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Man City are essentially getting kicked out of the Champions League because they spent £25m on Wilfried Bony. That is phenomenal

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Yav Ackerman🦦 ()

Ptdrrrr on est vrm entrain d’assister à la fin de MAN CITY

Neil Metcalfe ()

New today is my chat with skipper David Noble. Picked up the man of the match award yesterday and he is confident that @stalbanscityfc have turned the corner in their National League South relegation scrap.

Nick Jackson ()

@RodneyMarsh10 More shocking is hes a Man City fans who makes money slating City at every opportunity

कृषक🌿🌍 ()

Football Team I love: Barcelona Football Team I like: Man City Football Team I dislike:Real madrid Football Team I hate: Real Madrid Footballer I love: Messi Footballer I like: Neymar Footballer I dislike: Ronaldo Footballer I hate: Ramos 🐐 Messi Quote with yours

Kop-Ice ()

Morning😉 Points: 76 Liverpool 🔴 75 74 73 72 71 70 69 68 67 66 65 64 63 62 61 60 59 Wait for it 58 57 56 Almost there 55 54 53 Drum roll🥁 52 51 Man City🔵

Kim Kelly ()

My partner just told me about how many times he got stopped and frisked as a kid, as a teen, and as a young adult. He almost went to prison over a (legal) work knife thanks to @MikeBloomberg. His only real “crime” was being a Black man in New York City. FUCK Bloomberg to hell

Hazzie ()

Arsenal 2 -1 Barcelona. Chelsea 3 - 5 Arsenal. Liverpool 4 - 4 Arsenal Liverpool 4-3 Man City Man United 3 - 2 Man City

Man United News ()

Manchester United priority cannot afford to change despite Man City FFP ban #mufc

Vivek Is Exhausted ()

Profile picture worked again🙏🏽 3 points ❤️❤️❤️ Man city banned🙏🏽🙏🏽 Jai hanuman 🙏🏽 We move 🙌🏽

HLN Sport ()

‘John’, die voor zwaar verdict Man City heeft gezorgd en nog steeds vastzit: “Bang dat ik cel niet levend verlaat”

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Ashraf Arif ()

@FarhanAsseri Kah kah sebenarnya rumour pasal man city menipu ni dah lama weh, baru sekarang confirm tu yg macam macam penalti diorang dapat 😂

Leakin Again ()

Lol I get mad Philly followers. Young man just because we reside in the same city does not mean you get a pass. No content = blockedt 🤷🏽‍♂️

Noah T. ✶✶✶✶ ()

The Astros are really about to get banned from the playoffs for 5 years and get fined 30 million all because Man City been using Abu Dhabi oil money to win sports is crazy

Ulrich Lehner ()

@MihchaelO @CatholicLisa May the angels lead him into paradise; may the martyrs receive him at his arrival and lead him to the holy city Jerusalem. May choirs of angels receive him and with Lazarus, once (a) poor (man), may he have eternal rest.

Michael mccloud ()

@SaltairFC The time when the team bus broke down in Oak City and while they waited for a repair truck, they helped Scooby and the gang solve the mystery of the haunted soccer field. Turns out it was Old Man Beckham, the local land developer. He was going to build condos on the field.

Mediorce Mike White..🐊🏀 ()

Scottie Lewis is such an alpha dawg man. That’s why I love kids from the northeast!! Brick city!!

Dwight orion ()

@4thE81 hahahaha! nia man ko quezon city boss. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

X3 Nasty ツ ()

No one: Fortnite: we are currently working on a big fix for a man who has fallen into a river in LEGO city

Finn Craddock ()

@SlickHammyHammy Real Madrid Barcelona Bayer Munich Bvb Man City Juve Sevilla Napoli Both Milan’s Newcastle

Chelsea Boys🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ()

Man City Next Season Watching Sheffield United Play Champions League #CFC. #mancitybanned

This Is Anfield ()

💬 Jurgen Klopp has sympathy for Guardiola and Man City players, but in the end you have to respect the rules.

N🇨🇦🇺🇦 ()

Hearing Arsenal have a higher chance of winning the UCL next season then Man City. What a job Arteta has done in such little time 👏👏👏

Krystal ()

@WhackNicholson @TaxJelnax2020 Nooooo have you ever tried dragging a suitcase through a dirty city (London for example is filthy) that recently had rain? You really want London sidewalk, street, and metro gunk on your sheets where you sleep? Where your family sleeps? Man, no. Floor is better.

⚪️ Passion Madrid France ⚪️ ()

🗓️ | Le Real Madrid va affronter 7 matchs en 31 jours : 🔹16/02 🆚 Celta Vigo (Liga) 🏠 🔹22/02 🆚 Levante (Liga) 🛫 🔹26/02 🆚 Man City (LdC) 🏠 🔹01/03 🆚 FC Barcelone (Liga) 🏠 🔹08/03 🆚 Betis (Liga) 🛫 🔹14/03 🆚 Eibar (Liga) 🏠 🔹17/03 🆚 Man City (LdC) 🛫

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Unbearable T ()

A team wins a trophy = Attack Liverpool VAR controversy = Attack Liverpool Man City banned for cheating = Attack Liverpool I wonder why they hate us so much? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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สหภาพสมาคมฟุตบอลยุโรป (UEFA) ได้ประกาศลงโทษทีมเรือใบสีฟ้า ห้ามเข้าร่วมการแข่งขันรายการฟุตบอลสโมสรยุโรปทุกรายการเป็นเวลา 2 ฤดูกาล #TheStandardCo

DownUnderFan ()

What Manfred should have done. Banned Astros from post-season for every year they cheated. Opinion: European soccer gives Major League Baseball a lesson in how to punish cheaters via @usatoday

Matthew Stanger ()

Man City are essentially getting kicked out of the Champions League because they spent £25m on Wilfried Bony. That is phenomenal

Rob Harris ()

Full details of Man City being banned from Champions League for TWO SEASONS for serious breaches of UEFA financial rules

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Tariq panja ()

Uefa announce Man City banned from next two seasons of the Champions League and fined 30 million euros

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☚ #edureading #CCMvSYD ☛
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