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[email protected] @Athletics. Game 1. The 2019 season is underway in Tokyo! #MLB開幕戦.

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The Mariners are in first and the A’s are in last. All is right in the world. 💙.

@BritishBasebal1 @_BabsJ How would fighting promote positive engagements? You were being aggy towards her for no reason other than the fact she just pointed out the Mariners did not have A* perfect fielding in the first game of the regular season. It was all a bit unnecessary..

the mariners have the best record in baseball, not enough people are talking about this.

MLB: Mariners 9, Athletics 7. HIGHLIGHTS:.

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@topler @Mariners I did! 4:30 came quick this morning. It’s been a great game to watch, cool to see Ichiro play in Tokyo we will be able to hit this year but pitching is going to be hard to watch..

I get that we are “rebuilding” here, but when you actually do have a lead in the 7th, you should try to win. That doesn’t work when you leave a struggling pitcher in two batters too long. #Mariners.

Home runs should be disallowed if they don’t include bat flips..

@GriffinTSmith A guy named Dave Fleming actually pitched for the Mariners way back when..

@RussellHartness @Mariners In all fairness, they pointed out earlier in the broadcast that Marco had 10 total spring innings. 69 pitches seems about right, but he was also just starting to roll. Tough call..

Waking up to watch @Mariners and @Athletics open the 2019 season in Tokyo is the perfect way to celebrate the first day of spring..

Seattle Mariners, Oakland Athletics announce starting lineups for Wednesday season opener – #oakland.

I wake up to see the Mariners are winning. I excitedly turn on the tv. Lucky for me I get to see the Mariners serve up a 3 run home run on the first pitch I’ve watched since September. Welcome back baseball. Welcome back!.

@bryangilpin your @Mariners lads are playing the season opener right now in Japan.

Seattle Mariners, Oakland Athletics announce starting lineups for Wednesday season opener via @northjersey.

@Mariners which is somehow worse than watching Rangers at whatever time Roger Mitchell decided Scottish football should be on in the US.

I hope next time the Mariners play the Opening Series in Japan I can make the trip over there and watch..

The Seattle Mariners won the rights to the player with a $ million bid, then signed him to a three-year contract for another $14 million..

Going LIVE on TWITCH! Watch some As/Mariners with me!!!.

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Mariners Apartment Complex By Lana Del Rey - Cover by Amanda Mustapha.

Listening to the Oakland Athletics vs Seattle mariners on the baseball App#BaseballIsBack!.

So appropriate while watching the Mariners play the As in Tokyo. #EarlyMorningBaseball #PreDawnBaseball.

I really want this Nyquil to kick in pronto but also want to keep watching this game. Mariners baseball: bad for your health, good for your soul..

@Buster_ESPN The Mariners should have wheeled out Sadaharu Oh and really got the crowd going. Analytics pfffffffttt.

Only stream I could get at work for the Mariners-Athletics game is the live feed from and it is awesome. Regular season baseball is back!.

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[email protected] @Athletics. Game 1. The 2019 season is underway in Tokyo! #MLB開幕戦.

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