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15 August 1935 | A French Jewish girl, Marie Krajzelman, was born in Paris. In July 1944 she was deported to #Auschwitz and murdered in a gas chamber after the selection..

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Belle et heureuse fête de l’Assomption à tous. En union de prière avec tous les catholiques du monde. Que la Vierge Marie resplendisse dans vos cœurs 🙏.

Bonne fête de l’Assomption de Marie à tous mes frères et sœurs 🙏🏾.

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HOLDING HANDS 👫 Actor Donny Pangilinan and actress Belle Mariano, who are also known as DONBELLE, were spotted holding hands strolling at NYC through viral photos currently taking over the internet. 📸: Charlie Dizon & Maris Racal/IG via Vhenna Marie Mantilla #CDNDigital.

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80+ rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians. Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Rashida Tlaib, Marie Newman, Jesús García, Thomas Massie, and Raúl Grijalva voted to defund the iron dome. If it were up to them, these bombs would be landing on my family and killing thousands more..

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Au nom de la liberté d’opinion, je réprouve et condamne les actes d’intimidation et les arrestations arbitraires de ceux qui critiquent ouvertement le pouvoir et sa demande à tous les démocrates d’exiger la libération de Maman Marie arrêtée pr ses opinions.

lavuk ver sil eve kim O Antoinette lanO gec gördümherşeyi lan Marie DEDİgİN Elini Yürü Kes tarafıma lan sesini 4NP6ci6BvuERKEK Her şeyi unuttum, ne yan benimsin o duydumhepsini etek #çerkezköy bırakıcam pici.

pici lan unuttum, Elini bırakıcam sil şeyi kim duydumhepsini lavuk sesini Her Kes lan Antoinette tarafıma o lanO gördümherşeyi DEDİgİN yan ver etek Yürü O eve gec benimsin 4NP6ci6BvuERKEK ne Marie #çerkezköy.

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gördümherşeyi etek sesini Marie 4NP6ci6BvuERKEK lanO o eve #bornova ne #karşıyaka pici Elini kim lan O Her Antoinette yan duydumhepsini lan DEDİgİN sil benimsin ver Yürü bırakıcam tarafıma unuttum, Kes gec şeyi lavuk.

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Good morning Star Shine🌞 今日もよろしくお願いします! 🐴今日の気になる馬🐴 新潟 9R千直巧者 10R能力上位 11R🧡レパードS🧡 12R実力互角 札幌 3Rトーセンシエロ 10Rショウナンラスボス 9Rアケルナルスター 11R🌟エルムS🌟 12Rヒノクニ.

おはようございます♪ 今日は日曜日…! 疲れてて、すごく寝てました…。 今日も暑いですし、無理せずお過ごしくださいね。 今日も素敵な一日になりますように…! #おはようVtuber #おはようVライバー.

Austin FC and San Jose Earthquakes scored five goals combined in the first half. Including this absolute ROCKET from Paul Marie 🎯 🎥 @SJEarthquakes | #ATXvsSJ.


@vlastabernard @gianca7871 Si capisce benissimo che andrà così, motivo per cui Calenda se ne è andato.

Marie Bouzkova takes the first set 7-5 against Wimbledon semifinalist Tatjana Maria. The two-time Slam quarterfinalist is one set away from the @NBOtoronto main draw. #NBO22.

Sous Lieutenant Jean Marie Dominique Navarre. 8 August 1895 – 10 July 1919..

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@umihosi_marie まりーちゃんおはようございます~ この時間にいるの珍しいですね.

@Roony_Marie @nfrealmusic For REEEEEAL especially the third verse. Crazy how it was originally supposed to just be a piano outro.

@Marie_Jess12 @telameshaaa I’m weak at her & Lmfao “ I understand “ 🤣🤣.

@Marie_Mammal ヌシの頃から思ってたけど、モーションだけでいったらアオアシラってかなりスキが少なくて強いと思う… 攻撃力あがったらラージャン並みに強いと思うわ….

@aldrich_marie Myron K Stewart let me look & see which profile pic I have up right now..

@Marie__0302 双子可愛い~~~エモ天才~~~!♡ᵕ̈* また撮ろうね~🫶✨.

@Heidimurmur Good morning friend Ercole Procaccini the Younger (6 August 1605 - 2 March 1680) was an Italian painter. Quattro Marie_Procaccini-TdP-047.

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@MARIEthefvckwit Good morning Marie, love nature ✊.... Have a wonderful day 🤍💛💙x.

@uookamiu めっちゃ食べてたんかよwwwww めっちゃ甘い匂いするくせにあんまり美味しくないよね… もうそれはただただ粉を味わってるだけなんよwww.

【あなたは一生何人と♡♡をする?】 あなたは一生の内 10人と付き合って 35人とキスして 69人とHします。 真実の恋は3回します。 H多くて草.

Another of my Favorites Sold on IWC! Sexless Marriage JOI.

Kritik an Scholz: „In seinem Umfeld sind Leute, die ihm Flöhe ins Ohr setzen.

@Marie________A 病みは最近マシだけど躁鬱とかほんと涙が出、でますよ.

Spending the day reading this powerful and moving book about racism and social justice. I RISE by Marie Arnold is released in the UK on September 1st. Thanks to @Harper360YA for my gifted proof copy..

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