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Asked a Mavs source: How is this not tampering? Response: It is 100% a violation..

Source: Mavericks were informed that Jalen Brunson has made up his mind to sign with the Knicks, so no need for the meeting. @TheSteinLine first with news that meeting with the Mavs was off..

ESPN story on the Knicks emerging as the strong favorites to sign Mavs free agent guard Jalen Brunson:.

Mavs fans in @jalenbrunson1’s replies for the next 48+ hours:.

“Dallas made the calculated decision to hold off on discussions until after the trade deadline, in case the Mavs had the opportunity to trade for a star, as an extension would have prevented Brunson from being eligible to be traded before the deadline.” Players tend to remember..

Every little bit of joy from the Mavs is immediately followed up with bullshit. Have a cute bubble run, KP tears his meniscus Make the WCFs and get Christian Wood for a pack of bubble gum, Jalen walks for nothing..

I would argue that the Mavs’ resources could be better used than paying a 6-foot ball dominant player a ton to play off the ball. I was not a fan of paying him what the Knicks appear to be planning to. I love the player. But not convinced that’s the right move for Dallas either..

please please tell me the Mavs FO will be aggressive after Sexton when Brunson leaves.

The Mavs and Knicks using Shams and Woj separately to gather ammunition for the eventual tampering case is hilarious.

Que Jalen Brunson vaya a ser el refuerzo estrella de los Knicks este verano no parece muy ilusionante. 110 millones por cuatro años es mucho dinero. Perderle es un golpe para los Mavs, sí. Pero uno del que se pueden recuperar. Efectivamente, tengo mis reparos con Brunson..

Los Mavs le ofrecían en 5 años lo mismo que los Knicks en 4..

@All_Things_Mavs Reading up on Rick Brunson, and understanding that he is in sole control of Jalen’s future, makes this make a lottttt of sense.

COMEÇOU A FA! Jalen Brunson irá assinar um contrato de US$ 110M com o NY Knicks. O armador não quis dar aos Mavs uma chance de contraproposta. 🗞 @ShamsCharania.

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10 potential Mavericks free-agent fits: Otto Porter Jr., Jalen Brunson backups and more.

me supporting the lakers: miss playoffs me supporting the celtics in the finals: loses me supporting sonamoo and clc: disbands me supporting the twolves: makes the playoffs me supporting the mavs: makes the wcf me supporting wjsn: wins queendom.

So Mavs lowballed him? They simply STILL didn’t want to pay him. Well, Jalen. I did tell you to get a bag. Go get it..

- Renovar com Looney é a principal prioridade do Warriors na free-agency. A equipe deve se reunir com os representantes do jogador logo no início da FA. - Warriors é o favorito para fechar com Gary Payton II. Mavs está entre os interessados mais sérios. (via @anthonyVslater).

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There’s a lot of upset Mavs fans which tells you everything you need to know about Jalen Brunsons basketball ability.

@doubledworth Mavs fans left the arena without a hair because of the stress that baby dubs gave to them.


I’ll miss JB, no doubt. But it’s nowhere near the end of the world for the Mavs. Goodluck in NYC @jalenbrunson1 #MFFL.

@Mavs_FFL That is overpay, we already have THJ at 18-20 mill, Brunson is not worth more than 20 mill per year.

The Knicks are literally giving their role players to the Pistons for free to clear enough cap space to overpay Jalen Brunson. I would laugh, but this totally screws over the Mavs. What a hilariously awful situation..

Mavs in the dumps. Memphis lost a Ws killer. Clippers hoping washed Wall is the key. Path is clear..


for the mavs does paying brunson really matter if you gonna be in luxury tax anyway lol you can always trade him.

@jrichardgoodman How do mavs get better if he he helped them win games in playoffs.

@RyB_311 Also it’s not like the Mavs are a front running contender next year. Bread>second-third round exit..

@SJBasketball8 If i was him and Gary joined the Mavs I legit would cease to root for them 💀.

@Wino When I was in basic, I spent 4 days in sick call because a brown recluse bit my ankle. All spiders die. I don’t care. 🤷🏻‍♂️.

@yujx_kk @RKonkle_Mavs The irony is JB was probably right there with Luka and I truly believe a breakthrough was coming where his usage in the regular season went up towards what it was in the playoffs which was near 30%.

@KirkSeriousFace @mavsmoneyball This is all gonna be so silly when the Mavs trade for LeBron this weekend..

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