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It legitimately took one round for the AFL MRP to show how inconsistent they are. Let’s take the lesser known player straight to the tribunal and show we mean business 😂 all incidents are ban worthy, but why is McAdam’s worse off, at least Wehr had the ball….

Breaking: the @Adelaide_FC will appeal the tribunal’s 3 match ban on Shane McAdam. The club is furious with the decision. I believe coach Matthew Nicks is very unhappy and rightly so. They’ll fight it. @9NewsAdel.

🗣️ Hopefully things will be slightly different this time around Mark McAdam gives us the latest after Roy Hodgson has been appointed Crystal Palace manager until the end of the season 🦅🤝.

MRO own goal - no way you can give Pickett 2 games but send McAdam straight to a tribunal graded severe impact..

Ned Balme
Ned Balme

How McAdam’s bump is worse that Kozzie’s is beyond me He chose to bump instead of tackle land that’s not on, but he also dispossessed the player with the ball. Kozzie was late, left the ground, launching at a defenceless player who had already got rid of the footy..

The Pickett bump and the McAdam bump should receive the same penalty/process. If the MRP wording and explanations say otherwise, they’re off the mark and need to be changed. @7NewsPerth @TripleMPerth.

McAdam’s potential to cause injury was a huge factor in his suspension whereas Kozzie Pickett’s hit was considered “a glancing blow.” That’s completely inconsistent with the potential to cause injury..

Born this day 21st. March 1919. Sgt. John McAdam. One of THE FEW. He was shot down by Major Molders over Dover, in his Spitfire. He baled out but was picked up dead from the sea..

McAdam Photo,McAdam Photo by Pippa Ettore,Pippa Ettore on twitter tweets McAdam Photo

Word is, the crows have decided to appeal Shane McAdam’s 3 week ban. Correct decision? We think so..

McAdam’s hit has been graded - non Victorian club - fringe player - afl scapegoat required I’m expecting a 6 week ban..

I’ve consistently said head must be protected at all cost & believe McAdam should be suspended. Where is the consistency? how can McAdams incident be classed as SEVERE contact/sent straight to tribunal (3+weeks) when player returns to field, isn’t concussed & plays out the game..

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

Different gradings and ban lengths for these two bumps explained as ex-players fume over inconsistent MRO calls. Story 📝:.

McAdam Photo,McAdam Photo by Fox Footy,Fox Footy on twitter tweets McAdam Photo

@1116sen OK Gerard, what is your take on the Pickett penalty? That is the issue. 3 weeks would be fine for McAdam and would have been accepted by everyone if it was consistent with the penalties handed down 48 hours earlier..

The AFL Tribunal is back. Tonight, Adelaide / Shane McAdam is in, with his bump graded careless conduct with severe impact and high contact. Follow @FOXFOOTY or in the thread below..


Here we go again. The MRP inconsistent interpretations. Both Kosi and McAdam choose to bump both intentional and deliberate actions not careless. 3 weeks each would suffice with no confusion..

Crows forward Shane McAdam has confirmed the club will appeal his 3-match bumping ban, saying this morning he was disappointed the suspension was upheld. Plenty more to play out with this. @7NewsAdelaide.

Unlike the Kozzy incident, McAdam didn’t leave the ground. Unlike the Buddy incident, McAdam didn’t run past the ball. Unlike both incidents, McAdam hit Wehr front on and, while vicious, fair with no initial head high contact. Wehr played out the game. This can’t be punished..

“There’s no ongoing injury…but there is a charge of severe impact because there is a potential to cause injury” Nice to see deliberate acts of violence being penalised for their potential to cause injury rather than based on an outcome. Player health 1st.

@AlbertonPower Going on from your explantion. Franklin - Superstar Pickett - Rising star McAdam - not either Lucky Cotchin wasn’t one of the offenders he would’ve been given a bonus..

- Steelers shorthanded GOAL Daniel Ciampini breakaway… saved by Eamon McAdam, rebound falls to Scott Allen who buries it for his third goal of the weekend. Steelers 4-4 Guildford.

McAdam Photo,McAdam Photo by Peter Spencer,Peter Spencer on twitter tweets McAdam Photo

Timmy G and Tredders stunned after hearing Adelaide Crow Shane McAdam faces a ban of three matches or more. Listen here:.

McAdam Photo,McAdam Photo by FIVEaa,FIVEaa on twitter tweets McAdam Photo

Crows very disappointed and will “strongly consider” appealing McAdam ban. Club has until midday tomorrow to decide @9NewsAdel.

Adelaide will appeal the three-match ban for Shane McAdam that was upheld at the tribunal last night..

- Steelers Powerplay GOAL Shot from Calle Ackered saved by Eamon McAdam but not held… it falls to Brett Neumann who buries into an empty net! Second assist to Matt Petgrave. Steelers 1-1 Guildford.

McAdam Photo,McAdam Photo by Peter Spencer,Peter Spencer on twitter tweets McAdam Photo

The tribunal has found Shane McAdam guilty of rough conduct on Jacob Wehr. #9WWOS #AFL.

McAdam Photo,McAdam Photo by Footy on Nine,Footy on Nine on twitter tweets McAdam Photo

The Local Food Hero award for #Fermanagh goes to Marty McAdam of The Street Kitchen Enniskillen @irishtimes #foodoscars.


JUST IN – Shane McAdam says Adelaide Crows will appeal his suspension 👇.

McAdam Photo,McAdam Photo by FIVEaa,FIVEaa on twitter tweets McAdam Photo

Lots of uproar over McAdam suspension from some. I would’ve given Buddy, Pickett and McAdam all 3 weeks each. Each were dangerous acts and need to be stamped out.


There were three dangerous bumps in the opening round of the AFL season last weekend, and each got a different ban. So, what was the difference between these three bumps? 🧐 Read more:.

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