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78’: Real Madrid 1-0 Man City 83’: Real Madrid 1-2 Man City

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Guy ()

going to man city and sitting in the away end, please tell this woman i will be there

La Minute Football ()

Les probabilités de qualification en quarts de LDC : Bayern 100% - 0% Chelsea Man City 89% - 11% Real Madrid Leipzig 86% - 14% Tottenham Atlético 70% - 30% Liverpool Lyon 70% - 30% Juventus Barça 67% - 33% Naples Atalanta 60% - 40% Valence PSG 56% - 44% Dortmund

Nye Morgan ()

@muddassirjourno @leonstav No player made an impact, the fact is Man City were the far superior side. You can’t bank all hope on one mistreated player in 15 of a game

Marlins_Man ()

Big week in KANSAS this week. Monday, Lawrence Tuesday, Kansas City. Wednesday, Wellington. Thursday, today, WICHITA! Friday, Topeka. Saturday, Manhattan Sunday, Kansas City again Last night, and TODAYS SCHEDULE:

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Julien Momont ()

Mon Power Ranking des performances collectives des 8e de finale aller : 1. Bayern 2. Dortmund 3. Leipzig 4. Man City 5. Atalanta 6. Atlético 7. Liverpool 8. Barça 9. Real Madrid 10. Naples 11. Chelsea 12. Lyon 13. PSG 14. Valence 15. Juventus 16. Tottenham Le vôtre ?

Naomi ()

I watch one docuseries about Man City and now I feel like Pep Guardiola is my godfather

Manchester City News ()

A few opinions about this Man City side are having to be hastily revised

Yasiin Bey ()

@MrCampbell98 United have the most, Arsenal probably second, Chelsea third. City 4th, Liverpool 5th. In the premier league era, City dominated for almost a decade man. Kompany, Silva, Aguero, Yaya, Fernandinho, KDB (definitely when he finishes), Milner (City and Liverpool).

KompasBola ()

Man City Nodai Rekor Kandang Real Madrid atas Tim-tim Inggris

Jim Bernard ()

Man City news and transfers LIVE-As if your rating is based just to score goals or assists abs ridiculous! My Rating: Ederson (8); Walker (7), Otamendi (5), Laporte (6), Mendy (5), Rodri (5), De Bruyne (8), Gundogan (6), Mahrez (8), Jesus (8*), Silva (5), Fernandinho7, Sterling7 ()

Manchester City menjadi tim Inggris pertama yang berhasil mengalahkan Real Madrid di Santiago Bernabeu sejak 11 tahun yang lalu.

けゔぃん ()

お願いします堂々と“オタメンディ”と名乗らないでください シティズン民度が低下する

Manchester City News ()

Three Man City myths busted by Champions League win over Real Madrid

Stormy ()

lol these Man City fans are original with the insults at this point im just rattling them on purpose

Vitor Nicchio Casotti ()

Os últumo 6 jogos do Real Madrid no Bernabeu pela Champions League Real Madrid 0-3 CSKA Moscow Real Madrid 1-4 Ajax Real Madrid 2-2 Club Brügge Real Madrid 6-0 Galatasaray Real Madrid 2-2 PSG Real Madrid 1-2 Man City

James Pearce ()

The #LFC wage bill climbed from £263m to £310m - a sharp rise of nearly 18%. However, the wage bill remains at around 58% of the club’s turnover of £533m. Man City’s wage bill for the same period was £ — 59% of their turnover of £535m.


Hasil Liga Champion, Sergio Ramos Kambing Hitam, Real Madrid Dihajar Man City

Freeman Sam ()

@ceosolomon1 my eight teams to qualify are Bayern munchen Atalanta Juventus Barcelona PSG Liverpool Man city Tottenham

JackMidega ()

@MicheChazCaleb Hiyo second leg ndo itakuwa game ngumu kabsaa man city watawahi cheza watakiona

SportPesa News ()

Kevin De Bruyne orchestrated a dramatic Man City comeback on Wednesday as they stunned Real Madrid 2-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu to put one foot in the #UCL quarter finals . #SportPesaNews

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BLudópata (Apuestas Deportivas) ()

🍻Resumen de hoy. 🍻Grupo VIP: 🔥Juventus ML +104 ❌ 🔥Real M. Vs. Man. City - más y BTTS -128 ✅ 🔥New York City vs. San Carlos - 2da Mitad más -130 ❌ 🔥Orlando Magic () -130 ✅ 🍻Grupo Free: 🔥Orlando Magic (-3) -130 ✅ 🔥Juventus ML +104 ❌

MUFC 🔴⚪ ()

My guesses at who will go through to QFs: Dortmund 2-1 PSG (PSG) Atlético 1-0 Liverpool (Liverpool) Atalanta 4-1 Valencia (Atalanta) Tottenham 0-1 Leipzig (Leipzig) Napoli 1-1 Barca (Barca) Chelsea 0-3 Bayern (Bayern) Real Madrid 1-2 Man City (City) Lyon 1-0 Juve (Juve)

Gaming ()

@tripleafrog_ To make a fairly long story shorter, a major island city called Tyre refused to submit to Alexander, even though he really wanted it and probably asked very nicely. And, being kinda dumb and not using the rather large navy he controls, he decides to build.

📚 Indie Book Butler ()

On the shores of an oily sea, in the streets of a starving city, a young man named Áed scraps to build a life for himself and the makeshift family he loves. @EgRadcliff. #YA #Fantasy

King_coolio ()

@Bashee254 Hahaha Chelsea is a big club, Liverpool is a big club,Leicester is a new upcoming gud club,Man city also is a nice club but ww all know that when it comes to Man u they r Man useless na ni mdomo wako nayo mpaka kila m2 anajua bro na bado hawako champions league #chezenieuropa😂😂

S a l e m ()

@notorioustori3 @fonzy678 This man really thinks our money stays in one city 🥺💕😂

B/R Football ()

78’: Real Madrid 1-0 Man City 83’: Real Madrid 1-2 Man City

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Squawka Football ()

Ferland; completed 100% of his passes in the first half vs. Man City (30/30). Benjamin; conceded the most fouls in the first half vs. Real Madrid (4). A tale of two Mendys. 🙃

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OptaJoe ()

70 - Since Brendan Rodgers took charge of Leicester City a year ago today (Feb 26th 2019), only Liverpool (110) & Man City (90) have won more Premier League points than Leicester City (70), while Jamie Vardy has scored the most goals in the competition (27). Revitalised.

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AJ+ ()

This man in Indonesia puts on a Spider-Man outfit to save his city from waste.

☚ asic #aflwpiesdees ☛
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