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Taonga puoro (Māori instruments) artist, Puoro Jerome celebrates the rising of the Matariki Māori new year by creating this beautiful composition, drawing on Tāwhirimātea. [God of wind and weather]. ​ Mānawatia a Matariki! ✨.

Wherever you are today, join us in celebrating Matariki, the Māori new year. Take time to reflect, return to the places that nourish you, celebrate the present and plan for the future. ​ Mānawatia a Matariki! ✨ 📸: IG Miles Holden.

Matariki Photo,Matariki Photo by New Zealand 🇳🇿,New Zealand 🇳🇿 on twitter tweets Matariki Photo

@dbseymour Thank you to those who voted to honour our indigenous people by celebrating matariki.

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Just so much Māori Magic today, so much talent, aroha, inter-generational wisdom and Whakapapa shining bright. Being alive for the reclamation is inspiring and a privilege. Today was something special. Manawatia a Matariki!! ✨✨✨.

Ngā mihi o Matariki, te tau hou Māori 💫 Happy new year Aotearoa! Beyond proud to live in the country that’s the first to celebrate an indigenous holiday - hope many others will join us. It’s time for change..

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I wonder if David Seymour went to work today? I wonder if David Seymour gave his days wages to someone else? David Seymour doesn’t believe in #Matariki holiday..


I see discussions on corporatisation of Matariki and the negativity that seems attracted to anything Māori lately. But I also see the reconnection to tradition, whānau creating new traditions, communities growing their understanding of Matariki/maramataka.🌟.

OMG. Dud on FB arguing that Matariki is a “modern invention”. No, dud. The Gregorian calendar is a modern invention. Observing the lunar year is science..

Mānawatia a Matariki e te whānau, Streaming some USF4 with the young brother tonight (roughly 8:30pm 9pm) via.

@g_mummah @dbseymour I freaking LOVE that #matariki is eating this man up so much. RIP racists thoughts & prayers.

Mānawatia a Matariki! The Māori New Year is upon us — a great time to take stock, reflect on the past, look to the future, and get together with whānau and friends over the inaugural Matariki long weekend..

Mānawatia a Matariki #matariki2022 As a night person & someone who travels Aotearoa & particularly Te Waipounamu so much at night, today I remember those who have been & their pathways. In particular my father who opened my eyes to the wonder of the South..

Matariki Photo,Matariki Photo by Paul Le Comte,Paul Le Comte on twitter tweets Matariki Photo

The intro music to Matariki this year was composed by my brother. (proud of you my brother).

Been at the Ahimate Reserve here in Palmy Nth to celebrate Matariki. So many people celebrating with whānau & friends. To those sad sacks who think it’s not a uniquely kiwi celebration, you’re exactly that, sad sacks! #ManawatiaaMatariki.

Matariki Photo,Matariki Photo by Fi #AotearoaNZ #churardern,Fi #AotearoaNZ #churardern on twitter tweets Matariki Photo

@ElliotIkilei @Coltheman1 i whakapapa to ngati rangiwewehi, ngati ngararanui and there were literally never any discussions in oratory, story telling or whanau conversation about matariki. Maori used the stars as indication of seasonal change and for navigational purposes but never as a iwi celebration..

“Superficially, the new official Matariki holiday offers New Zealanders one less day at work—a temporary reprieve from the Gregorian calendar. But it could offer us a different relationship with time.”.

Matariki: ‘historic’ moment as New Zealand celebrates first Indigenous public holiday Maori new year legally recognised for first time, prompting excitement and debate over how best to mark the day.

Matariki, Maori New Year. *Remembering those who have passed. *CELEBRATING the Winter Solstice has passed. *New growth awaits. *Connecting back to & acknowledging Our environment..

Finally a national celebration that is our own. I am making hang in the oven, and will enjoy it by candle light tonight. Steam pudding and custard for dessert. A time to reflect, rest, focus, and hope for the future. Mānawatia a Matariki..

I was having an awesome Matariki Holiday until you absolute bell ends in the office flopped the 4th pick again @SacramentoKings ! Honestly done with you guys !!!.

Got up early watched some of the Matariki coverage, saw a rare planetary alignment, took in the St Clair sea views, bought clearance vegetables from Mitre 10 and got them planted out. May have eaten a chocolate biscuit or two. Sun is shining and I’m grateful for many things..

Actually just did a quick search. It seems the culture police are controlling the use of the word. Christmas sales yes. Matariki sales no..

Mānawhatia Matariki @drjudymelinek are your DM’s open? There’s something I’d like to ask you professionally if I may?.

@MHReddell They probably saw it as a white ‘British’ nation. Seddon was quite the imperialist. Agree. They took us some steps towards nationhood. Matariki takes us some more, and with a slight change of direction. It’s not a bad thing.

Had to drop into Bayfair to exchange a birthday gift that was the wrong size today. I’ve never seen it so packed even at Xmas. So much for those trying to cancel businesses having Matariki sales. Just teeming with people.

@SeanPlunket Matariki is great & so good of businesses & tax payer to fund an extra day off. Everyone is so pleased. But I thought to myself, what if the government said you can have the day off but you lose a days pay. How would that have gone down? So easy for PM to spend others $$$.

@dbseymour You do realise that those who are making money today eventually spend that money upward, right? I’m sure BP could take a $30mln reduction to their $230mln profit, for their share of Matariki. Then need $420mln which revenue from legal marijuana would cover..


@bennettLmorgan As a Republic supporter, I am quite cool with ditching Queens Birthday, especially since Matariki is a great replacement..

Nau mai ngā hua, Nau mai ngā pai, Nau mai kia nui kia hāwere ai. Welcome all things that have grown, welcome all things that are good, may they be plentiful & abundant. Mānawatia a Matariki..

Matariki Photo,Matariki Photo by The Ingoa Project 🌺,The Ingoa Project 🌺 on twitter tweets Matariki Photo

@FitzmauriceLuke This is a beautiful thought, and a generous one — mānawatia a Matariki 🙌✨.

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