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MasterChef is heading west! 🎉 Western Australia week kicks off tomorrow on 10! @mattscravat.

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Using the cryovac for those gels seems like the ultimate in food wankery. And not in the good way. #MasterchefAU.

Does anyone remember the old days when a kitchen just had a stove and a fridge? #masterchefau.

A spray gun! Another item I want which I have absolutely no use for along with a blowtorch, blast chiller and liquid nitrogen. #MasterChefAU.

🚨 WARNING 🚨You may be trigged by this video 😂#MasterChefAU.

“Hun, can you get the spray gun from the garage, I need to paint this cake” said no one in a kitchen - ever !! #MasterchefAU.

Gary gets the lowdown on the lamington 😋@crispycrackling @APWChef #MasterChefAU.

Introducing the Lamington 😍 #MasterChefAU.

Last night our contestants got letters from home and an ingredient hand picked by a loved one. Which lid would you want to lift the lid on? Catch Up now: #MasterChefAU.

I swear Simon could serve up old wet carpet and get through at this point. #MasterChefAU.

Really think the Beluga caviar spooned on the side of Tessa’s dish was unnecessary and shouldn’t be what finals week is about #MasterChefAU.

So grilling cauliflower is this years standard? How do I apply for #masterchefau 2020?.

Can the judges crawl up Tessa’s arse any further!!! Ergh .... just give her the win now ffs 😡🙄#MasterChefAU.

The Tessa love fest is worse than the Dani love fest of from season 3. #masterchefau.

Did she get through on flavour, or on the sole fact she dropped a few hundred dollars on the plate with that caviar? #MasterChefAU.

Fish & mash is rock solid cooking 🙄. Can the judges be more biased??! #MasterChefAU.

I hate how Tessa just made the same fish and butter but added a spoonful of Beluga caviar #MasterchefAU.

Oh fuck off. All the others took some kind of risked. Tessa pan fried some fish and mash. What the? #masterchefau.

Okay so let’s see. So far, tomato salad pesto and ice cream. This is the top 6. This is also the curriculum for year 10 home science class #MasterchefAU.

But did he write ‘For Abby’ on the plate? That’s the sign of a true champion. #MasterchefAU.

Your ingredient was tomato what did you cook? Tessa: a plate of tomatoes and some tomato water 😳 #MasterChefAU.

There was a tomato recipe passed down in Tessa’s ’s an heirloom. #MasterChefAU.

Celebration of My worst nightmare. Hate tomatoes almost as much as peas. #masterchefau.

My letter from home would probably say something like: Have you nearly stabbed George yet? How many potatoes have you tried to throw at him? #MasterChefAU.

Call us nuts, is this the sweetest moment of 2019? 🥰 #MasterChefAU.

MasterChef is heading west! 🎉 Western Australia week kicks off tomorrow on 10! @mattscravat.

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