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“Mariah is Coming” is the trending topic that made my day/week/month. @MariahCarey #SomewhatLoved 🥂🥂

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henry//stream somewhat loved
Henry//stream somewhat loved ()

@MariahCarey @LironD another underrated album look what i did with e=mc² era mariah!

dewy jade
Dewy jade ()

jd is Celine and Mariah bh is Taylor Selena Miley Ks is beyonce

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My bundro of Joy 👶😍🇿🇲
My bundro of Joy 👶😍🇿🇲 ()

I would have been supporting Brazil if they were playing because of Neymar 😂😂😂😂


I see 🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏...@mariah_pule @BelyReign ..we have

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Billboard ()

Stars including John Legend, Common and Mariah Carey are urging fans to #calloutyoursenator in a viral campaign to save the anti-voter suppression For the People Act.

ally. 1312
Ally. 1312 ()

terfs really have no idea how to mind their own business like they’ll really go out of their way to call u slurs n harass u, block u, only to stalk u on another social media platform to do the same thing like [mariah carey] why u so obsessed w/ me???

Daydreaming ()

Mariah is more than her whistles. I wish y’all could realize that 😩

vitilda vitty
Vitilda vitty ()

ele entende o que a khia canta ? ele entende o que a mariah canta ? é tudo putaria

Bester Forever
Bester Forever ()

@MrAhmednurAli Nah, man. I think she was better, but Mariah had bigger hits. Hell, that Christmas song of hers hits the Billboard charts every year.

‎、ᱸ 𓈒⁎ dominic🧃𓈒𐄢 𝗦𝗢𝗨𝗥𖣘₊ᚋ𓎆
‎、ᱸ 𓈒⁎ dominic🧃𓈒𐄢 𝗦𝗢𝗨𝗥𖣘₊ᚋ𓎆 ()

@PopCrave @ArianaGrande i’m so excited to see her every week on tv :( love you queen

Ezzaqahmad ()


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Belo ❤️🇧🇷🔥
Belo ❤️🇧🇷🔥 ()

@mariah_dunita @gleisi Fora a violência ao nosso povo Preto com a lei antidroga. Jogou 500mil na cadeia, entre 2003 e 2016.

XtinaLoverr ()

when christina aguilera and mariah carey release albums around the same time this year >>>>

Franki Love
Franki Love ()

..... sitting outside of Panera Bread having an iced a stranger approached me and said “you look just like Mariah Carey”. 😆 Who do people say you look like?

‎、ᱸ 𓈒⁎ dominic🧃𓈒𐄢 𝗦𝗢𝗨𝗥𖣘₊ᚋ𓎆
‎、ᱸ 𓈒⁎ dominic🧃𓈒𐄢 𝗦𝗢𝗨𝗥𖣘₊ᚋ𓎆 ()

@thanosoutdid most streamed female cause she released 3 albums and has big catalog. the way tay not even gain new listeners bc only her cult listens to her music lol stop making excuses when flopping it’s giving katy & nicki fans energy

Harout Festive 🇦🇲🌈🗣🐑
Harout Festive 🇦🇲🌈🗣🐑 ()

JAM & LEWIS x MARIAH CAREY - Somewhat Loved (Official Lyric Video) via @YouTube

Top Notch Mamì
Top Notch Mamì ()

And Mariah is at fault for the damn fight cause she should’ve told her momma that it wasn’t the place for that. Because that’s another grown woman. Like this is a mess

Chrißtiàn ()

@Diogotheroof122 he’s from australia and everyone here hates him he like laundered money to build a huge building on public property 😭 i’m glad mariah dropped him

Nogaret06 ()

@KamiteSombre Intéressant surtous si tu ajoutes aussi Mariah Carey mais Houston is the best

FierceTransGirl 💖
FierceTransGirl 💖 ()

@skinnybtw Mariah definitely owned 2005. Her music was everywhere and so good. Literally her album was all hits

Roxy Nicolette
Roxy Nicolette ()

@sheistyler That’s definitely Mariah Carey and a J Lo co-sign why they got on that show 😩

Aro of KloudNineMusic
Aro of KloudNineMusic ()

The Dream x Mariah Carey RnB Type Beat Instrumental Honest Download >; via @YouTube #MariahIsComing

Tony ()

i definitively need Butterfly by Mariah, all of BANKS music, Brandy’s whole catalog,and Beyoncé too

Tamron Hall
Tamron Hall ()

“Mariah is Coming” is the trending topic that made my day/week/month. @MariahCarey #SomewhatLoved 🥂🥂

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Twitter Support
Twitter Support ()

@selthebadliar Hey, Mariah. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Let us know if this helps.

imthatfagulike 🦋💕
Imthatfagulike 🦋💕 ()

me: thank god i am SO LOVED! mariah: …somewhat loved… 🙄😒 #SomewhatLoved #MARIAHISCOMING

Pronoun ()

Nervous about the new Mariah single 😭 if it’s bad imma be mad cuz I didn’t like where you belong 😭

Duchess of Smize 👑
Duchess of Smize 👑 ()

Quad is so beautiful man 😍 I just have the hardest time fully being “team Quad” though bc I’m still trying to figure out whether she’s the liar, or Mariah 😩

Billboard ()

Mariah Carey has departed Roc Nation and signed a management deal with Range Media Partners, where she will work with Melissa Ruderman

Variety ()

Mariah Carey Leaves Roc Nation Management for Range Media Partners

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