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What ever happened to the high testosterone Neil of old who wrote manly comics for manly men?

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Why not be happy?
Why not be happy? ()

@patriottakes Given that their idea of manly is worshiping and obeying an old washed up reality TV star, they can keep their manliness.

Song Ma Rin
Song Ma Rin ()

jujur biso gilo dak sih kito nge fans oppa korea nih, lg ngapoi beh gek senyum dewek inget mereka😭 oppa korea nih pengalihan luarrr biasaa❤️ thanks oppa for being so handsome, innocently cute, funny, manly and well mannered at the same time🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈✨saranghae oppa🥰

Sssyak ()

And the fact that these what manly sexy men in their 30s will be back again soooon. Fighting 2PM for your comeback later this month!!

L. Ron Howard
L. Ron Howard ()

@patriottakes Nothing says manly like a beer belly, calling yourself alpha, and being so scared of the world that you have to have an arsenal of weapons.

💜4cKee⚡️ ()

I’m glad that we got rid of the stigma that WNBA players were all ugly or manly looking. I remember when girls said they wanted to play basketball people would tell them “you’re too cute for that”

Anmol Rajput
Anmol Rajput ()

Cigarettes: Everybody knows the toxic results of smoking. Still people fall into it. Reason: Cigarettes being advertised as manly & status signaling.

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cinthya engelbert
Cinthya engelbert ()

aduh moon maap nih masnya kok lebih cocok rambut gini ya. so manly! tenang, bukan Korea kok. he is from Chinese. an Actor too. tp klu rambutnya gak diwarnain lbh manly lg hmm Deixun gē! wo ai ni.

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PKD ()

@mkraju @alizaslav Texas basically no restrictions, so he has to look manly, but t took that away long ago. He’s also performing for Abbott.


unc! akun baru buat nih ada yg mau mutualan? Manly dan ga kentang2 bgt kok, asik ngobrol sm gua asal jgn kaku ya 😝

Krys ()

That manly moment when you fix something on your car without the man or mechanic Shiiii wha man ? Whoo ? Cause I got me

Lost3DBlastFan ()

@GwladysDev @Heavyeatsus Maybe he is trying to sound tough and manly, *sniff* kids grow up so fast!

The Ancient Craft
The Ancient Craft ()

The Secret Teachings of All Ages is perhaps the most comprehensive and complete esoteric encyclopedia ever written. He covers Rosicrucianism and other secret societies, alchemy, cryptology, Kabbalah, #esotericencyclopedia #esoteric

Manly Photo,Manly Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Ja 🇵🇷
Ja 🇵🇷 ()

wait but why these ugly ass manly ass broke ass hoes coming for my cousin cause we’ll shut all this shit down .. YALL ARE MAD ABOUT A BLACK ASS BITCH NAMED ASIAN DOLL WHO THIGHS DONT EVEN MATCH HER FUCKING ASS 😭😭🤦🏽‍♀️ like come

La Chapy69
La Chapy69 ()

Not easy work the jack hammer to break through concrete floors to lay down plumbing work. I do manly jobs. Greatful someone was willing to show me this working skills

Nguyen Sin
Nguyen Sin ()

Trai xăm mình manly đụ sướng Link full : Or :

Based King 👑
Based King 👑 ()

@saigonandy1 @jokesdepartment That mfer out of breath even thinking about collecting all those guns

𝚃𝚃⁷ 🌈
𝚃𝚃⁷ 🌈 ()

thinking about how yoongi said he likes manly our strongest soldier

Manly_foot ()

@colomboyoyis @Joseforebes entonces como hay progresos vamos a pasar por alto que llegaron a violar, a saquear y a matar? usted si es que no tiene ni una pizca de dignidad, pedazo de basura, tenga dignidad malparido, pecho frío, cagón.

🌙gummy짹 ()

@eajaeyaa Makanya kan?!!! Mau dia pake style manly gitu juga dimataku dia gemoy 😭 pengen jadi Noona nya pdhl tuaan daehwi

J. ()

@GO5RA3 Because I feel so hungry right now. Anyways, congratulation for your comeback! Its totally a boop and hyung looks more manly in the music video.

#FixTheCountry CHAIRMAN MAO ()

Ghana Police is on social media acting manly but daylight robbery occurred just a few minute walk from the Police Headquarters and the thieves were able to get away.

𝐿𝒶𝓎𝓁𝒶𓇼𓆡𓆉⋆*❁*𓆟︎ ()

And having thus chosen our course, without guile, and with pure purpose, let us renew our trust in God, and go forward without fear, and with manly hearts. — Abraham Lincoln

Scott Brown
Scott Brown ()

@_Ravenge_ May one suggest you require a gentleman and which defines a genuine manly man who puts his lady or any ladies first.

awl ッ
Awl ッ ()

Aduh, tapi serius, dia kalo lagi mode manly, aku yakin kalian bakal jatuh ke pesona dia. Kecil kecil cabe rawit kata Heksa mah, soalnya dia tuh mungil :D Oh iya! Suara dia ga kalah bagus dari Heksa, tau. Iya, dia bisa nyanyi. Suaranya adem. Enak banget.

m i n i
M i n i ()

@Oldfirmfacts1 An Ivor Novello Award on its way to you for “Stevie Clarke’s rugged and manly, built his team around Grant Hanley” 😹👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Sydney 🍒 ♡︎’s lacey | british era
Sydney 🍒 ♡︎’s lacey | british era ()

when will men realise manly only attracts other and that’s kinda gay if you ask me

Peacheserratica ()

Another classic example of “Forced de-escalation” SO MANLY

Trevor ()

hindi po talaga ako nagpapabayad e. Masaya na po ako na may makasama sa gabi. Sorry din po kung choosy po ako na manly lang sana kasi ganun po talaga may mga preference tayo pasensya na po ulit. Saka sa inyo na po nanggaling na napaka-manly ko sa videocall at gwapo

Hemant Mehta
Hemant Mehta ()

Pastor Unleashes Anti-LGBTQ Tirade While Demanding More Manly Preachers

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Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman ()

What ever happened to the high testosterone Neil of old who wrote manly comics for manly men?

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