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Updated: September 23rd, 2021 05:41 PM IST

#MakingItAU Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets | Australia

I’m honoured. 😬🤗 The only way I’ll ever get a patch. #MakingItAU ❤️

#MakingItAU Twitter

Noooo! But I started following Sai Wai on Instagram and so get to see all her awesome sculptures. Lots of hands—not melted! #MakingItAU

Oh no, Sai-Wai ☹️. Saw that coming, it was just a bad day. She’s brilliant. #MakingItAU

This show really makes my day. Susie & Harley are hilarious co-hosts! #MakingItAU

@MakingItAU this is the most wholesome show. I’m obsessed. Why is it so cute. Fml #MakingItAU

Everyone helping each other, this is exactly what I need to soothe my soul and restore my faith in humanity 🥰 #MakingItAU

Will’s portrait reminds me of the entries in the kids novelty fruit & veg category at the local show #MakingItAU

Marshmallow and rice bubble “hammered” together is the #MakingItAU #MasterchefAU crossover we all need

With hundreds of thousands of Australians living below the poverty line on Jobseeker and Disability payments, I think #MakingItAU has really missed the mark tonight. Seeing all this food waste when I and so many others are relying on food banks to get by is disheartening.

Shouldn’t 2 packets of 2 minute noodles only buy 4 mins of mobile phone time? #MakingItAU

I thought the cheese and grater were really good, as well as the prawn costume. #MakingItAU

@GidgitVonLaRue @MichelleMackey1 It’s ridiculous but I’m loving #MakingItAU so much. It’s funny, heartwarming & they make things I could never in a million years make.

@MakingItAU loving this show and the fantastic creations of these super talented Aussies

This show Every episode has made me smile and put me in such a good mood. #MakingItAU

Just putting it out there that I would very much like to be on season 2 of Making It Australia- so there had better be one!! I was applying for season one but filming conflicted with my sons due date- how rude! #MakingItAU @Channel10AU

I’m honoured. 😬🤗 The only way I’ll ever get a patch. #MakingItAU ❤️

@SueKennedy19 Crafty tweet you have there. We reckon it deserves a tweet of the week patch. 👏 #MakingItAU

#MakingItAU Photo,#MakingItAU Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

So many people took this assignment to the next level. Robert, Sai Wai, Rizaldy. #MakingItAU


#MakingItAU such a great show and ep tonight!! Why do we have to have eliminations though!? @Channel10AU @MakingItAU

I think someone needs to tell Jack less is more. And steer clear of water features. #MakingItAU

I look at all these challenges & think WWRD? What Would Russell Do….. I miss them. #MakingItAU

Agreed… Make enough noise for Russell to pop out of a box shangela style on season 2! 😝😊💖 #MakingItAU

A”scumbling layer”? I’m learning things every episode, and loving it….. #MakingItAU

Anyone who is surprised by Roberts football story has not been paying attention #makingitau

You learn something new every time you tune into #MakingItAU. Tonight’s top top from Deborah Riley (and I’m paraphrasing here) but “one does not shave one’s flokati”

The last time I shaved my Flokati things went horribly wrong. 😂😂😂 #MakingItAU

I’d be more of a big comfy beanbag kinda girl. With a coffee maker & a pile of books & jigsaw puzzles (lockdown has changed me) #MakingItAU

Poor Robert. I love that he got into crafting and making, but hate that it started from racism. Bloody hell! #MakingItAU

Sai Wai is a women after my own heart. Eating fried chicken in the bath makes sense to me 🍗💐#MakingItAU

Not this icon finally getting a patch after four challenges <3

Right about now, everyone watching is thinking about what their own ‘special place’ would be. (Library with a bed, just quietly). #MakingItAU

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