literally just fame hungry. Trying her hardest to be Devina. My gf is forcing me to watch and I am suffering trying to survive through the produced BS..

Mike giving up on Heidi because he can’t admit he’s wrong and now relationships are “too hard” ???? maybe grow a pair sweetie and stop thinking you’re too entitled to treat your wife with respect #MAFSAU #MAFSAustralia.

Give her what she wants maaate. And if that is not what she wants? No wonder we have a DV problem in this country. #mafs #MAFSAustralia.

Bronson is the only MAN who piped up during that obnoxious boy talk.. Well done mate. You are a king amongst peasants. #MAFS #MAFSAustralia.

I’m an honest person. I’m fucking someone on the side that I haven’t told you about but I’m going to make this all your fault. Regards, Sam #MAFS #MAFSAustralia.

How did Ines leave her toothbrush there when they went straight to the room from the bar? #MAFSAustralia #MAFS.

Tip for next season: give your shitty cheating characters more time to learn their terrible lines #MAFSAustralia.

I just want Lizzie to come through the door and say “Honey I’m home” #MAFSAustralia.

Sam: Do you like cheese? Ines: Yeah I love cheese. Sam: Do you like olives? Ines: Yeah I love olives. Sam: Pitted olives? Ines: Yeah I love pitted olives. Sam: You have such nice legs. Ines: Thanks. SOMEONE GIVE THESE TWO THEIR OWN SHOW #MAFSAustralia #MAFS.

i’m just about to carve up this lamb for a salad while #MAFSAU is on TV; and i can’t help but think that this lamb probably had more commonsense and self awareness than Ines. #MAFSAustralia.

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So glad Lauren left. Clearly she has strength of character and a good deal of integrity. Blinky does not. #MAFSAustralia.

Just when you thought the show couldn’t get any They are going to the Gold Coast. 😂 #MAFSAustralia.

Some of these women are SUCH HIGH MAINTENANCE!! It’s embarrassing #MAFSAustralia.

#MAFSAustralia ch 9 and the 3 “experts “ should be held accountable for misleading Bronson in regards to Ines & Slime ball Sam.

More than ever before this years ‘expert’ matches on MAFSAu have been made to create drama and ratings. If this continues it will be the last Australian season #MAFSAustralia. #MAFSAU.

I accept that watching #MAFSAustralia makes me an idiot. That doesn’t give MAFS carte blanche to disrespect me. Ines is such an obvious plant/imposter. I’m not s complete idiot.

@MarriedAU FML, this person Ines is beyond any human. What she is doing is disgusting. I’m not sorry when I say this, but I hope she spends the rest of her life alone. No man deserves to be put through her despicable behaviour. #MAFSAU #MAFSAustralia.

Here is a bit of advice for you Loz! Don’t announce to possibly the most conservative guy on the planet 🌍 your eagerness for swinging and threesomes during the second week of a relationship. #MAFSAustralia.

Bronson is adorable I would take him over Sam any day. Ines you are self destructive and will never settle down #MAFSAustralia.

#MAFS #MAFSAustralia Why do I feel the biggest hypocrite in the show is the experts.

Sam: she’s disrespecting me #MAFS #MAFSAustralia LIZ: I’m in intensive care Sam: She’s Disrespecing me LIZ: I’m Dying Sam: I’m Flirting with Ines LIZ: I’m actually a classy girl SAM: I’m a snake INES: Ima snake charmer.

Cyrell has been ear bashed by her narcissistic brother to the point where good thing s fall off her like eggs on a Teflon frypan #MAFSAustralia #MAFS.

I am getting an inbred vibe. - Ines about the man experts chose for her husband. #MAFSAustralia This show is a gem..

This is what The Spinoff was like in 2015: just me and @alexkc sharting over reality TV #MAFSAustralia.

The “experts” on #MAFSAustralia have failed, season after season, to produce anything except bin fires for ratings. They need to be replaced with an Aboriginal Aunty, a Greek Nanna and an Indian mum..

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